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A special “sedentary” alarm that alerts you to get motivated and increase your exercise during your day. An alarm that can warn you of abnormal heartbeats, to help you monitor your heart. Advanced technology tells you the range of your maximum and minimum heart rate throughout the day to help you improve your health and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Prevention- Save Money…

An inactive lifestyle, stress, and poor self-control are important indicators of well-being and a leading cause of increased medical visits and costly medical care. The average American spends 12k yearly on Healthcare. Any personal expense to reduce this figure is an investment


Monitor your sleep patterns thanks to our “Stre0” sensor while tracking the duration of your REM phase. The deepest sleep phase. Its duration … helps you understand and indirectly control the stress levels in your day.


Blood pressure control is linked to Hypertension. Check calories and steps so you know when you can enjoy a decadent treat. The ability to connect IOS or Android smartphones through the app. Receive notifications in real-time, phone calls, messages, and ALL your favorite health and well-being apps. Track workouts to customize your routine and improve your performance.

Control ...

All your data is recorded in the Smartphone app (ios or Android) where you can keep track and see your progress. Continually tracking the quality of your sleep, steps, calories, and health goals. Synchronizes with Google Maps to track your position while participating in sports. Provides GPS function. Powerful H BAND app-driven technology

Battery and watch specifications…

Offering the newest technology. 
Battery life 20 days excluding overnight use.
 Battery life of 12 days when used to monitor sleep. The rechargeable watch battery recharges in over 1 hour.
Able to withstand the most extreme shocks.

Much more…

  • Design created in Italy
  • The double-reinforced metal body withstands shock and pressure over 1000 kg.
  • Customizable and modular design.
  • Personalize the face with a personal photo.
  • GPS function, with map in the app.
  • Ability to make calls from the watch.
  • Ability to listen to music or podcasts directly from the watch.
  • Take a photo from your watch at a distance.
  • Step counter and calorie monitoring.
  • Link with address book Application to find your mobile.
  • Alarm clock Bluetooth linkability
  • Watch is water-resistant


$170 Only

30-Day Return. 1-Year Warranty
Free Shipping Worldwide

Frequently Asked Questions...

People use watches for different reasons. No product does it all. We specialize in monitoring your health. If your focus isn’t on health, prosperity, or a healthy lifestyle isn’t important to you. We recommend that you purchase another watch.

Yes! This is not a medical device. The watch gives you information that is yours to interpret. Although our focus is on prevention and this product can help many people in this sense, individuals should always manage their health independently.

They will sync frequently to support the continual tracking of your improved health and prosperity.

In addition to being life-affirming, it is also an important reminder to take care of yourself.

A lack of REM sleeps leads to stress, lack of focus, and a reduction in job performance and quality of life. The tracker will indicate the duration of your REM phase and other important indicators related to the quality of your sleep. 

High blood pressure is an early warning sign of Hypertension. Hypertension is linked to heart disease and can be dangerous and unpredictable.

The watch will monitor your blood pressure. However, it will be up to you to seek medical help if needed.

A reading that is above or below the average could give you important information about your health. 

It’s a nice way to let someone you care about know that you want to be around for a long time. “I am Immortal” is a daily reminder of this.

Yes, 1-year guarantee. (12 months). 

If you buy Immortal Watch quickly, you will get some bonuses:

1# Free Bonus Guide:

Only those who buy the Immortal watch will get a Free guide that helps you in your goals. What are the right heart rate ranges? How does blood pressure work and what do the indicators mean? Information about sleep. How to get peaceful sleep and reduce stress. Information collected specifically for Immortal Watch users in a handy guide. Changing the watch screen

2# Top 10 Super Photos:

10 futuristic backgrounds to remind you of the importance of health. Photos taken by one of the most creative influencers in America as a gift to you.


$170 Only

30-Day Return. 1-Year Warranty
Free Shipping Worldwide