The next Nike shoes can be worn, then purchased in the Metaverse in Nikeland, the city of sports.


the city of sports

Do you want to take a tour of the Nike neighborhood? There are buildings of various kinds, fields, and arenas where players can compete against each other. It is the new virtual space of the clothing company. Here you can have fun and soon will be able to do much more. It’s just a teaser…


Facebook and a few other big names in online technology have entered Metaverse, Nike has now joined them.


It is the first such project of the sportswear giant: it has a virtual world called Nikeland on the video game platform Roblox Corp.


It is the first company that sells actual products, to take this important step. Why did they do this? Why is there so much interest?


If Google and Facebook are doing it, it may seem out of the ordinary. I’ll explain why it is a mega business for retail companies as well.


The interesting fact is that even without the help of Meta (Mark Zuckerberg) some have begun to operate in this borderless world. To plant flags in an area without borders.




I’ll start with two pieces of information, then I’ll explain how they get to that mountain of money.


Companies are already licking their chops over this extension of their businesses.


I also believe it will have a lot of positive aspects for users, as did the internet. There will be someone who will get fatter ($) more than the others. That’s why there is a race to Metaverse. “According to Morgan Stanley, for the fashion and luxury sector, revenues from virtual reality could amount, by 2030, to 50 billion dollars”.

the city of sports

How will they get these earnings?


1 – Companies will be able to use those places to advertise.


2 – They will have real showrooms where they can display their products.


3 – You can then purchase objects and gadgets, after having seen and virtually worn them.


4 – I do not dismiss that our avatars will have to be dressed and their own habitat will have to be created; all this will have a cost.


In short, a virtual square where you can meet and do the same things that are done in the real world. As you know, many products and entertainment in the real world are paid for.


Often they are purchased not out of necessity, but to be cooler in the eyes of others.


Nike was already preparing for this arrival that was anticipated and surprised everyone.


“You could have guessed it when the Oregon company chose a character like John Donahoe, the current CEO.”


He has the exquisitely digital skills to make the brand leap forward in new mass technologies.


In fact, Donahoe gained his professional experience in eBay first, then later at Servicenow.




First of all, you can play, then learn habits that go along with the sports products that Nike sells.


In addition to these two ordinary entertainments, there are three new things to enjoy while you hang out.


1 – Visit the virtual city


Users of the Roblox platform can visit the digital world and tour buildings recreated in detail.


For example, there is the LeBron James Innovation Center. Visitors can also participate in tags, dodgeballs, and other activities with other users who stop by the sprawling campus.


2 – Create your own mini-games


You will have access to the Nikeland toolkit to create your own mini-races.


This is a strategy to encourage people to interact. Interact how?


Remember that the sportswear company is now present in the virtual world, thus connecting what is digital with real life.


To do this, he applied to the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the use of his swoosh and Jumpman logos on virtual goods.


3 – The connection between reality and virtual.


Nikeland’s avatars will also be able to show certain clothes and sneakers through a digital showroom, items they have purchased in real life.


There will be children’s sections in the outlets so that younger visitors can enjoy Nikeland’s Roblox avatars.

the city of sports



“C ‘are also those who think that the space in Nike’s Metaverse could be a laboratory in which to launch new products and understand if they can please people in the physical world ”.


Everyone at Nikeland wears Nike tracksuits, shoes, and caps.


The company’s goal is therefore to launch shoe prototypes and let users try them on in the virtual world, before starting mass production in the real one.




A really cool thing you need to know is that Roblox already has 115 million monthly active users.


In short, a super audience to experiment with hybrid operations. That’s twice the number of inhabitants of Italy. By the way, I am an almost millionaire Italian entrepreneur, and I am excited to share these innovations because in some way they affect how you see the companies that sell products and services.


It will be a never-ending revolution. For this reason, I’m watching closely. In fact, the latter is an extraordinary thing. What interests users the most…


Hybrid sports events:


“The first example could be the World Cup or a SuperBowl final in which Nikeland coordinates, simultaneously with the event real, the virtual version “.


This is an idea, not far from the future that will be born in that virtual space.


In this way, our avatars will be able to challenge the champions.


The positive effects of this imaginary city can be numerous.


Without a doubt, the ultimate goal could be to bring the great champions that Nike already has under contract.


The user avatars will be able to dribble with Cristiano Ronaldo, or the recent Golden Ball winner(seven times) Leo Messi.


Or challenge the five-time champion Rafael Nadal or Djokovic on (virtual) clay.


One last piece of information, you should know, access to Nikeland is free for now.


There could be a version that could include a subscription. Now if you want to have fun, be positively amazed and discover some wild things follow my Twitter profile:


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