New technologies can help reduce electricity consumption by 50%. With these 5 devices, you will get super savings


Room with energy saving technology

There are some new advanced technologies that many still don’t know about. They are precisely the ones that can make a difference in saving home electricity. One of the largest consumptions produced on Earth.


Because if solar or wind power is the solution for the renewable and economical energy, efficiency and energy conservation are the solutions to reduce consumption.


Hence energy management has become the new technological challenge of the sector.


Efficiency is a constantly growing market, reaching $221 billion in 2015 with enormous potential that is not fully exploited.


So it is good to know that it is possible to reduce the energy demand and the related carbon production from fossil fuels, resulting in lower CO2 emissions, thanks to the use of smart and efficient technologies.


It is amazing how much some electronics are able to consume less.


I’m not talking about artificial intelligence: in fact, when AI is integrated, I believe there will be an additional ability to consume less.




By 2030, the goal is to reduce CO2 emissions by 55%: it means implementing more than a simple improvement in energy efficiency, without which having clean sources of energy will not be enough.


A push in this direction is given by the Internet of Things, which is now a standard component for most of the innovation projects in buildings, both residential and non-residential.


The ability to network objects and devices is at the heart of all the benefits provided by the IoT, the Internet of Things.


This allows you to collect data and information, monitor connected devices remotely, control objects efficiently, and so on.


The applications of this technology are wide, including the ability to monitor energy consumption and expenses, making them particularly suitable for reducing energy costs or implementing energy audits.


Once the data has been collected, it can be processed and modeled by special software, which returns the information you need.


However, there are already some devices and appliances that are very smart and provide great support and advancement in this challenge.



Thermostat with technolog ythat provides 50% savings on electricity

A programmable thermostat is one of the best ways to save energy in your home.


It allows you to set specific temperatures for different times of the day and night, so you don’t heat or cool your home when no one is around.


A smart thermostat can save you up to 30% on your energy bill, according to the US Department of Energy.




LED bulbs are much more efficient than traditional incandescent ones.


They use about 75% less energy and last 25 times longer. This means big savings on your electricity bill and fewer bulbs to buy over time.


As you can see, it’s something very simple, but not everyone has applied to their chandeliers yet. Because they may not know how much savings they could have.




Most people know that the refrigerator is one of the most energy-consuming appliances in the house.


The good news is that refrigerators are now on the market that can help you save a lot of money on your electricity bill. These are called smart refrigerators and they use less energy than traditional refrigerators.


They have features like automatic defrost, which saves you time and energy, and a vacation mode which reduces energy consumption when you are away from home.


Still, others are able to calculate the moments when we are not at home and therefore maintain constant temperatures for hours without turning on the motor often.


The same thing they can do based on the outside temperature.



Refrigerator with technology that provides 50% savings on electricity

Washing clothes is something we all have to do, but it doesn’t have to be a huge waste of water and energy.


There are now washing machines on the market that use less water and energy than traditional ones.


These are called smart washing machines and they use sensors to determine how much water and energy is needed to wash a load of laundry.


This means that you only use the amount of water and energy you need, which can save you a lot of money on your bills.




The furnace is the one appliance that consumes the most energy in the house. It is also one of the appliances that have undergone the most changes in recent years.


There are now furnace on the market that is much more efficient than traditional ones.


They are called condensing furnaces and they use less energy to heat your home.


How do they work?


In practice, they use the condensation of the water vapor of the exhaust fumes. In this way, they recover the latent heat of condensation and consequently greater energy efficiency compared to a traditional furnace.



Lightbulb with technology that provides 50% savings on electricity

These are some examples, but there are many other devices and appliances that are becoming more and more efficient and can help you to save on your energy bill.


The amount of money you can save depends on a number of factors, such as the type of home you have, how much energy you use, and the type of appliances you have.


But one thing is certain: if you are not using these technologies in your home, you are missing out on big savings.


Researchers did a test …


A study by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found that a typical US family can save $500 a year on their energy bills by using just some of these technologies.


The study also found that an average homeowner could save 20% on their energy bills, or around $1,000 per year, using all of these technologies.


There is a lot of research on how to make our homes more energy-efficient.


There are many products on the market that can help you save on your energy bill.


The best way to find out what works best for you is to do some research and speak to an expert.


You can also visit the website of your local utility company or that of the Department of Energy for more information.


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