The 2.0 Car From Back To The Future Is In Production. This Time It Will Have An Economic Price


The 2.0 Car From Back To The Future Is In Production

Although projected into the future, its one-of-a-kind charging system will become popular. Because the Lightyear Two is affordable for any budget. Before we get to the price let’s find out what the new car will have that looks a lot like that of Emmett Lathrop Brown (Doc) in the legendary film.


Let’s start with Lightyear One, where it all started. Perhaps many do not yet know. It is the new solar panel car that the Dutch carmaker unveiled at the opening of the Geneva Motor Show in 2019. The car, as anticipated, will rely on energy efficiency to run and should fully recharge in 10 hours.


Once charged, the Lightyear is set to travel around 800km on a full tank of energy. The 50 kWh battery will be placed under the floor and, as in more modern electric cars, is expected to provide the energy needed to run the engine.


But the interesting thing is that the solar panels, placed on the roof and on the sides of the car, are supposed to help recharge the battery. According to the company’s calculations, a person living in a very sunny area (such as California) can expect to gain around 8,000 miles of driving per year from solar panels.


Obviously, it will not be that simple and the amount of energy produced by the solar panels will depend on several factors, such as the angle of the sun’s rays on the car or atmospheric conditions.


The great advantage of the Lightyear compared to other electric cars is that, unlike others, it does not have to be connected to the electricity grid to recharge. This means that it can also be used in remote areas or in areas where electricity is very expensive.


Lightyear is not new to the automotive world: the company was founded in 2016 by former Tesla employees and has already won several awards, such as the IF Design Award in 2019.


Now we come to Lightyear Two. You have to understand that the One is not on the road yet, it should be starting this year. However, CEO Lex Hoefsloot has already officially announced that the company is working on 2.0 of their gem. It won’t cost 150 thousand euros (excluding taxes) like the first version.



The 2.0 Car From Back To The Future Is In Production

The Dutch company has made it known that in its plans there is growth that includes another solar panel car.


For the moment they have provided little information on this project. But one important thing they have already anticipated.


They will target the mass market with a starting price of 30 thousand euros.


To see the finished product or for those who are interested and want to buy it, they will have to wait until 2024 and 2025.


Among the information provided is it will adopt lower capacity batteries, which should help lower the price of the car. Because the efficiency of the new batteries will be improved and so will the consumption of the car.


It is unthinkable that the Lightyear Two will have less autonomy than the first version, which had a 60 kWh accumulator.


However, it is not easy to guess or make judgments with few details. Meanwhile, the automaker has yet to put the Lightyear One on the road.


But there are those who have moved forward.


Lightyear’s technology and projects seem to have interested LeasePlan (an international company of Dutch origins, specializing in car leasing and fleet management).


LeasePlan has booked 5,000 Lightyear Twos which will be part of its passenger cars in the future.



The 2.0 Car From Back To The Future Is In Production

In short, Lightyear seems to have hit the mark. It already has several companies that have booked its models and is a candidate as the car of Back to the Future.


For now, we just have to wait to find out more about the future of the company and its solar panel cars.


It must be said, that there are other models with such technology that are not up to par with this car.


For example Hyundai Ioniq 5:


The Korean carmaker unveiled this model earlier this year.


This car is equipped with solar panels on the roof which can recharge the battery up to 30% more.


Despite this, the car will need to be connected to the main charging plug to function properly. Furthermore, its price is around 40 thousand euros, ten more than that expected for the Lightyear Two.


Hyundai Ioniq 5 appears to be an interesting car but not up to par with its Dutch rival.


Another example is the auto of Sono Motors in Munich:


The German car manufacturer produces electric cars with solar panels integrated into the body.


These panels are unable to recharge the battery, but they can supply power to the car when it is in motion thanks to a system that powers the headlights, climate control, and other accessories.


The cars of this automaker start at 22,000 euros, but the company still has many financial problems and it is not clear whether it will be able to overcome them


The 2.0 Car From Back To The Future Is In Production

There were also prototypes:


Renault Kangoo ZE: the French carmaker presented a prototype of this model in 2010, but it was never put into production.


The car was equipped with solar panels on the roof and rear of the car which could recharge the battery up to 30% more.


Toyota Prius PHV: The Japanese automobile giant Toyota had installed solar panels on the roof of its hybrid model, then decided not to include them in the final version.


Finally, I want to try making a prediction. Apple’s car could have such technology, knowing how perfect and efficient they are.


They have postponed production and marketing because they want to make the iPhone or the Macbook pro of cars.


I am thinking they have in mind a brilliant solution to dramatically increase the performance of the batteries.


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