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Exploring the world for FREE with a unique VR experience?

Elite agility and midair control

Compact and intuitive handling with comfortable tactile silicon and vibration signals make this remote control very convenient.

Integrated 720P HD camera

Capture clear and smooth images, real-time image transmission without delay, [G3 video head]: give you a wonderful experience in the cockpit .

Intelligent wind resistance

The Optical Flow Positioning and Air Pressure Sensor make the flight become extremely easy and stable than ever before, which is the so-called User Friendly!

When you start sharing with friends, everything becomes possible!

Can you become the next drone influencer?

Pick up your phone, complete the tasks in minutes and never look back.

The FMHCTN B8 VR Drone Sets You Free!

With a VR drone ready to explore the world, nothing can stop you.

Elite High-Speed Quadcopter

FPV VR Goggles

Stunning 5.8 G Camera

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