He Invested His Teenage Savings And Made 1 Million. Today He Is The King Of Penny Stock Trading And Helps The Poor


The King Of Penny Stock Trading

Timothy Sykes was born in 1981. Trading was his first main job and became his source of wealth. He became famous for turning his bar mitzvah money (in Jewish culture it is money given to him at age 13) into 1 million dollars.


After graduating from Pine Crest School, he attended Tulane University where he majored in economics and sociology.


At 20, he decided to move to Los Angeles to be an actor, where few opportunities presented themselves to him.


He began his journey with some failure. This is a reason why he has become strong in trading.


His life hides an interesting moral that will be explained later. This is not the usual failure to be reborn or the sacrifice behind achieving the goal.


It is something more subtle and extremely fundamental. Continue reading as I share.




He began to read up on how to invest his savings. This was Tim’s first goal. He didn’t want to get rich.


He enrolled in an online trading course held by Steve Siebold. What struck him most was Steve’s following statement: “fools make money, geniuses make fortunes.”


This sentence made him understand that it was not necessary to have a high IQ to invest your savings well, it was enough to follow a few simple rules.


Over the years he has continued to research and practice, investing more and more money.


In 2003, he began teaching others how to trade by creating the site timothysykes.com. Since then, thousands of traders have followed his teachings and have achieved excellent results.


Timothy Sykes’ website is a treasure trove of trading information, with thousands of free and paid articles, video lessons, and webinars.


The method he teaches is based on reading graphic patterns, such as the pennant, the triangle, and the flag. These figures are continuously formed in the charts and give precise indications of the probable directions of the price.



The King Of Penny Stock Trading

In 2005, he began investing in penny stocks, shares of small companies, listed on the market at very low prices.


These are highly volatile stocks, but this doesn’t scare him because he is an intraday trader and tries to leverage options as much as possible.


The following year he made his first million dollars and since then his career has only taken off.


Today, Tim Sykes lives in Los Angeles, where he bought a beautiful mansion. Tim continues to invest and teach others how to trade.


He has also written several autobiographies including “An American Hedge Fund” and “Beating Wall Street with Common Sense.”


In 2016, Tim Sykes was named by Forbes among the 30 most important influencers in the world in the field of online trading.


A story, of Timothy Sykes, who teaches how you can start from scratch and become rich thanks to online trading.


One thing is certain: you must not be afraid to invest your savings, but you must research and above all practice a lot to succeed.




In addition to being a great trader, Tim Sykes is also involved in charitable activities. In fact, he founded the Sykes Foundation, a non-profit association that helps less fortunate children by providing them with education, food, and clothing.


Every year it organizes the Timothy Sykes Penny Stock Trading Competition, an online trading competition open to all those who want to test themselves.


Participants can use virtual money to test their investment skills and those who manage to make a profit are rewarded in real money.


The 2017 edition of the competition had a prize pool of over $1 million, the highest ever offered in this type of competition.




What was the first step that allowed Tim Sykes to become a great trader?

Without a doubt having accepted their limits and having passed the many doors in the face that presented themselves to him.


He wanted to be an actor and started going to auditions, but despite his best efforts he never managed to land a role. He kept trying and trying, but the results never came.


Eventually, he realized that maybe that wasn’t the right path for him and focused on online trading, putting all his passion and commitment into this business.


Most people do not agree with changing direction and continue to strive where they fail. Don’t get me wrong, if, by chance you did, I’m not saying you don’t need to sacrifice yourself and give up on your first failure.


But, there is a moment when fate tells you that you are not made for that job, for that profession, or for that entrepreneurial activity. When you understand that, you have to be intellectually honest to accept and assimilate it.


You will then see the path that will put you in the right direction.


The sooner you become aware of it, the sooner you set yourself on the right path. You have to be ready to repeat mistakes while making life choices.


This happens in romantic relationships when we push too hard with the wrong person. If one has the levity to let go of an unsuitable partner, one will surely find a better person in the future.


This is one of the main differences between who is successful and who is not. Tim Sykes understood this very early and this allowed him to make great progress in online trading.



The King Of Penny Stock Trading

Today, Tim Sykes is a highly successful and multi-billion dollar trader. Thanks to his skills as an investor and his ability to teach others how to trade online, he has managed to create a real empire.


Even on social media, he is very popular with thousands of followers and his Facebook page boasts over 100,000 followers. On his YouTube channel, there are dozens of video tutorials on online trading.


Right now, on his Facebook page, he is raising 25 thousand euros to build a school for children.


He travels a lot around the world, from where he also trades using his PC. In his travels he often personally visits areas where there is suffering and hunger.


He is a successful person with a big heart, from who we can all learn.


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