At 55, And After A Failure, This Woman Started A Successful Online Newspaper. So She Created A New Way Of Communicating


This Woman Started A Successful Online Newspaper.

Arianna Huffington is one of the most influential women in the world of communication. She has merged the language of journalism with the language suitable for social media: he has created a new way of talking about news to web users.


She was born in Athens, Greece, and flew to England at 16 to graduate from Cambridge University. She later moved to New York to pursue her dream.


She wrote a book that was hugely successful in Britain, and then she married a wealthy Texan oilman and ran for Texas governor (failing miserably with 1%)


Then came the coup. Genius thanks to a collaboration with a digital marketing expert.


Her climb is truly sensational: she speaks of loves, failures, successes, and unsuccessful attempts (such as the political ones of her and her partner.) She has always known how to evolve and improve, make a career and explore the modern language of journalism.


Later I will explain to you the mentality Arianna developed from an early age that makes her so successful.




Huffington was born on July 15, 1950 in Athens, Greece. Her parents were both journalists and writers (little known) and they passed on the passion for communication.


At the age of ten she moved to the United States with her family. Her father worked as a correspondent for the Associated Press and her mother wrote children’s books. After graduation Arianna attended Cambridge University in England.


She enrolled in Girton College (Cambridge University) Business School. Here she understood that she had qualities that were anything but secondary.


– She discovers that she is a particularly gifted speaker, capable of conquering the public in a few moments.


– She joins a major student association – the Cambridge Union – climbing its ranks to become the first non-British president in history (and third female president).


– Thanks to this prestigious position, she conquers magazine covers and appeared on some local and national television channels.



This Woman Started A Successful Online Newspaper.

Bernard Levin was a British journalist, writer and television host. The spark immediately strikes between the two.


Levin, who was already forty at the time, falls in love with the girl and marries her only six months after their first meeting.


The marriage lasts for ten years during which the couple publishes several books written together. The most famous is “The October Revolution.”


Levin is a prominent figure in the British political and cultural scene of the 1970s. Huffington stays in the background, but actively collaborates in the writing of her husband’s books.


In 1980 the two divorced, but Huffington continues to live in their beautiful London apartment.


In 1973 she published The Female Woman, a book on British feminist circles of the late 1960s.


The book, which is not a feminist manifesto, instead tells the difficulty of women to make a career.


Real success comes with the book After the Wedding (1979), a romantic novel set in 1970s London.


In 1980, Huffington left London and moved to New York in the US..



This Woman Started A Successful Online Newspaper.

In New York he meets Michael Huffington, a wealthy Texan oilman of Greek origin. The two married in 1986 and together have two daughters.


In 1994 Michael Huffington ran for the Republican Senator for the State of California. The election campaign, led by Arianna, costs more than 30 million dollars and ends in defeat.


The marriage, meanwhile, starts to creak and in 1997 comes the separation.


Then in 2003, she runs for the governor of Texas (failing miserably with 1%).


Then came a stroke of genius thanks to a collaboration with a digital marketing expert.




In 2004, shortly after the opening of the personal online diary, John Peretti, a young expert in digital communication, recently graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


In 2005, together with him and other collaborators, she founded the Huffington Post website, a news and opinion platform that has quickly become one of the most visited in the world.


In addition to Arianna’s writings, Peretti also brings together a dense network of blogs entrusted to some of the best-known names in US publishing.


The site was born as a personal blog but has evolved to become a real online newspaper, with editorial staff, reporters, and photographers. Today the Huffington Post is one of the most important news sites in the world and helps to influence public opinion on the most discussed issues.


Arianna seized the opportunity to create a new model of journalism, based on the web, which is aimed at a wider and more globalized audience. Her language is clear, simple and straightforward, and that’s exactly what works on the web.


Among the financiers was Kenneth Lerer.




This Woman Started A Successful Online Newspaper.

Arianna Huffington has always believed in new technologies and the opportunities they offer.


“We can no longer do without the web – she said in 2005 – we must immediately start building a relationship with online readers.”


She was 55 at the time, the age at which most people think about retiring.


Her success is due to her ability to continually reinvent herself. After the success of the website, Arianna was not satisfied and decided to invest in traditional publishing. Founded in 2011, the publishing house publishes fiction and non-fiction books.


In 2012, it was acquired by the AOL group for 315 million dollars.


Arianna Huffington is an example of how, thanks to her positive outlook and her desire to do things, she proved it is possible to realize one’s dreams at any age.


Her success is also due to her ability to continually reinvent herself. The right moment is not always easy to grasp, and therefore always trying it is likely to make it sooner or later.


The world is changing fast today, and it’s like surfing a wave. Your surfing style doesn’t suit all the waves, but it does others. If you know how to wait and keep trying again sooner or later you will ride the wave that will lead you to success quickly.


Speaking of tips for success, there is this really interesting video where she provides some valuable insights for those who want to improve themselves, their work, or their business.


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