The story of the champion Comaneci: from the mistreatment at the age of 15, to the love that made her reborn


Bart Conner and Nadia Comaneci

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At fifteen Nadia Comaneci felt like a dog on a leash. She was already an Olympic champion gymnast (with three gold medals at 1976 Montreal Olympics), but she lived like a prisoner of a man.


In a golden castle, but guarded and locked up.


Instead of enjoying success and freedom, she was forced to become engaged to Nicu Ceaușescu, son of the Romanian dictator. She lost the joy of living. She became depressed.


She couldn’t ask for help or escape: it would endanger her family.


Instead of discovering the youth of a teenager, she lived the worst of her experiences.


It’s something bad, isn’t it? Think if it happened to your daughter or your sister. It’s so abusive.


I will not tell a story full of injustice. Rather, I will tell you the story of a woman who has returned to live happily. She lives in America now and is a successful entrepreneur.


If you have patience to read this story until the end, you will learn an important lesson. And you will start looking the world in a different way.


You know that feeling when you just got up, after a bad dream? Maybe you were falling off a cliff. And the feeling you feel once you wake up, gives you relief and tranquility.


Well, I’ll make you feel that way at the end of this story. Because the life of this champion hides a truth.


Many are already able to seize these messages. They are the ones who have a higher gear in life. Because they know what I’m talking about.


I’m an almost millionaire Italian entrepreneur. I know how important it’s to know certain life lessons. I’ve gone through it.


Trust your buddy Nico and keep reading. I want to let you know what’s behind every brave person.


I’ll tell you one of the reasons why the brave always take the leap.


Nadia at the age of 14 had everything: success, fame, and three Olympic gold medals.


Anyone probably thinks that from this point her life is headed downhill. But for her it was all uphill. Really a lot uphill. For an injustice that marked her.


It marked her as a woman and for a period of time she stopped shining.


On July 18, 1976 she became the first gymnast in the history of the Olympic Games to receive the maximum score on the parallel bars.


Do you know what happened? That the scoreboard went haywire. Many people remember this scene. It was not programmed to receive a score of 10, but a maximum of 9.99. So the scoreboard mistakenly showed 1 point.


She did the routine perfectly. It was something never seen in the history of the sport.


In fact, at the Montreal Olympics she won two more gold medals, one silver and one bronze in other disciplines.

Nadia Comaneci at Olympics

The TV and the news had gone mad for her. But this fame was also her condemnation.


Since 1967 Romania was under a harsh dictatorship. The leader was Nicolae Ceaușescu. The people lived in hunger and poverty.


On her return home Nadia is welcomed by the people with warmth and affection. Something never seen in Romania. So they often invited her to the dictator’s government building.


“Here begins a forced engagement between her and Nicu Ceaușescu, one of the dictator’s sons. A person with alcohol problems and 10 years older than her.”


You have to understand that no one could say no to him. Nobody could go against his will.


Nadia falls into a strong depression. She loses a lot of weight and tries to commit suicide by drinking bleach.


In short, she went from hero to zero. Despite everything Nadia continues to train and compete.


She won other gold medals: at the European Championships, the World Championships, the 1980 Moscow Olympics and five gold medals at the World University Games.

Bart Conner kissing Nadia's cheek

She was still a great champion. But the present was dark the same. She was gray from the inside. She had stopped smiling. She was a caged mouse.


She doesn’t give up. Finally, several years later, in 1989 she managed to escape to the United States.


But the escape came after she was forced to retire from the world of sports.


Firstly because she had lost her guide, the coach and friend Béla Károlyi. He also escaped to the United States with his wife during a work trip to avoid returning to the country under dictatorship.


Secondly because Ceaușescu, after the coach’s escape, feared Nadia’s escape. So he prevents her from leaving Romania.


In other words, the grip of her prison tightens more and more. She almost felt like she was drowning. Without being able to rebel. An even bigger injustice.


In 1984, before the Los Angeles Olympics, Nadia retired from sports.


But five years later, thanks to the help of her friend Constantin Panait, she finally crosses the border to Hungary and arrives in Austria by car.


She reaches the American embassy and asks for political asylum. Having entered as a political refugee, since 1989 Nadia has lived in the United States.


Here begins her revival.


Now comes the most interesting part of the story. Read on, maybe over a cup of hot coffee. It always goes perfectly with a good reading.


Closeup of Nadia Comaneci at Olympics

“Several years before, something fatal had happened during the awards ceremony in Montreal. During the general enthusiasm, Nadia was kissed by an American gymnast a little older than her.”


His name is Bart Conner, and from that day Nadia remained in his heart.


Here is when the meeting happens that distorts the fate of both. It happens at a televised event in Los Angeles where they were both invited.


“Hey, do you remember me?”, asks Bart.


“No”, answers Nadia.


Then Bart shows her the photo of him kissing her in Montreal.


Between the two was born a friendship, and an extraordinary love that continues nowadays too.


Thanks to Bart, Nadia has managed to break into the American gymnastics community. She begins to run a school with him.


For 4 years they worked side by side and Nadia finally puts her life back together.


She found happiness. She returns to smile and rejoice. In 1994 the two got engaged.


In 1996 in front of the TV and thousands of people on the street, Nadia and Bart got married in Bucharest. The wonder is sky high.


Now Nadia’s life it’s all downhill.


Today they are the owners of the “Bart Conner” Gymnastics Academy and the International Gymnast Magazine.

Also the production company The Perfect 10 and 4 sports stores.


Nadia also holds various positions in sports associations and sporting organizations. Like in the International Special Olympics. She is also Romania’s sport ambassador.


Now I’ll explain what this story tells us. It is the reason why it caught my attention. I hope it amazes you too.


“Even the most excruciating pain you can have can be overcome. Wounds heal and no longer affect our life.”


Once you embrace this truth, nothing will scare you anymore.


Failure is taken on another dimension.

You know that the world won’t stop just because a love story is ended.

Losing a parent is something that can be overcome.

If you investigate well in your past, you will probably find wounds that you have already left behind you, with more or less time.


Maybe you’ve never noticed it. You have already gone through this lesson.


I had tough times. I’ve always faced trauma with the confidence that I would get up with more energy. Stronger and with the desire to live life.


Once you embrace this lesson, you will be less afraid to face new situations. You will do this without thinking about the negative consequences.

Nadia is now 61 years old. She lives a full life. In 2006 she had her only son, Dylan Paul Conner.


She is committed to managing the chain of gyms she founded with her husband and attending events to which she is often invited.


Now she loves life and smiles.


Do you want to change your life?


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