With Musk's arrival, Twitter will never be the same again. That's why an Era of this social network ends


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It is written on the walls that Elon Musk bought a good slice of Twitter shares. But no one has explained the future of this social network with Musk on board. The histrionic entrepreneur has decided to go straight into this company, in which he was already the hero as a user.


Will the bird fly differently now than it has done so far?


I think we are facing a major upheaval. Will Musk make a revolution in this area too? How did you get used to mobility with four wheels (electric, Tesla), but also with space (SpaceX) and robots (TeslaBot)?


Or is it one of his weird actions? What’s boiling in the pot?


I believe it was not a random move. Will Twitter be shaken by a good earthquake and no longer be the same company: will it suffer a drift for evil or for good?


Let’s start by summarizing what happened …



Elon mask

The entrepreneur caused a sensation by acquiring a large share of Twitter. This is no small thing. He now owns nearly 10% of this social media.


The value of this investment, it is estimated that he spent around 3 billion dollars.


Obviously, the deal immediately ignited the premarket with Twitter shares rising more than 25% to $49.40. The stock gained 26.3 percent on Wall Street.


But before making this gamble, Musk had done a poll on Twitter with his followers.


“He asked if Twitter was a free social media to express his opinion.”


Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, had also criticized the same social network for these types of politics:


“Since Twitter is a de facto public square, failing to respect the principles of free speech fundamentally undermines democracy. What should be done? Is a new platform needed?”


So many have wondered if Tesla’s mind was about to give birth to another idea. Something similar to what Donald Trump has already done with Truth. Even if the latter did it because he was kicked out of Twitter.


The fact is Musk then came out with this heavy purchase of shares of the social network founded in 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone, Evan Williams and Noah Glass.


Now what will happen ?



Twitter logo on iPad

Twitter will change with the entry of Elon Musk.


He has ambitious plans to transform this social media and make it more popular than ever. But there are also risks, as his track record shows not everything goes according to plan.


Only time will tell what the future holds for Twitter, its users, and shareholders (let’s not forget them).


But here’s an authoritative hypothesis:


“I think he intends to be active and force change on Twitter,” said Dan Ives, technology analyst at Wedbush Securities.


“This is a breakthrough for the Twitter board and management team to start discussions.”


Ives argues that it is unthinkable for Musk or anyone else to try to build a new competing platform from scratch right now.


Consequently, it makes more sense for him to attempt to change Twitter’s policies.


“This makes sense given what Musk has at least talked about, at least from a social media standpoint,” concluded Ives.


So you may be wondering if the current CEO, Parag Agrawal, who replaced Jack Dorsey after his unexpected resignation last November, does not worry about all this. And if it is normal that they will let them do all this …


I think that in the meantime they have exploited the whole operation and the input of a character like Musk. All he can do is make Twitter earn points (and therefore turnover and users).


It has already done so with a big leap in the value of the shares on the stock exchange.



Elon Musk in front of huge Tesla screen

The SpaceX and Tesla CEO now holds 73,486,938 shares of the microblogging platform. In which it has about 80 million followers and is among the very first accounts by number of followers.


In addition to trying to change its policies, there is perhaps more.

Let’s not forget that more than once he was called out for some of his tweets.


There are at least THREE other reasons to consider: 


– The decision to buy “a piece” of Twitter could probably be the result of thinking “in perspective.” 


Probably on the Metaverse. That is to use Twitter and its mass of users to build their own virtual reality and then bring us traffic.


The fact is that Elon Musk has sensed that social media will still have a say even with the Metaverse: either right there in it or in the same way in virtual reality.


– This move could also hide something else, and that is to lead to a sort of acquisition of the whole social network of the little bird.


An operation that is linked to what I have just written in the point above. To use the platform and social base for virtual reality or because these platforms will still have a lot to say in the future too.


Indeed, in my opinion Twitter will have more followers than social networks like Facebook or Tiktok. Elon Musk guessed it. This is because it is a platform that not only provides entertainment but also information.


It is used by an audience of different people who are not fooled by the first novelty on the market. This is a tougher albeit smaller base of users.


– Finally, there may be an effective and more emotional reason. While it’s not from Elon Musk.


On the other hand, he’s been using Twitter to build his public image as a “rock star” of entrepreneurship in recent years.


“And it is undoubtedly a platform that he likes. Therefore it could also be a toy for him, given the capital he has at his disposal allows him to do all this.”


Of course, in this case Elon’s move would have a symbolic meaning, and in any case it does not go unnoticed by the markets.


It could be a simple show of strength or the start of something bigger – we’ll have to wait for his next tweets to find out.


To get a better idea, you will have to wait for the next few weeks and perhaps months. Elon Musk has learned to amaze us and at the same time to do everything in the light of the sun.


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