The Founder Of The Crypto That Will Beat Bitcoin Is An Old Man: Chris Larsen Who Revealed How Cryptocurrencies Can Eliminate Pollution.


The Founder Of The Crypto

Born in San Francisco, Chris Larsen began his career as a journalist and editor of computers. In 1995 he founded E-Loan, an online mortgage service. Later, he created the Ripple platform where cryptocurrencies are traded.


A digital currency with the same name was then born, Ripple (XRP). In 2018 all the major magazines explained that it was the most capitalized and powerful crypto after Bitcoin.


Thanks to this idea he became a billionaire. After he had already had some success.


From being a stranger to most, Chris Larsen’s name has become an icon for being one of the world’s most important digital coin legacies.


But who is Chris Larsen really? What is his history? How did he come to be the helmsman of Ripple, one of the most promising cryptocurrency ecosystems?


His story also has a lesson that I will explain to you. Read on and at the end, you will find the answer to all these questions…



The Founder Of The Crypto

Chris Larsen – born in 1960 – after graduating from the University of California, started his career as a journalist for Venture Beat and Forbes.


Then, in 1995, at 29, he founded E-Loan which became an online mortgage service provider.


In 1990 he also worked briefly as a stock trader before diving into information technology.


It was in 2011 that Chris Larsen gave us the concept of Ripple when he created OpenCoin which runs XRP (the token coin platform).


The company soon begins to attract the attention of major Silicon Valley players such as Google Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz who decided to invest $57 million in 2013.


In 2017, his fortune was estimated at $7 billion by Forbes magazine, ranking him among the richest 100


“It all seems easy so far. But during his youth, Chris Larsen had to get by with just $1.00 in pocket money he earned working at Taco Bell. ”


As a teenager, the future entrepreneur was interested in science fiction and computers. He was also fond of literature and read “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” by Philip K. Dick.


It was this novel that inspired him many years later in designing the XRP logo: a stylized drawing of the R2D2 character from Star Wars representing the little droid who became famous in his films.



The Founder Of The Crypto

It was in May 2017 that Chris Larsen would become a billionaire thanks to his spectacular rise of Ripple and, above all, of XRP.


It is practically impossible to know every detail about Ripple and its creator: since everything is much more discreet than it is with Bitcoin.


But Bitcoin must tremble in fear at the rise of Chris’s product.


After reading several publications such as Forbes and Cointelegraph, I was able to uncover some key facts about Chris Larsen and how he got into cryptography:


He turned 54 in 2014 and then decided to create a fund called “The Holding Company” (HCR).


This fund collects its greatest wealth: both in Ripple and in Bitcoin. It also created an advisory structure called “The Ripple Council” to assist governments and add new partners to XRP.


Currently, there is not much information on Chris Larsen obtained directly from the man’s mouth but through the official Ripple website there are some interesting clues




His latest work, published last December, is also very interesting.


Chris Larsen wrote a five-page article with colleague Liana Douillet Guzmán called:


“The Natural Clearance Economy: How Cryptocurrencies Can Help Environmental Economists”


This is to show how he and Ripple have viewed cryptography over the past decade.


They gave this title to their article to make it clear how the potential of Ripple and XRP also includes the environment, in addition to finance.


Chris Larsen and his colleague wrote that blockchain is basically a digital public ledger that can be used to monitor all digital data between two parties in real-time, without intermediaries.


The platform has made it possible to eliminate various intermediaries, giving the user complete control of their digital identity.


The paper explains how Blockchain technology can be used to track trade-in items, although they concluded that its impact could be greater in finance.


Many of these services were created by the startup Cuarterner Trust and by Ripple, whose developers have detected how currency markets now move in real-time. The paper went on to explain how Blockchain technology can improve the efficiency of the global economy in spending money in the future as well.


At 62, Chris Larsen has become a billionaire, thanks not only to XRP and Ripple, but also due to his Bitcoin wealth that has been growing more and more in recent months.


If the forecasts are correct, by 2022 he could become the first individual in the world with a total value of 10 billion dollars linked to his cryptocurrencies.


The Founder Of The Crypto

Chris Larsen also has a degree in hiking and climbing.


His life was completely changed by exploring rivers, lakes, and forests. When he spent time in Trinity County, California, Chris was dedicated to fishing, kayaking, and wildlife viewing in the area’s hills and canyons.


He began his programming career at the age of 16 and appears to have followed a similar path to that of all the founders.


First, he taught advanced computer science at Harvard, then moved to Silicon Valley where he worked as a consultant and entrepreneur in digital technologies.


Chris Larsen’s story demonstrates how his ideas about the world and the future will be very important to Ripple as well. Like all founders, his opinions and knowledge will always be appreciated by the company and other users.


What is it that I think makes Chris a brilliant mind, who despite his sixty-two years of age has become a guru of cryptocurrencies? So far we have read about very young people who have made it in crypto.


Thanks to his past, he is used to change and doing different things.


– Professor – Waiter – Entrepreneur – IT – Technology – Hiking and climbing


Only minds capable of adapting to multiple environments can excel in things that are also new and different from the world and from previous ideas.


Try to play a sport you never played, a hobby you’ve never done before.


Get your mind used to adjusting. This is the advice that I give you and what Chris’s story gives in return.


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