Billy Markus Founded A Cryptocurrency As A Joke That Is Loved By Elon Musk


Billy Markus Founded A Cryptocurrency As A Joke That Is Loved By Elon Musk

Billy Markus developed Dogecoin alongside Jackson Palmer as a Bitcoin parody. He certainly never expected DOGE to become the favorite currency of Elon Musk and many other influencers.


He found it as a joke, but his career path was not pleasant before the famous crypto.


Out of respect for his values, he closed the door in the face of a golden job. Because that company didn’t respect their customers.


He arrived at Dogecoin thanks to a fundamental attitude used by those who want to reach the top. In fact, his story is a good lesson for those who want to try in any sector, in any job.


Now let me tell you who Billy is…




Billy Markus worked as a developer at IBM. He had a degree in computer science.


He was then hired in 2012 by Wells Fargo, however, Billy resigned when he saw that the company began to engage in shady practices. For example, opening accounts without the consent of customers.


The latter company is one of the largest financial institutions in the world – it has branches in 40 countries and operates approximately 5,900 locations globally. The value of its shares on the New York Stock Exchange is $226 billion.


“He was surprised by this work ethic which fundamentally clashed with his principles. So he decided to leave his job with great courage at the age of 35 ”.


What does a 35-year-old do after he leaves such an important job? He didn’t really have a plan B.


Having become unemployed again, Billy looked for new opportunities to earn a living, but couldn’t find a decent job.


He tried to develop financial software, however, this business was not as successful due to the 2008 crisis.


At the time, Billy was also working at his own law firm and real estate management company. In addition, to all this, Billy worked as a consultant for several companies specializing in telecommunications and foreign exchange operations.


All these activities eventually took their toll on Billy’s work efficiency and prompted him to move from Salt Lake City to Seattle where he found an apartment … until one day …

Billy Markus Founded A Cryptocurrency As A Joke That Is Loved By Elon Musk



The former banker managed to get a job in Walmart’s IT department. The company was looking for Java developers. Billy saw an opportunity to prove his worth.


It wasn’t easy at first, but he got used to the business team’s workflow very quickly.


“He also became friends with many employees who were impressed with his skills, so after two years he was able to work on several parallel projects.”


For example, Billy helped the Imgur site create an online image-sharing application. This platform has more than 100 million users today, which is quite impressive!


Having won the trust of Walmart’s managers, Billy eventually quit his job in 2016 … but why?

Billy Markus Founded A Cryptocurrency As A Joke That Is Loved By Elon Musk



It was December 2013.


Billy Markus was looking at the popular social news site Reddit when he saw a photo of his favorite Shiba Inu dog. He took a look at the comments to see people making jokes about this image.


“Then he thought it would be nice if there was a way to give coins to other users as a reward for funny comments.”


He started coding his cryptocurrency and was ready to launch it after a month. At the time, he had no idea about cryptocurrencies or what Bitcoin was – the first digital currency launched in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto – but he knew how to code the software and wanted a digital currency that he was able to send instantly without any transaction fees.


It didn’t take long for him to discover that hundreds of cryptocurrencies already existed (he found more than 500 with a market value at the time).


He found that this type of money is not regulated by any central banks or financial institutions.


It can be mined by users using their own equipment and earned through transaction fees.


The more he read about digital currencies, the more he became interested in that world.


At first, it seemed to him that Bitcoin was the most serious of all these currencies … But … somehow it didn’t feel right for Billy. That was how he created his own, Dogecoin.




Dogecoin was launched on December 8, 2013.


“About 100 people downloaded the software for this coin at that time (the more users download it, the faster new coins are mined)”.


Today, Dogecoin (DOGE) is in the top 10 digital coins by market capitalization. The total supply of this coin has surpassed 118 billion units and the price of one unit is $ 0.18 as of mid-January 2022.


At its best level in early 2018, DOGECOIN added about $2 billion to its value!


Dogecoin was reported to have hit 100 billion mined units on December 19, 2014 – six months after its launch. This number allows us to calculate the average daily earnings of Dogecoin: 0.3%.




The story of Dogecoin not only tells us about the life of Billy Markus but … this man has become one of the few people in the world who managed to create his own cryptocurrency.


Billy’s goal was to make just a little money – no more – and he succeeded!


He just wanted it to be a simple digital currency that could reward users for their jokes. This is how DOGECOIN became famous all over the world!


But often people fail because they put too much energy into what they do. I know you may think this is bullshit. Yet this is exactly how things are.


“If you put too much energy and expectation into what you do you end up failing”


Projects must be carried out with focus, commitment, and sacrifice, but without raising the expected result. You just have to work, without thinking about the final goal.


If it comes well, if it doesn’t, you will try again. This is the right mindset. Same as Billy had.


Remember, 99% of startups fail, but it’s not a bad idea to try!


Even if you don’t achieve the desired result, you still gain experience and knowledge that will be useful in your future projects.


It is important to create a culture that allows you to effectively manage and learn from failures. If a startup has a high failure rate, it means it also has growth potential.



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