The morning routine is a lie. You will hate it and it has been proven that it messes up your life!


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Today I have to debunk the myth of the morning routine. They make it look like the cure of your life but it actually drives you crazy.

You will know that by morning routine I mean those things that advise you to do in the morning as soon as you wake up; meditation, exercise, reading, and listing the goals of the day.

All stuff that should theoretically make you have a super productive day; a day like Bill Gates.

But it’s not like that; it will only drive you crazy and stresses you because it upsets your habits, even positive ones.

Basically, their routine doesn’t suit everyone and the result is that instead of improving your day, it can only complicate it.

I think it’s a stretch, yet there are already many people (also some of my friends) who tried to do it and gave up after a short time.


I’ll give you the example of a friend of mine. She is a mother and she had started doing this routine, for which she had to wake up an hour earlier than usual.

“If you are a mother, however, you will have to adapt to your child’s schedule.”


– She tried to go to sleep earlier but without success because the baby was usually awake until 11 pm.

– Then she tried to get quality sleep so she could wake up full of energy, but often her son woke up at night, and she struggled to get back to sleep.


– The result was that she woke up tired. She woke up later than usual, she did the morning routine but she didn’t do other things she needed to do before her son woke up.

Basically, she was more stressed than before and gave up after a week. She hated the morning routine.

Why? Is simple…

The morning routine doesn’t always suit work schedules and personal needs.

Those who sell the morning routine see it as a miraculous thing, but if it really were, it would have solved all my friend’s problems, for example; she couldn’t even have a more productive day.

Now imagine the unexpected events that an entrepreneur or a trader may have, which are not compatible with that morning routine.

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I’m not saying it’s always impossible to do it, but if someone succeeds, they face these other problems.




The “miracle morning” by Hal Elrod, for example, is based on six things to be done in an hour:


1. Meditation 2. Affirmations 3. Views 4. Exercise 5. Reading 6. Writing in the diary


Now, I don’t know how many people there are who generally do these things. Maybe there is someone who makes one or two, at most three, of these habits, but doing all these things and adding new habits is a mess.


Phillippa Lally is a health psychology researcher at University College London.


The European Journal of Social Psychology published a study in which Lally and his team researched how long it takes to form a habit.


And no, it’s not the 21 days that everyone says. But…


“On average it takes more than 2 months before a new action becomes a habit; more precisely, it takes at least 66 days.”


So that’s why you will hate the morning routine if you start putting it into action tomorrow.


More than relief it will only stress you, and that hour will become like that pebble in your shoe that you don’t even feel at first but then it becomes so annoying that you absolutely have to stop.


At the most, I can say that you need to dedicate yourself to one habit at a time. But the process is really long then.



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You can’t create new habits just because a book, a guru, or a blog tells you to do it.


I’m not saying that you don’t have to entice people to do positive things.


Because meditation, reading, and exercise are all beautiful things.


But there are hundreds of actions that can be done and they are really good for us.


What if someone now told you: “From tomorrow you have to stop smoking!” or “You have to remove salt from your diet!”… Would you do it?


Most certainly not. Do you know why?


“They would be changes or habits that you did not choose for yourself; you did not decide them for a specific reason, for your necessity.”


So here’s what you should do instead:


– Choose your habits carefully


Methods alone don’t work; You must first do a self-analysis and understand what you think is worth making an effort. Only in this way will it be easy to make some sacrifices and new activities can become habitual.


– Your actions must represent you


If there is something, such as reading or writing a diary or setting daily goals, that causes you anxiety and stress because you have never done it and you don’t like it.
Don’t do it!


If, on the other hand, the idea of going for a morning run represents you more and is much easier for you.
Wake up earlier and go for a run!


– Watch your habits


If you start and everything goes smoothly for weeks and months, that’s perfect.


But if it weighs on you, or after a while you are tempted to quit, ask yourself two or three questions and try to understand the reason.


Maybe it’s not the right time in your life to do this, or it’s better to choose a different time of day, or maybe you haven’t found the right way to do it.


Maybe you’re just not convinced enough. Think about these things, they will help you create your habit.


As I often say, the miraculous tales of how to be successful or solve problems easily are lies.


“To get results and to become better at managing time and the day, it takes sacrifice and time.”


As always I try to give you a lot of value to make your life more beautiful and better just the way you want it. And I do it very sincerely.


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Nico Nobili —Alias SirNickNite


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