Technology is revolutionizing the world of sports: here are 5 tools that make you stay fit in no time


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The implementation of technology in sports has brought inevitable and numerous changes, some unthinkable until a few years ago, and desirable improvements. Scientific breakthroughs and technology in sports have changed the way many motor activities are practiced in recent years.


All this leads to better sports performance. Above all it is a road of no return.


We will no longer be able to do without these technologies and we will have to admit and accept that without futuristic help we will no longer be able to remain at certain levels.


For example, in the world of football, special diets are made following blood tests. This has now become a routine.


Think of football or athletic shoes that are not comparable to those of 10 or 20 years ago.


In the last gold of the 100 meters of the Italian Macel Jacob there was a whole discussion about running shoes: among those who argued that they could benefit athletes compared to those of the past or not.


In short, many details that make the difference even during training.


However I want to list 3 technologies that can help us be stronger, faster, and more agile.




Virtual reality is a computer-generated environment that allows you to experience a different place or situation. It can be used for training athletes before they compete in an event.


For example, Olympic ski jumpers can use virtual reality to get an idea of the course they will compete on. They can also use it to simulate the conditions in which they will compete such as wind and weather.


Virtual reality can also be used to help athletes recover from injuries.


Think of a tennis player who has a wrist injury and can use virtual reality to practice his swings without having to put his injury to the test.


Perhaps this technology is not yet available to everyone.

But I would advise you to prepare to use it if it really drives you crazy, because it’s not that far away.



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This technology is any type of technology that can be worn on the body.


It includes everything from smartwatches to fitness trackers. Wearable technology can be used to monitor an athlete’s performance during training or competition. Or to provide great feedback and thorough coaching.


For example, a runner might wear a heart rate monitor while exercising. This will allow them to see how hard they are working and make sure they are not overtraining or undertraining.


“Wearable technology can also be used to prevent injuries.”


Imagine a soccer player – he might be wearing a sensor that monitors his impact when he’s tackled.


This information is then very useful to regulate their training and to reduce the risk of injury.




Augmented reality is a technology that superimposes computer-generated images onto real-world objects.


It can be used to improve an athlete’s training or performance.


I can quote a golfer who uses augmented reality to see a virtual representation of the course he is about to play.


This would allow him to plan his shots and avoid the dangers.


Augmented reality can also be used to provide feedback during training. For example, a weightlifter might see his shape superimposed on his real shape. This would allow him to make corrections and avoid injury.




Athletes need enough sleep to perform at their best. Sleep deprivation can lead to fatigue, decreased coordination, and impaired judgment.


Wearable technology can be used to track an athlete’s sleep.


This information is invaluable in order to make sure they are getting enough rest and to adjust their training schedule if necessary.



gloved hands with fitness technology monitor

Dehydration is one of the major factors of fatigue and reduced performance. It is important for athletes to stay hydrated before, during and after training, or competition.


“Wearable technology can be used to monitor an athlete’s hydration levels.”


This information can be used to make sure the athlete is drinking enough water and to adjust fluid intake as needed.


What an athlete – or sporty person – eats also has a big impact on their performance.


Poor nutrition can lead to fatigue, decreased coordination, and impaired judgment.


In this case too, technology comes to our aid. In fact, it can monitor the nutrition of an athlete.


This information can be used to make sure she is eating the right foods and is getting the nutrients she needs.

Of course, even better would be to go to a nutritionist, but with the support of good minute-by-minute monitoring everything is easier.


It can also be used to identify any deficiencies that could affect their performance.



3 people using sports tracker

The brain is the center of body control. It is responsible for everything from movement to decision making. A well-trained brain can improve an athlete’s performance.


“There are many ways to train the brain. One way is to use computer games that are specifically designed to improve cognitive skills.”


These games can improve an athlete’s reaction time, coordination, and decision making.


In the future, we may be able to implant devices that directly stimulate the brain. These devices could be used to improve an athlete’s performance by directly increasing his strength, speed, or agility.


We may also be able to implant devices that allow us to directly monitor an athlete’s brain activity.


This information could be used to make sure they are doing their best and to identify areas that need improvement.


The possibilities are endless. The only limit is our imagination. Above all, what we will give ourselves in sports competitions and also outside, in personal life.


In the competition so as to distinguish the performances that we could still call “natural” from others artificially aided. And in personal life so as not to put our human body at risk from physical stress that it might not be able to withstand.


Technology is revolutionizing the world of sport. Wearable technology, augmented reality, and brain implants are just some of the ways athletes are using technology to improve their performance.


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