Without a future and career, she then became one of the most powerful digital entrepreneurs. Here's the story of the co-founder of Tinder


co-founder of tinder

In a world where online dating is becoming more and more common, it’s hard to imagine a time when Tinder didn’t exist. But believe it or not, the hugely popular dating app that was founded in 2012 is the mastermind of an amazing woman, Whitney Wolfe.


Her story somewhat resembles that of Steve Jobs. Because at one point she too found herself with nothing in hand and ousted from her successful company.


She had to reinvent himself and take revenge as Jobs did with Pixar.

It seemed she had no future and no career prospects, but Whitney Wolfe has become one of the most powerful digital entrepreneurs thanks to Bumble.


This rebirth of her was thanks to something special that she will tell you about later. A characteristic that we all have that must be brought out by us.


“Those were very hard times. I no longer saw a career for myself. I was 24, I had found one of the most famous tech startups, but the Internet hated me. So I woke up one day and said to myself: now it’s time to rebuild myself.”


These are her words before emerging from the mud …



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Whitney Wolfe was born in July 1989 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

After studying at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, Wolfe began her career in the tech industry working for dating apps like Hinge and JSwipe.

When Whitney is only 22, she approaches Hatch Labs incubator. She meets Sean Rad, who explains his idea of building an application that will improve customer service for businesses. Cardify is a project in which Whitney works for Rad.

Despite their strong convictions, the facts speak for another story. The business fails to achieve acceptable levels of success. They decide to explore other options.

The idea was born for an app called Tinder that allows users to choose between the profiles of single individuals and make dates. Tinder is named after Whitney’s own idea, who was a founding member of the team along with Rad and her best friend, Justin Mateen.

Sparks fly between Whitney and Justin. They start dating, but it doesn’t last long. There will also be repercussions between the two, which I will leave out.

The fact is that she is forced to leave Tinder because she said she could no longer make a living in that company.

There comes an episode that is the final straw. After resigning, Whitney decides to take Rad and Justin to court. There’s a deal and she gets $ 1 million worth of Tinder stock as a result of the next lawsuit:


“I didn’t do it for the money, but for my hard work. They wanted to wipe me out of the company’s history. I don’t want to take credit for Tinder, but I had an important role on the team and I wanted that to be clear to the world. “

Whitney is the subject of a media assault, with her accused of capitalizing on the tragedy to benefit herself.

However, it has many supporters. Andrey Andreev, one of Badoo’s co-founders, is among its strongest defenders.

They met while Whitney was working on Tinder. It is Andrey who gives her a second chance and the opportunity to be reborn.


how work Bumble

At its best moment, when Tinder grows big and the money arrives, she is out of it all.


But when it all seems over…


In 2014, Whitney launches Bumble, a dating app where women make the first move. The app becomes a hit and is downloaded more than 20 million times.


“I was on a date and the guy spent the whole evening talking about himself. I was so annoyed that I thought, what if it was the other way around? What if the women were making the first move?”


This is how Whitney Wolfe came up with the idea for Bumble.


A few months after its launch, the app had already been downloaded more than a million times, and by 2016 it already had 12.5 million users.


In 2019, the company launched BumbleBizz, a career-oriented social network, and in 2020, it also introduced Bumble Hive, showcases for online events.


The app has been a success thanks to its commitment to equality and safety, as well as its innovative features. For example, in Bumble Date women have to make the first move, but in Bumble Bizz they can send the first message.

“What we’re trying to do is level the playing field a bit and empower women. We want them to feel like they can take control of their lives and careers.”


Bumble is also one of the few dating apps that offer transgender users the ability to identify themselves as their preferred gender.


She was recognized as one of Fortune’s Most Promising Female Entrepreneurs and was included on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list in both 2016 and 2017.


Despite all the challenges she faced, Whitney Wolfe has definitely made her mark on the digital world.


The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and has a workforce of more than 250 employees.


In December 2017, Bumble announced the acquisition of Badoo’s Chappy dating app for an undisclosed sum.


Whitney Wolfe has come a long way from being banned from Tinder. She is now one of the most successful female entrepreneurs in the digital world. She did all this despite



co-founder tinder pregnant

“I have this belief that if I did it once, I can do it again. This is what makes me get up in the morning”


What I wanted to bring out by telling you this story is summarized in this sentence that she has said.


As you learned to ride a bike. You fell and get very badly hurt. It must have happened to you as a boy or girl.


A few days and weeks go by and you have to relearn. Then there are more fears than before.


But there is a belief that it is very powerful if you live it and feel it as a reality.


“If you have achieved a result once you can do it again”


I extend this concept thus:


“If that result has reached a person who has the same intellectual faculties that I have then I can do it too”.


The fact is, in those difficult times you have to internalize these beliefs.


You should repeat them every morning. Tell your friends and show them that you are deeply confident.


So they become yours and it will become reality. Any failure will take on a frivolous flavor.


So go for it, looking at who has already made it. Who is already at the top of the climb.


If she did it, you can too. As Whitney Wolfe did twice.


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