How to succeed in life in every field: forget what your family told you


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Hi, how are you?


Today I want to explain how to have much more success in life. I’ll show you how your parents have always lied to you.


I’ll do more. I’ll tell you how to be a successful person. Because what you become depends on what you think of yourself.


So you can use these teachings in all areas of life.


You know what your father and mother always told you? Maybe you thought it was the right advice.


Instead they are the opposite of what most people think: they limit you and don’t let you “make it” in life.


I, for example, always love my dad. He’s still my superhero.


But the problem is that there are a lot of beliefs, ways of seeing the world and teachings that we inherited from the family.


Without realizing it we use them every day and this often leads us to fail.


Is not me saying that, is Freud.


First of all, however, I will explain what beliefs are.


Beliefs are ways of thinking about the world. In other words, what you think you have to do or not in certain situations.


What you think is right to do or not to do. What you think you can do or you can’t do.


All this can become a limit that, in reality, does not exist. It exists only within you.


Are chains that keep us blocked. Limit us. If you are convinced of one thing, you risk not being able to give the best of yourself. So you can fail.


Example: You know all those guys and girls who are convinced that women/men are unpleasant?


Well, they are so convinced that they are actually behaving badly. And those in front of them will feel offended, and react badly too. And that’s when they got nasty.


You know? Because of a belief/idea maybe inherited from family (or even friends) we risk behaving in the wrong way. A way that doesn’t get us to the result that leads us to success.


Now that I’ve explained what a limiting belief is, I’ll tell you what to do to be a successful person.


But first I’ll give you more information. I’ll explain to you how a thought gets inside you. And then manages to control your mind.


Being aware of this will help you do what I will soon tell you.


These views of the world and beliefs have been repeated many times. Both by our parents, grandparents, and sometimes by school teachers.


Slowly they enter the depths of us. In our unconscious. And without knowing it they become like a truth that guides us. A powerful truth within us.


This happens especially when we are children. Because our unconscious is like a sponge that absorbs everything.

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Freud explained that everything in our unconscious is the cause of most of our actions.


Better still, we organize our lives in such a way that they obey what the unconscious program dictates.


This part of us therefore constantly influences our way of thinking. And also the choices we make in everyday practical life. Especially the decisive ones.


If you’ve read so far, now begins the most interesting part. Do not give up and listen to the good Nico.


I am an entrepreneur and I had to face the same processes in order to manage my company successfully, as I have been doing for several years now.


Here’s what you do.


1. Recognize what are the beliefs that limit you. Those that you inherited from your family.


Once you recognize and rationalize them, you’ll be one step ahead already.


You will know the limits between you and success. And this will help you already.


Because once you find your wrong beliefs, you can work on them as I’ll tell you later. And in the meantime, they can’t hold you back. You will begin to see the world with other eyes.


How to recognize them?


Start from an area of your life that you are not satisfied with. Work for example. Think about what you want that you can’t yet achieve.


Or think about the time you might have been faced with a difficulty. Or when you didn’t make it. You were one step away from your goal and you failed.


It happened to me too, and these experiences can help you.

“Ask yourself why you did not succeed. What convictions prevent you from going ahead and getting the result.”


Maybe you didn’t feel up to it? Maybe you thought you didn’t deserve success? Maybe your mother told you you weren’t fit for that job, and now you believe it?


Every time you fail or are afraid to do an action or start a project, ask yourself why.


I’ll tell you about a friend of mine who runs an investment fund. He only made it when he found out what was limiting him.


He was always losing money. He took a piece of paper and a pen and wrote down everything he thought about trading.


Common expressions, that phrase that his father Paul was always repeating about finance, words and emotions. Everything without filters, and without judging. He emptied his mind.


Then he reread everything wondering how and what thoughts had influenced him negatively.


In this way he found his limiting beliefs. He worked on it as I’ll tell you later. And from there he started to earn in the stock exchange. And slowly he became successful.


Here, that’s what you’ll have to do first. You’ll probably be amazed. Because you’ll write down on that sheet sentences your parents used to repeat.


I list some wrong beliefs that circulate out there: maybe someone told you one of these as a child.


– I have to settle for what I receive

– Only those who are already rich make money

– If you make money you become materialistic

– Never trust people.

– Money does not bring happiness.

– We are in a moment of crisis and so I can not do…

– To have success you need to have the right friends

2. There is a way to destroy limiting beliefs. I’ll show you how to do it. You’ll get closer to having a successful mind.


This part is simpler and more fun: because the method it’s always the same.


You’ll probably find that you thought silly things about yourself.


Here’s how you do it!


Once you list your limiting beliefs, take one at a time.


Every belief is like a table, supported by legs.


Here the legs are other thoughts or personal experiences, or things always said by family or friends.


So you have to challenge these arguments that hold the belief.


Remember that a belief is a point of view. It’s how you see yourself, how you perceive the world.


If I say that I think I’m an interesting man, there is no computer that can tell me if it is true or false. There is only what I think in my mind.


So if I think I’m interesting I’m convinced. If I think I’m not, I’m convinced I’m not an interesting person.


And as a result, I’m going to end up behaving like an uninteresting man for real. I mean, my conviction comes true.

So let’s get back to practice.


Let me give you an example. The limiting thought is:


– Make money is made only by those who are already rich.

– The “legs” of this belief could be:

– I know a guy who makes a hell of a profit, but his dad was already rich

– My dad always said that to me

– My friend’s dad thinks that too

– I think without money it is difficult to start a business


Now have some fun dismantling each argument (with more than one reason too):


But I also know one other guy who’s made it on his own: certainly in your city you have more than one like him.
But there are also those who think differently, such as Anthony Robbins.


There is also a university professor who may think otherwise.


Think about how many ways there are to get some money: bank loan, partners, or starting with a few resources.


In reality, successful people, among the many beliefs, already consider themselves better than the average.


They basically trust themselves. They believe that they are capable of doing what they undertake.


This was demonstrated by a study published in 2019 in the scientific editorial Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.


It was done by researchers from the University of Virginia and it was led by Professor Peter Belmi.


“They have also shown that the background influences the way people think and the attitudes that people have about their abilities.”


Do you understand? Your family can indeed affect your way of thinking.


But if you put this information into practice you will be able to eliminate beliefs that don’t suit you. Those that you have discovered that can limit you.


And so your mind will be freer to approach personal success.

two girls arguing over beliefs

3. Take responsibility for your choices.


This last lesson counts as much as the others. Facing problems with this awareness will get you closer to success.


Take 10 minutes to finish reading and thinking.


Maybe in front of a good coffee. Every best reflection comes over a hot coffee. So you can become a better person and then be happy with what you’ve done.


Maybe you’ve never heard your family say, “Did you fail/do wrong? Take responsibility for what you did.”


What does that mean? That the mistakes we make are almost never made because of others, but because of our own responsibility.


Having this point of view allows us to focus on what we can improve about ourselves. Exactly as successful people do.


It’s not the “bad” teacher’s fault that a student’s math test went bad. Probably if he had studied more he would have had a better grade.


“Families usually tend to protect us. Because they love us. And it may happen that they point their finger at others.”


So here’s what you have to do. Faced with the difficulties you have to ask yourself some key questions:


– What can I do to overcome this problem?

– How can I solve it

– Are there other options? Different ways to take?


Your friend Nico told you a lot of things about how to be a successful person. Now it’s up to you to put them into action.


You can continue to love your family. Even to meet them. But you will understand that sometimes it is better if you listen to your parents less.


father scolding son

In addition, America has changed dramatically over the past 20 years. There are new opportunities, granted even by the web.


While old and traditional trades no longer create jobs and no longer have the attraction of the past, the possibilities are there.


In short, the world has changed. Why should your mentality change?


And above all, why should you use a petrol car instruction manual, if you’re traveling in an electric car that consumes less, is less polluting and takes you to your destination quickly?


A further step, which I will perhaps discuss in another article, is the creation of new empowering beliefs. If you keep following your friend Nico, I will soon explain it.


Do you want to change your life?

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