Zuckerberg Wanted To Buy His Metaverse. Now Million Dollar Investments Are Pouring Into The Virtual World He Founded


Zuckerberg Wanted To Buy His Metaverse

He has already conquered Gucci and Ralph Lauren. The new digital world created by Hae-Jin Lee, which at times resembles Sims and Second Life, has an even simpler logic.


There are no games, there is no money. We just socialize, building our own digital avatars. The application, titled Zepeto, has been downloaded by over 10 million users in just two months since its launch, in 2018.


Zepeto’s success is largely due to its customization. Each user creates an avatar that can be modeled to the smallest detail to resemble the real person as much as possible. There are options for every look, from hair to clothing.


Users can then socialize in a 3D world designed especially for them. You can walk, play football, shop, and even dance with the other avatars.




35-year-old Hae-Jin Lee is the founder and CEO of Snow Corporation, the company that created Zepeto.


Lee spent his childhood in South Korea and graduated from the prestigious Seoul National University. Prior to creating Zepeto, Lee worked as a designer for Samsung and LG.


In 2016, Lee co-founded the startup “Snow,” which produces applications for augmented and virtual reality. In addition to Zepeto, Snow Corporation has also developed the “Snow” app, an augmented reality app that allows users to take photos and videos with filters in real time.


Zepeto was launched in 2018. According to data provided by Snow Corporation, Zepeto was downloaded by over 10 million users in just two months.


The success of the app led Lee to be named one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine in 2019.


In July 2021, Zepeto posted revenues of $400,000 for a total of 4 million downloads.


As stated in TechCrunch, in 2016, seeing the potential of the app, Mark Zuckerberg asked Snow founder Hae-Jin Lee to acquire the company but Lee refused.



Zuckerberg Wanted To Buy His Metaverse

As mentioned, Zepeto is also liked by the greats of luxury fashion such as Gucci and Ralph Lauren who have partnered with the app for the creation of capsule collections.


Not only that: in the digital world, avatars can wear these garments made by fashion houses and have their photos taken to be shared on social networks.


Obviously, there is no shortage of integrations with Instagram and TikTok, so you can show off your style. All the more so when it comes to luxury.


– There is also the Kering brand, one of the first to land on Zepeto. Kering has entered into a partnership with Zepeto: it was possible to customize avatars and create imaginary worlds.


– As part of the collaboration with Gucci, users could dress their avatars in the garments of the Maison collections that can be purchased on the app.


– Ralph Lauren also designed a virtual clothing line within Zepeto.


– On the platform of the parallel digital world, the American brand offered a virtual version of the most iconic places in New York City and a virtual concert during which the avatars wore the 3D version of Ralph Lauren’s collection.




Zepeto is different from other metaverses like Second Life or IMVU because it focuses on the social aspect of avatar creation and not on games.


Also, unlike Second Life, Zepeto is free and available for both Android and iOS.


As for the application, once downloaded and installed, the user will have to create their own avatar.


This can be done using the camera of your mobile device or, alternatively, by selecting an image from the gallery.


Once the avatar is created, the user can start exploring the world of Zepeto and socialize with other users.


There are several places that users can visit, such as the park, the beach, the city, and so on.


Users can also play different games within the application.


Finally, users can also use the application to take photos and share them on social media.



Zuckerberg Wanted To Buy His Metaverse

A true entrepreneur believes 100% in his project. From the beginning when it is not worth much until he has developed it as he pictured.


Believing it fully means never giving up, not even when people tell you that you will never make it in or when someone offers you an absurd amount to buy it.


Persisting and not giving up is the key to success. Hae-Jin Lee knows it well, he made his dream come true. He built a metaverse of 10 million users and is now working with the best fashion brands in the world.


Not only has he earned it, but he also came out as successful in something complete and mature from all points of view.


People who give up on the first difficulties often do so because they do not believe and do not have faith in their project.


Instead, as we have seen with Hae-Jin Lee, whoever believes in it and struggles to the end manages to turn his dream into reality.


It is no coincidence that the greatest entrepreneurs of all time are those who have had the determination and strength to go on despite everything.


Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk are all examples of people who continued to fight for their projects even when it seemed they couldn’t.


Even when they were on the verge of emotional or economic failure.


However, often that trust I am talking about is not determined even so much by the idea that is running through your head.


That initial idea often changes and modifies with respect to the market, or to your needs, or to those of the entrepreneurial content in which you move, also considering the economic resources.


The confidence you see in their eyes speaks another language. It is a belief that these visionaries have within them.


So how can you gain this confidence and confidence in what you are doing?
Once I happened to hear an entrepreneur say: “I could never do what you do, I’m not like you.”


In reality, this statement hides a great truth. Often people think that to do certain things you need to be gifted with something more than others.


This is false. Steve Jobs was not born an entrepreneur, Bill Gates was not born rich.


They have become such because they have learned firsthand what it means to persevere, insist, and not give up.


It is not enough to have a brilliant idea or a perfect marketing plan.


What it really takes to make a difference is confidence in yourself and in your idea.


Trust translates into struggle, constancy, and never giving up even when everything seems to go wrong.


This is why Hae-Jin Lee was able to build his metaverse: because he continued to believe in his project even when someone wanted to buy it out from under him. They believed he was doing it with the smell of money.


Persisting and not giving up is the key to success. Don’t be put off by the difficulties, keep fighting for your dreams, and one day you can make them come true as Hae-Jin Lee did.


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