The Apple Car Will Be The Perfect Car, Like The Macs And Iphones In Cupertino. A New Domain Of Cupertino


The Apple Car Will Be The Perfect Car

Some say it will be a living room on wheels. Those who imagine it and have it drawn by the artificial intelligence robot created by Elon Musk, Dall-E 2, a new system capable of creating realistic images starting from a description in natural language.


What is certain is that there is a lot of curiosity and interest in the new electric car that will be churned out by Apple.


The Cupertino company has been working on a battery-powered vehicle for some time and rumors say the presentation for the concept car could be in 2022.


Apple Macs and iPhones are known around the world for their excellence, prestige and cutting-edge design. It would not be a surprise if the Apple Car also became the perfect car from every point of view.


It will be interesting to see what features the new Cupertino electric car will be able to offer. Certainly the quality will be high, as the company’s products always are.


We can only imagine how it will be and there are those who have gone further with concepts and rumors.




The reporter from The Information, Wayne Ma, has generated a report in which he talks about the new Apple Car.


He explained that in the meantime Steve Jobs’ company has been working on it for eight years, to take care of every little detail as this company has already revolutionized the world of mobile phones, the tablet for many technological gadgets, creating an ecosystem of its own.


Not to mention the software, iOS which will undoubtedly be installed on the onboard computer of Apple’s space car.


The engineers were ready to build a fully electric car that could drive on its own without using the latest in cutting-edge technology. This project encountered several difficulties.


Unlike social media or mobile phones, cars roam in the real world and are covered by insurance policies because they are already a basic danger. So Apple found itself dealing with a whole new realm.



The Apple Car Will Be The Perfect Car

As it happens in these cases when there is a long waiting and curiosity, some information leaks out:


the car is designed to accommodate four passengers who will be seated facing each other.


It will be a car without pedals and steering, where passengers will have their backs to the road.


It will be very similar to a concept. Sex, the car manufacturers present the models as a concept for the first time and then decide Apple will not do this: it will have sinuous, linear, and symmetrical lines.


Rumor has it that it will resemble the design of a Volkswagen Beetle. Remember them? In Europe, this car has become a true icon not to mention the Volkswagen van.


The infotainment will have spatial intelligence as all the latest generation cars tend to do and will be retractable to go out in times of need.


At the moment, no launch dates have been set, this is because Apple needs further development and testing with prototypes. But it will surely amaze everyone.



The Apple Car Will Be The Perfect Car

John Mauriello – world-famous industrial designer and “YouTuber” – has made a truly unusual attempt. It tested none other than the Dall-E 2.


It is an artificial intelligence robot created by OpenAI, the company founded by Elon Musk.


Dall-E 2 is a new system capable of creating realistic images starting from a description in natural language.


The design of the Apple Car that Mauriello created following the instructions given to the Dall-E looks like a futuristic car, very similar to the concept cars we have seen in science fiction films of recent years.


He asked the AI to design “a minimalist sports car inspired by a MacBook and a Magic Mouse, built in aluminum and glass.”


The algorithm produced multiple images using these textual cues as a reference point.


Mauriello, in particular, never mentioned the word “Apple” due to its poor concept of fruit.




The Apple Car Will Be The Perfect Car

But why did Apple decide to expand its reach to the automotive sector?


Well, the answer could be that this industry has changed a lot in recent years.


Cars are increasingly connected and therefore controlled by software.


In addition, there are many products sold by the Cupertino stores that can be useful in the car like supports for smartphones, tablets, and so on.


The question arises: if cars are increasingly connected, could Apple exploit this situation to sell more products?


Of course, there has been a drop in iPhone sales in recent years, but the Cupertino company certainly doesn’t have any major problems.


It will be a way to invest in another very profitable asset.


As we said before, cars are a new playing field for technology and Apple certainly doesn’t want to miss this opportunity.


It will be really interesting to see if the company manages to churn out a product that lives up to expectations.


Apple will be able to do this without having to change its knowledge and departments much. Though, you may be thinking that building a pc or cell phone is not like a car.


But electric cars have these in common with the products it already makes:


Batteries Software Body Display I do not exclude vocals


Apple should have made its way only on trim, safety, construction of a cockpit and a chassis, some steering gears, automatic transmission, and the braking system.


All components for the bitten apple will have found excellent collaborators, like some engineering genius, or companies that will work for it.


In terms of design, I’m sure it will have a strong impact as it has already had with technological gadgets. It will also be a stimulus to dinosaur automotive causes in this sector, starting with the Korean and Japanese ones that have always left something to be desired in terms of aesthetics.


It will be interesting to learn the results in terms of the autonomy of the electric battery: if Apple can work miracles as in the latest generation MacBook Pro, it could and will beat the competition.


Considering the years of development, and meticulousness, I do not exclude that Apple intends to make itself as big in the auto sector as it did with the iPhones.


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