Truth Social: What Lies Behind Donald Trump's New Platfor


Truth Social

According to data from Sensor Tower, trusted authority on the downloadable app, the Truth Social between April 18th and 25th was downloaded 75,000 times. It has seen an 150% increase over the previous week.


Judging by the name, it is a social network where “the truth is told.” But what lies behind this new platform?


Former US President Donald Trump said the platform will be “a place for people who want to be honest.”


As reported by Fox News, Trump said: “There will be some restrictions and I will not allow anyone to be abusive or mean to other people. But it will be a place for people to express themselves.”


In addition, he also explained that “TRUTH will be very strong from the point of view of free speech.”


If on the one hand, it seems this new social network will be very popular (at least this is the premise, but time will tell how things will go), on the other hand I want to make an analysis to understand the real reasons for this project.




The launch of the new social network, very similar to Twitter, took place on February 21st of this year. It immediately shot to the top of the download charts.


According to CNET, the social platform was founded by John Pence, grandson of Vice President Mike Pence, and Internet entrepreneur Bill Mitchell.


But it all stems from how Trump was kicked off Twitter, and silenced. Since then, the former president has promoted free speech on social media.


“Social networks – he declared – should be used to share ideas and not to suppress free expression.”


In January 2021, following the tragic events of Joe Biden’s inauguration, Twitter decided to close Donald Trump’s official profile, claiming that his tweets “incited violence.”


Since then, the former American president has been forced to use other social networks such as Parler and Gab, but both platforms have been blacked out from the web.


Later, Google and Apple deleted Parler from their respective stores.


But how does Truth work?


The platform works similar to Twitter, and allows users to post text comments, photos and videos to a feed.


Then there is the possibility to like the posts of others, through the use of a function similar to the Twitter retweet.



Truth Social

So far we have seen how this social network came to be, but we just have to understand why.


What better occasion to take advantage of a moment in which there is so much confusion and chaos, and propose a new social network?


First of all, it must be considered that most of the Twitter users are American. Therefore, if Trump were to succeed with Truth, he would have an already large audience at his disposal.


Let’s not forget that Trump is a great entrepreneur, and he knows how to take advantage of an opportunity.


In fact, his television production company The Apprentice has spawned numerous spin-offs, such as The Celebrity Apprentice and The New Celebrity Apprentice.


Most importantly, Trump is no stranger to social networking. In fact, before his presidency he had already launched several websites and blogs.


The most famous was perhaps, a portal on which the entrepreneur shared his views on various topics.


Trump also owns an online gaming platform called Trump Golf Online, where players could compete to become the “number one in the world.”


But it doesn’t stop there: in 2011 Trump also launched Trump University, a real online university where business and marketing courses were offered.


So his real motivation is to open another asset with which to produce profits. The story of the victim kicked off Twitter is a fairy tale he tells people.


With the popularity it has, it would be enough for him to write press releases to newspapers and TV to tell people his opinions (even a bit strange) which would then be bounced on social networks anyway.



Truth Social

First of all, it must be considered that Donald Trump has never hidden his desire to run again for the presidency of the United States of America.


Indeed, shortly after his defeat in the 2020 election, the former president said he would be ready to run again in 2024.


Truth Social could be an important tool to use. In fact, it is a nice megaphone. If you are the owner you do not risk being silenced and you speak and write posts with greater authority.


In fact, if Trump were to bring all users who follow him on Twitter to his social network, he would have an already large audience available.


Moreover, thanks to the platform Trump could communicate directly with his supporters, without going through the media.


This could be a major advantage in view of the upcoming presidential election.


But there is another aspect to consider. The fact that Trump may be using Truth Social to gather information about people.


In fact, users who subscribe to a social network automatically provide a lot of personal data, such as age, sex, place of residence and so on.


Trump could use this information to create a database of his supporters and then use it for the election campaign. An aspect that perhaps your constituents and American citizens in general like less.


On the other hand, Trump’s victorious electoral campaign was based on the massive use of social networks (Twitter and Facebook). But he also made great use of it during his presidency, exploiting the direct interaction of these platforms with respect to the more static forms of traditional mass media.




Truth Social

The giants of the web are considered, together with the mainstream media, too biased in favor of leftist political thought. A bit like it has always happened with newspapers, some closer to the ideals of the Republicans and others to the Democrats, so this distinction will begin with social media as well.


Furthermore, many Republicans have accused social networks of censoring right-wing views.


While these allegations have never really been substantiated, it is still true that social media algorithms tend to favor more shared content and therefore tend to exclude out-of-the-box voices.


For this reason, Trump could take advantage of his new platform to create a real “echo chamber” in which right-wing opinions can be shared and amplified, without the risk of being censored.


Furthermore, the creation of a right-wing social network would also serve to fuel the suspicion that has been circulating for some time among Republicans that Facebook, Twitter and Google (among others) are too pro-Democrats.


This could have a major impact on the presidential election. Certainly Trump is playing ahead, also because a new social network will take months and years to grow in terms of users.


It’s still too early to make sure predictions on Truth Social. The next few months will be decisive.


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