Wifi Six And Seven: Greater Performance In Environments With Many Devices. It Will Have Six Gigahertz Of Broadband


Wifi Six And Seven

Big news in Wifi connections is coming. The connections that we all use at home, in the office, and in the library with our smartphones. News that bring unprecedented performance in terms of download and upload speed.


In the process of being defined there are wifi six and seven, which work totally different from the one we all use right now.




Wifi is a standardized technology that allows devices to communicate with each other wirelessly, thanks to the use of the unlicensed electromagnetic spectrum.


The main advantage is the ability to connect many devices in closed environments, such as homes and offices, where cellular signals have greater difficulty in penetrating.


Another aspect to take into consideration is the fact that wifi is a technology that is now very widespread and used all over the world.


The advantages of wifi are therefore obvious, but there is one aspect that should not be underestimated: safety.


In fact, since the wireless connection is wireless, the transmitted data could potentially be intercepted by anyone with access to the network.


For this reason it is important that the password of the wifi network is chosen in a way that makes it difficult to guess.


It is important to use a secure network, one that allows data to be encrypted in order to make it unreadable by anyone who intercepts it.


These are the three main characteristics:


– As mentioned, it is not licensed, so you do not have to pay any license to build a home or private business network. Think of that in airports and shopping centers.


It is a free system based on wifi protocol.


– The fact remains that it is a very simple system, because the connection is distributed and the device decides which access point to connect to in the environment.


– Third, the channel access mechanism is based on the “listen before talk” regulation: before speaking you listen.


So a mobile phone has a data packet to transmit, listen to the channel, see if others are using it and if so, send the data to the access point.


An additional method that simplifies and makes this protocol free and functional. Finally, it makes it compatible with all previous versions of smartphones.


All qualities that have made it dominate in this use. The first version of the protocol even dates back to the 1990s.


There have been upgrades, but always respecting all the principles I have listed.


Now we have come up with a couple of very powerful new evolutions. Let’s look at these.



Wifi Six And Seven

How does wifi six work? What are its main features? Let’s find out all about this technology that is about to arrive on the market.


The wifi six, as the name suggests, is the new version of the wireless protocol that offers performance never seen before.


It works using the 6 gigahertz band, we are currently using 4G and 5G cellular networks.


This means that the download and upload speeds will be significantly higher than those obtainable from current wifi networks.


The wifi six will allow you to connect many more devices at the same time, without any slowdowns or interruptions in the connection.


Finally, the new protocol will offer greater security, thanks to the use of advanced technologies such as AES 256-bit encryption.


But the main novelty that has been introduced in Wifi 6 is having many access lanes that they can use at the same time.


It has the possibility to serve more users with multiple access lanes for each one. It no longer needs to listen to the channel first and then serve uploads or downloads.


All this increased performance, but also increased its complexity risking to fail the simple protocol. At the moment, however, the balance has been well maintained and thanks to the new Wifi six approach it is also possible to manage environments in which there is a high load of connected users.




Wifi 6 is already a very advanced technology, but it’s not the end of the story.


In fact, the researchers are already working on the next step of the protocol, which is called wifi seven.


The main features of wifi seven will be similar to those of wifi six, with some important new features.


First of all, the possibility of connecting devices directly to each other will be introduced, without going through an access point.


It will be possible to use MIMO technology with 8 streams, to achieve even faster download and upload speeds.


Finally, wifi seven will offer greater security thanks to the use of WPA3 encryption, which is considered to be much more secure than WPA2.


In short, upgrade six and seven are two very advanced technologies that will offer performance never seen before.


They are destined to change the way we connect to the internet, and make our lives increasingly connected.


This will lead to 300 megahertz link channels.


It will give the possibility to further increase the performance, even if the standardization of wifi 7 is still in progress


The precise name is: 802.11BE


The most important novelty is the use of independent bands: portable phones are equipped with multiple radios and will be able to use them all to associate them with an independent band.


And so every packet and group of information can be transmitted using the best and least congested bandwidth – that’s a nice change.



Wifi Six And Seven

The wifi protocol is an excellent example of how the internet is constantly changing and improving.


Thanks to the introduction of new technologies and the evolution of user needs, the wifi protocol has managed to keep up with the times. Without leaving anyone behind, as happens with obsolete computers or smartphones that are no longer able to run new operating systems.


Wifi is a good example of how standardization is important for the development of the internet.


Thanks to the standardization and coordination between the companies operating in the sector, it was possible to introduce wifi six and seven in a relatively short time.


This has allowed users to benefit from the improvements brought about by new technologies without having to wait years or even decades. Hey, I have 3 gifts for you:


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