Doing yoga can be disastrous - that's why it's best to stuff yourself with hot-dogs


woman in yoga pose

Dear buddy,


Do you know that most people run headfirst into yoga because they are convinced they will find inner peace? But they are wrong!


There are many Americans who aren’t ready for this discipline, and they may never be ready. For them to do it would only be distressing and destructive.


So, it is better if they sit comfortably at a fast-food restaurant eating sandwiches rather than going to a yoga studio. In this way, the day goes by happily.


Unfortunately, almost no one will say this truth. I know it well; it is inconvenient to fight the current and go against a popular and cool practice.


But someone has to tell the truth every now and then, and I can’t help but do it.


I’m an almost millionaire Italian entrepreneur. I always say things as they are to my clients and collaborators, although it can be uncomfortable.


Yoga is now considered to be something that helps fight stress. Others see it as a way of meditating or that it makes them understand who they are and what life is about.


And it is, sometimes. But it is not always and it is not for everyone. And in those cases, things are really quite different.


“Yoga may not have any effect on you, and therefore it would be a waste of time. Or it could be disastrous; in other words, have an adverse effect.”


You may also experience anxiety and disorientation.


I will give you an example.

I understand that what I’m saying may seem really strange to you.


“But it happens because almost all of us have created a picture of something that is like all other sports; with faults and virtues and therefore, not meant for everyone.”


The fact is about 35 million people in America do yoga; it has become a mass practice.


The majority of people believe it has almost miraculous properties for mental and physical balance. They consider it almost as a religion.


Here is an example: It’s like going on vacation. “How can it hurt me? Can it do me only good? ” you might ask.


Instead it depends. This is not the case if you are broke (better if you save money), or if you go there with the wrong friends (better postpone), or if you go to the mountains and have not checked the weather (it’s dangerous).


After a vacation like this you come home more pissed off than before.

With anxiety through the roof.


The same risk exists with yoga. For this reason it’s good to know it instead of taking a shot in the dark just because everyone says it’s good for your body and mind.


“People must first achieve self-knowledge and know their limits, and have the right expectations.”


We need to be very careful in regard to the psychological aspect.

man and woman meditating in yoga pose



Whenever I feel a promise of inner peace, thanks to yoga classes, I’m not able to grasp it.


What a fucking lie.


Yes, it’s a very big lie to tell people it’s easy, which is like taking a happiness pill.


Because even if it has some beneficial effects, it’s not always so. Yoga may not change your life, and it may actually screw it up.


But if you don’t trust your buddy Nico, these are the words of a guru.


I read them a few days ago in an old interview. I was having a good cup of hot coffee and I was holding the tablet. Drinking good coffee always inspires me to have good thoughts.


Glenn Black has been a yoga guru for 40 years. He was a student of the great Indian master B.K.S. Iyengar. Black believes that:


“The majority of people who are practicing yoga are not suitable, they’d do better to stop.”


Then Black explained that in some schools, there are teachers who are not really good.


“One of the problems is the ego: yoga – he says – should teach us to downsize our ego, but in too many American schools I see it pushed to the outermost limits, trying to achieve ever more advanced performances.”


And if you end up in these situations it’s a disaster.


I’ll tell you a story about a friend. He is an established architect. So we’re talking about an intelligent and successful person.


However, he has a difficult character: he doesn’t question himself and hardly leaves his comfort zone, and he does little sport.


He was in a stressful period due to his workload and very important projects.


So he decided to sign up for yoga for the usual easy promises that it makes.


Absolutely convinced, he also immediately made a three-month subscription.

Well, do you know what happened?


After the fifth lesson, he quit. After each course he felt physically destroyed. But above all, anguished and confused.


In the evening, he was having problems falling asleep and was messed up for several days.


One evening after work, I told him, “Marco, you are not ready for yoga. Tonight, instead of going to the course let’s go and eat a hot dog and have a beer.”


So we did. We laughed and joked all evening. We shared old experiences together. And we decided to take a holiday far away


At the end of the evening I remember his words, “Nico, it was a hundred times more relaxing, constructive, and it distracted me, being with you over sandwiches and a beer, than those yoga classes.”

woman in yoga class

I remember that after that occasion, I also started my business project.




First of all, a gospel truth must be told!


It goes for pretty much everything.


Of course the practice of yoga can do you well, but not a single position or a breath.


So Yoga is conceived with the decision to devote time to the discipline, go to the class, break away from the daily routine and concentrate to the maximum.


It takes effort and will.


Ask yourself?


“Am I ready to start doing yoga? Do I want to concentrate to the maximum and work on myself?”


This is the first step.


It was the Principal of the Yoga Journal, Kaitlin Quistgaard, a few years ago who warned of possible risks:


“I’ve experienced on my skin both the therapeutic virtues of yoga and also the damage it can do.”


Also, Silvio Bernelli, an Italian yoga writer and instructor, explains why yoga is not for everyone.


“For many people it is unacceptable to question themselves. Because they lead a life that is hard enough to ask for more trouble.”


“Because their value system and their idea of themselves and what they do have nothing to do with the experience of discovery offered by yoga.”


This is where anxiety and confusion arise, sometimes even ending up morally exhausted.

Men sharing hotdogs and beer

“Usually – continues Bernelli – whoever approaches yoga without the necessary predisposition gives up. He throws in the towel and runs away from an experience that asks him to discover himself, to put into play something about himself, his beliefs.”

The conclusion of the Italian instructor is still more interesting:

“Without concentration, awareness, and that inner drive capable of bringing the mind to a new level of consciousness, there is no Asana. There is only one body that performs physical exercise.”

That’s why dear buddy I give you more advice if you find yourself in these conditions.

Avoid yoga and go for a sandwich and a laugh with a bro at the club.

That’s what will make you happy and make you forget about stress and work or family related problems.

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Since we’re almost at the end, I want to leave you with a final thought. Finish reading, it’s important.

There are thousands of yoga schools in America. Many of them are excellent schools with good instructors.

You can understand if this discipline is for you along with them. If you’re ready and have a suitable mindset, you will avoid sorrow.

If so, I’m sure yoga will be good for you. However, don’t give up on a chat and some fun with a bro.

Nico Nobili – Alias SirNickNite


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