10 Of The Best Tricks To Charge Your Phone Battery Faster


10 Of The Best Tricks To Charge Your Phone Battery Faster

Today, people need to have a phone charged like they need food, water, and air. So having a mobile phone that recharges quickly is a great advantage.


If there were steps you could take to quickly recharge your device, then you would use them.


Most importantly, there is a right way to quickly charge your gadgets so they last you longer, but there are some wrong ways too


The first piece of advice I can give you, is do not use cheap and non-branded chargers: they can ruin the battery. There have also been cases where the batteries caught fire.




This may seem like a foregone conclusion or silly advice. But it is often this step, many forget to do that is the most effective


“The fastest way to recharge the phone is to turn it off. Because it will not consume the battery and thus it will recharge very quickly “


Even in airplane mode – obviously on – and disconnected from all communication channels, the mobile phone recharges great.


Placed in airplane mode the battery will not have to juggle the task of sending and transmitting signals.

10 Of The Best Tricks To Charge Your Phone Battery Faster



If you really can’t go without the internet or without the phone on, there is a second thing to do regarding the connection.


At least try to connect to wifi only. Because compared to traditional use, it is more energy efficient than connecting the mobile network.


Then, remember to mute the sound and turn off the vibration because it is an energy-consuming disaster.




Many make this mistake: using the USB to charge a smartphone in the car using a PC, is a waste of time. You will have to wait longer for it to be ready.


Instead, use the battery charger connected to the current. It is the fastest method.


“And above all, you must always use the manufacturer’s charging device. That is the original one that perfectly matches your phone: it works best and is faster ”.


Cheap chargers are less efficient. So if by chance your original one broke, make an effort and buy one from your cell phone manufacturer again.




In the latest generation phones, the battery usually cannot be removed quickly. But there are some devices where this is still possible ( like some notebooks.)


In that case, remove the laptop battery when you carry it and put it back when you need to use it.


“It is not good to have the battery connected to the current while working: try to discharge and recharge the battery at least once a week”.


You know when you use your mobile phone from bed, or your laptop at home on your desk. And maybe out of negligence you keep it attached to the cable even if it’s 100% charged.


This is a serious mistake; you should be careful and take it off the charger.

10 Of The Best Tricks To Charge Your Phone Battery Faster



Another tip is to pay attention to the outside temperature. For example, if you are skiing, or by the sea. Why am I telling you this?


Because the mobile phone has to stay away from frost and direct sunlight because it discharges faster.


Ambient temperature is best. Obviously, if you are not at 3 thousand meters high or in the Maldives.


It is crucial that you do not let a laptop heat up.


On average, the phone charges after an hour and a half to three hours.




Always, to avoid overheating, carefully remove the case when there is less battery percentage.


In this way, the heat comes out freely and does not accumulate inside the case.


At the same time don’t let the technology fool you. The wireless chargers are not functional like cables. I can understand that they are boring and not so cute hanging all over the place. But if you need to recharge quickly the cable connection is the best.




Have you ever heard of aluminum foil or lemons? If the answer is no, even better!


Manufacturers never recommend this stuff. In fact, you could only do permanent damage to the battery or phone.


Remembering this detail will make a difference:


“Unplug the mobile phone when the battery is fully charged. If you keep it charged it goes into stress ”.


Instead, they should rest like muscles. If you overload it too much in a year’s time, it loses energy faster. Excluding the latest models which have a built-in function that blocks the current as soon as the battery is at 100%.




Charge your phone as often as possible little by little. Do not fully charge it from zero to 100.


If you do this, the battery will last you between 500 and 700 cycles.


“If you’re going to let it charge up to a certain level, then use the phone. Then you recharge it a little more and so on… The smartphone can go up to 1500 cycles and the battery could last longer. Even about 3 years “.


The ideal is to keep between 40% and 80%. And then once a month bring it to zero and then recharge it up to 100%. A system that helps to train the internal mechanisms of the charging cells and make you achieve longer-lasting performance.

10 Of The Best Tricks To Charge Your Phone Battery Faster



One of the biggest myths is this second one, which would need to close all apps to save energy. Bullshit!


Meanwhile, modern phones are precisely designed not to consume energy with so many applications open.


It is different for the PC, with which it is good to eliminate all background activities. And delete unnecessary cache files.


Finally, if your phone has an Amoled or Oled screen, you can significantly save on battery with a dark screen background.


Black does not let light through, except where there are icons, so the display will light up less, thus consuming less recharge.




You have one last tool in the toolbox I’m giving you. This could be useful outdoors if you are hiking or in any case if you are where there is no electricity.


These are battery chargers which in turn are powered by solar energy. They will certainly not be like electricity, but they will be a good lifesaver for you. But, don’t leave it at home 🙂


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