Despite Being Struck By A Very Serious Illness, Technology Has Made Her Stronger Than Before. Then She Won 11 Gold Medals In Fencing


Technology Has Made Her Stronger Than Before

This is one of the stories that gives me the most confidence. It’s about a girl who didn’t complain, braved through bad luck and got super results.


The statement I make every time I think of her is, “If she can succeed, then why should I complain about difficulties? I have no excuses, I need to try again.”


Born in 1997, Bebe Vio – thecourageous woman in this article – was only 9 years old and suffered a very serious disease: the meningococcal infection that caused her to have both arms amputated at the elbow and her legs at the knees.


But Bebe didn’t give up. She learned to move and live with prosthetics and thanks to her great determination she became a formidable fencer.


She has won an incredible series of gold medals, and has become an example for millions of followers and a television personality.

Technology has helped her a lot. I’ll explain why.


I anticipate that in the end I will share what this girl teaches us. It’s not just the strength to never give up … keep reading.



Technology Has Made Her Stronger Than Before

Bebe Vio, born Benedetta Ravasio, is an Italian fencer. In 2016, she won silver at the Rio Paralympics in the women’s single sword category and a bronze medal in the team competition.


She began her career in 2011, at the age of only 14, winning the Italian title in the under 17 category. In 2012, she also won the Under 20 European Championship and, in 2013, she became the Under 23 world champion.


In her young career she obtained 11 gold medals, 4 silver and 2 bronze medals in international tournaments and 5 Italian titles. But Bebe’s story isn’t only about fencing.


It is the story of a girl who, despite being struck by a very serious illness, managed to overcome all challenges and win.


In 2006, after contracting the meningococcal infection that resulted in the amputation of both arms at the elbows and legs at the knees.


Little Bebe remained in a coma for several days.

When she regained consciousness, she found herself facing a completely new world: she could no longer move as before, she could no longer do all the things she did before her illness. But Bebe didn’t give up.


She learned to use and live with prosthetics and became an exceptional fencer.

Seeing her move in a wheelchair and swing the sword is something fantastic.


Technology has helped her a lot. Thanks to the new prostheses, Bebe was able to continue doing what she loved: sports.


In 2012, thanks to the help of a team of experts, Bebe received electronic prostheses that allowed her to move her arms and legs again.



Technology Has Made Her Stronger Than Before

Bebe Vio is an example of how technology can help people overcome difficulties.


Bebe Vio’s prosthetics were specially designed for her and proved to be crucial to her fencing career.


Thanks to technology, Bebe was able to achieve her dream of becoming an exceptional fencer.


Today she has also become a successful actress and influencer with almost one and a half million followers.


She often appears on TV and in magazines, telling her story and inspiring millions of people.


In 2019 Bebe Vio won two medals at the 2019 Cheongju World Championships: a gold in foil and a bronze in team foil.


In April 2020 she was chosen to represent Italy at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics. She won gold in foil, she was very wild on the platform. In addition to silver in team foil.


In short, she has become a legend of the para-Olympics. Now, she has a list other objectives having becomea public figure, especially in Italy.


Not so much for her medals, but more famous thanks to her history and the fact that she the hearts of so many fans.




Technology Has Made Her Stronger Than Before

Don’t believe in speeches. I’ll tell you something that few teach.


It’s bullshit to say you always have to believe it. That is, yes you have to do it, as Bebe Vio always did, but that force has to start elsewhere.


It’s not like you get up in the morning and try to convince yourself that you can become a phenomenon in something you want so much.




If you are interested in this part of the story it is because you want to arrive at a destination but you have difficulty in succeeding. An obstacle you can’t conquer but want to get over.


This is where strength is born. When you are in this state you feel the pain. Perfect!


When you feel the pain it means that you are exceeding your limits. Very good!


You understand that this is not the end. Limits are just a test, a challenge that you have to overcome because you are made to do it.


It is this awareness that comes precisely from suffering and from these difficulties that makes you much stronger than before. Stronger than you actually thought you were.


Feeling that pain of suffering gives you the charge to overcome yourself and not be afraid to feel the experience and savor that unpleasant sensation again.


The trick is to reflect on the pain, understand where it comes from, and learn the lesson. Then you can get back on track to try again.


You need to doall of this in a continuous cycle that will go on until you have reached your goal.


Bebe Vio has experienced moments of suffering and psychological breakdowns that we cannot imagine. If she has learned to accept pain, live with it, and use it as gasoline to ignite the aspiration and the will to win, you can too.


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