Today's Androids Are Nearly As Perfect As Humans, Soon We Could Be Learning Expressions And Emotions From Robots


Androids Are Nearly As Perfect As Humans

One of the robots exhibited at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas wakes up after a snap of his fingers. He is surprised, he stretches his joints, looks at his hands and is surprised while taking a breath.


His facial expressions, the movement of his eyes, are almost dramatic. The video of this android is making the rounds on the web. That humanoid is almost as perfect as a human.


Watching it you are enchanted. The photo above is of a robot named Ameca.


It was made by a UK based company: Engineered Arts. He developed this advanced humanoid, able to easily display and reproduce human-like expressions.


It is just one demonstration of what these machines will be able to do (they are already doing) in the future. They can teach us how to behave when they are perfectly programmed.


It is no coincidence that one of the gurus of the geminoid humanoids is inspired by them to understand humans. Soon, I will explain who this visionary is and what he has discovered in detail.


A good understanding of how man is creating a clone of himself, and improving himself (from some points of view). This will be helpful with many skills in multiple sectors.




Thanks to new developments in artificial intelligence, machines are learning not only to perform human tasks but take them a step further.


This is precisely the case of the Engineered Arts android.


“Researchers worked to make humanoids more interactive by teaching them non-verbal communication. Ameca is a milestone in this sector ”.


It can be seen from the expression on his face as he wakes up in a robotic laboratory: there is a video that has been released on YouTube that is amazing.


The robot moves his arms perfectly: by rotating the joints, with micro-movements identical to those of a person.


It displays a flurry of expressions in seconds and even expresses amazement at how smoothly its hands and fingers move before looking at the camera.


“The teaser is a sufficient demonstration of what the robot can do and express. And in these expressions, I can say that there is emotionality ”


The goal of this English company creating these humanoids is to demonstrate what can be done in the development of robotics and machine learning with artificial intelligence.


The cool thing is that when you have taught these androids made of mechanics and algorithms certain things, then they become advanced like us. They will also succeed with non-verbal communication.


Ameca is powered by Engineered Arts’ Tritium operating system. The startup said they can test and even demonstrate their technology in front of a live audience using Ameca.


For example for live TV shows or discussions.

Androids Are Nearly As Perfect As Humans



The term geminoid is used to define the robot “twin” of a human.


They are built to resemble, both physical appearance and in movements, a certain man with a name and a surname.


These androids were among the first to have artificial skin and real hair covering a metal skeleton.


“Some robots of this type are even capable of emulating human emotions.”


The first to build them was Hiroshi Ishiguro, a professor at the University of Osaka and head of the ATR Intelligent Robotics and Communication Laboratories.


For example Wabot-1, an android made by Waseda University in Tokyo and equipped with a system for limb control, one for vision, and one for communication. Then there is Geminoid HI, his robotic alter ego.


They can also hold a conversation, blink and simulate breathing.


It took the team led by Ishiguro almost a year to create the robot: six months to physically build the first prototype and three months to develop the software.


Ishiguro has specialized in the study of the interaction between the human being and the machine. What is its purpose?


To analyze how the human brain reacts when it interacts with the human-like robot.


The professor explained clearly that:


“Try to understand what is defined by the word” human “, using humanoid robots to support his hypotheses on the nature and behavior of human beings”.


Now, do you understand what I was saying?


Such advanced robots of this type will be essential for understanding ourselves and replicating ourselves in them.


They will then be a perfect mixture to make a prototype, which can be modified and improved from time to time, to specification.

Androids Are Nearly As Perfect As Humans



As Daniel Goleman – one of the world’s most renowned authors and psychologists – explained, today there is a larger need to recognize the emotions of others.


“Today we can relate to many people online but the connections are weaker than those we experience in personal relationships. Empathic listening is much more difficult online ”.


He was noted by the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times as one of the most entrepreneurial thinkers in the world.


He voiced that we have forgotten to be empathic and to recognize our own emotions and those of others.


In several conferences he talks about the skills needed to develop self-management and achieve high performance:


The power of self-awareness as a basis for one’s professional development, how to become a successful leader by developing deep interpersonal relationships.


And you thought that robots were just found in autos… I’ll give you the latest example of androids capable of doing a lot in terms of emotionality.


“This is the android Abel, who looks like a little boy and is capable of reacting to emotions”.


As explained by the E. Piaggio Research Center of the University of Pisa (in Italy) and the Biomimics laboratories in London.


I am close to being a millionaire Italian entrepreneur. I can assure you that the University of Pisa is one of the most advanced in my state. There are great minds there.


They have done something amazing..


The robot that preceded Abel was called Face: it was expressive and used to interact with autistic children.


From that experience, Abel was born, who can interact, for example, with Alzheimer’s patients. To fathom reactions and behaviors, and understand what the best answers might be.


All this is the result of studies on biorobotics and affective computing, which explores artificial intelligence, trying to create androids capable not only of recognizing but expressing emotions.


Ending a fear that continues to haunt many:


Some may fear that robots will take our place, starting with the biggest tasks.


That may be, but man will always remain its main character and beneficiary of this innovative revolution.


It will be important to regulate all of this with thoughtful ethics, such as a new world constitution.


Thanks to them we will be able to become better people, able to understand others, with emotional intelligence, and establish more fulfilling relationships with our family and friends.


Androids Are Nearly As Perfect As Humans

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