To Feel Less Alone, You Could Live With A Robot. He Knows How To Love You: I'll Explain How They Help Man


You Could Live With A Robot

You are human, you are all alone. Sometimes you feel alone in the world. But what if there was a way to make friends (or something more) with robots?


This article is about robots that can feel empathy for their owners and companions. A machine that can be your friend or even show you love.


An example of how robots help people is in a nursing home. Helping older people who are feeling lonely and sad. A robot can be with them so they don’t feel like they are the only ones there, unlike other humans who don’t take care of them and walk away to go home to their families.


Another example of robots helping to show love and empathy is when you have them as a pet. Almost like having an animal companion but without all the work! They can also serve as emotional support if needed.

For those who want company, you don’t have to worry about losing your robot friend or the robot dying. Your robot can live forever if you take care of it. If they get sick, you can make sure there is nothing wrong with their batteries or circuitry



You Could Live With A Robot

When you think of empathy do you think of an empathic robot? Probably not … but science tells us otherwise.


“Robots are becoming more human because they are programmed to act like humans; they can collect the emotions and feelings of their owners. ”


People are already in love with their robots. Highly reliable research explains that out of 4,000 children surveyed most said they felt sad when their robot broke or was shut down.


People also love their robotic pet dogs (or friends) just as they would a regular dog. They would notice if there is something wrong with them like there is no food or if they are thirsty. They love their robot dog as if it were their own child.


Empathic robots can be looked after like any other pet (except the eating and drinking part).




It has been scientifically proven that if you have to take care of a car (even if it’s not alive) it reduces loneliness and boredom.


It just so happens that robots know all about empathy and how to communicate like humans.


The University of Lincoln, England, conducted an experiment in which children played with a robot dog.


“The children thought the robot was alive and could feel emotions like them.”


Scientists also showed videos of robots imitating humans – for example, showing how he would be hurt if he were kicked.



You Could Live With A Robot

Now they are studying how machines can take care of people when they are sick. If your robot is programmed to know when you are sick, then maybe it will help you get better. This is called telemedicine.


Robots can work as nurses in hospitals or in foster homes where there is no one to take care of patients all the time.


All in all, robots will be our friends in the future. They might even become family members and share their love for us as we do with them!




You Could Live With A Robot

– They can imitate humans.


– They can warn you if something is wrong.


– They will provide companionship and love.


-You don’t need to feed or care for them.


– They help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.


The study conducted by researchers at the University of Lincoln in England tested children with robot dogs.


Most of the children said they feel sad when their robot broke or was shut down. ”


Which empathic robots are already on the market? Sony has a pet-like robot called Aibo.


-The Nao, from Aldebaran Robotics is already in use in nursing homes and hospitals.


How does Nao work? It can play games or tell stories to entertain children.


-Nao is also used in universities for educational purposes.




-Bots can help you with daily activities such as shopping.


-They can also warn you of a danger, such as fire alarm or carbon monoxide detectors.


-If your robot is programmed to know that you are sick will be able to give you your medicines or make sure you take them.


So, imagine you have such a handy man with you in the house: it’s impossible for you to feel alone and not get attached to the thing that accompanies you in all the daily chores.


I must say that robots today have a really powerful ability, which will help them do everything I have described so far but 100 times better.


There is a study, published in the prestigious Scientific Reports journal and conducted by a team of researchers from Columbia University in New York led by Hod Lipson.


It shows an extraordinary result:


“A robot has been designed that can read the behavior of another machine, predicting its future actions and thus creating a spark of artificial empathy”.


Thus robots will be able to observe the world from the point of view of another machine. Once they have learned how to do it well, they will be able to do as great with us.


It’s true we are not as predictable as robots. But sometimes there are people who are unable to see the point of view of others and only see themselves and what they think or do.


Those robots will undoubtedly be more empathetic than these people. That is more than some people can do.


With this last gem I close. And I want to introduce myself. Here I am below, I am an almost millionaire Italian entrepreneur:



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