The Story Of Jack Dorsey And How He Created Twitter


Jack Dorsey is one of the most successful businessmen in the world.


He started as a computer programmer but has now created two multi-million dollar companies, built up a billion-dollar company from scratch and is one of the most influential people on Twitter.

Jack Dorsey



Jack Dorsey left his hometown to pursue his dream of living in new york; after high school, he set out to the golden city, where he attended New York University, and dropped out when it was one year to his final year to pursue his dream of starting Twitter.


In the early 2000s, Dorsey attended Columbia University as a computer science major. He dropped out when he was 19 to work at a startup company called “Coschedule” (short for “cosmetic schedule”).


The idea was to create an online calendar that could be used by people who had busy schedules but still wanted to keep up with their appointments and other events in life.


After Coschedule failed, Dorsey went back to get his degree at Columbia—and then went on to create Twitter.



Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey was born in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1964. He has had a fascination with computers and technology from a young age.


At eight, he created his first website for his school’s sports page. He became the first person to create a website for his high school when it was built in 1993 at age 16.


His first job was as an intern at Mountain View Labs (now Google), where he met Mark Zuckerberg, who hired him as one of its programmers two years later at 18 years old!


After dropping out of college after just one semester due to a lack of progress – Dorsey moved back home with his parents knowing full well that he would never get another chance like this again.


Hence, he decided not to try anymore but instead focus solely on making money online by selling ads on websites such as eBay or PayPal, which allowed users around the world easier ways to exchange money without having bank accounts, etcetera.”




When Microsoft acquired the company, Jack Dorsey worked on Twitter from his San Francisco, California apartment. His team included Noah Glass and Evan Williams.


The story of how Jack Dorsey created Twitter is one of hard work and persistence. He had no formal training in computer science or computer engineering; he just loved making things that people could use to communicate with each other online – which is why he started building an application called “Square” (which later became known as “PayPal”).


The idea behind Square was simple: you could instantly pay any merchant anywhere in the world via your smartphone using just a few taps on your phone screen.




Jack Dorsey is a man of many hobbies. He loves to exercise, relax, and spend time with his family. He likes bird watching and skateboarding in his leisure time.




Jack Dorsey is one of the few business people that has created two multi-million dollar businesses.


In 2006, he launched Twitter, which allows users to post short messages called tweets. In 2009, he founded Square, an online payment company enabling users to accept credit card payments through their smartphones.


These companies have been profitable since they were established but only after taking on large amounts of debt (Twitter $1 billion).




Jack Dorsey is a man of many talents. He is the founder and CEO of Twitter, the leading social networking platform for breaking news and entertainment. He also has a hand in Square, a mobile payment system that lets people accept payments in-store and on the go.


Dorsey’s resume is impressive, but it’s not all business. In addition to his day job as CEO at Twitter, he also sits on the board of both Square and Twitter (and has been called “the most powerful man in tech”).


Dorsey has faced numerous challenges throughout his career, including a stint at PayPal, where he was fired after only five months due to disagreements with the board over how to run the company.


While at PayPal, Dorsey started Twitter while working from his apartment in San Francisco, where he lived with roommates.


He stepped down from his role as CEO of Twitter when cofounder Ev Williams became the company’s executive chairman, and Steve Ballmer became its new CEO.


Dorsey remained on as chairman until February 2013, when Williams took over again as CEO.


Jack Dorsey was removed as CEO of Twitter in September 2018.


He became the company’s executive chairman instead. Dorsey has been co-founder and CEO since 2007, leading the company through its initial public offering in 2013 and periods of growth and change.


In September 2015, Dorsey announced he would resign from his role effective in October. He said he was planning to focus on product development but would remain chairman of Twitter’s board of directors.


“This is not an easy decision to make,” Dorsey said at the time. “But I believe it is the right decision for me as well as for the company.”


He was ready to be replaced by Agrawal; Jack has previously mentioned that he has good trust in the new CEO arising, and Twitter will be in good hands under the newly found leadership.


Things didn’t look up either after May 25, 2021. Although he has already stepped down as CEO, he was still on the board of directors.


Still, it is all uncertain as he has decided to step down from the board of directors, having absolutely nothing to do with the company since Elon’s overthrow.


The change in administration is fast, as all the execs are leaving, making Elon the sole owner of the bird app.




Block, Inc. is a financial services and digital payments company headquartered in San Francisco, California, USA.


Founded by Jack Dorsey and Jim McKelvey in 2009, Square changed its name to Block on December 10, 2021.


It is currently a public company registered on the New York Stock Exchange in November 2015. While Square is one of the company’s main products, it changed its name to “Block” in December 2021. The company is responsible for creating multiple services like cashapp, after pay, Weebly, and TIDAL.


These services are top-rated services that millions around the world use every day.


Jack Dorsey



To achieve your goals, you must have the right attitude. When you’re determined, persistent and motivated, anything is possible!


The first step in building a successful life is setting goals for yourself. These can be as big or small as you like—they don’t need to be expensive or complicated (although sometimes they might be).


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This will give us focus when thinking about what exactly needs doing next so that we don’t get overwhelmed by too much information at once, which could lead us down dead ends before making any progress on our path toward success!




Jack Dorsey has a lot of determination and willpower. He saw the potential of the internet and kept moving forward until he was successful.


Jack Dorsey is now one of the most influential people in technology today. His work has helped create two multi-billion dollar companies: Twitter and Square, which allow users to buy credit cards online using their phones or computers.

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