From Living In A Car To Making Millions: How Steve Harvey Completely Changed His Life


steve harvey

According to, host and comedian Steve Harvey is one of the richest persons in Hollywood, with a net worth of at least $200 million. On social media, his remarks are frequently shared, and he even discusses his own path to success.


Starting from the very bottom, Steve was ready to give up on his dreams more than once, but he was always stopped by some sign. After 3 years of living as a homeless person, all the work and effort finally paid off for Steve, and today he is considered one of the most influential journalists and comedians.


What is his life story, where he started, how he achieved such success and what is his advice for making millions , find out below!



steve harvey

Steve Harvey was born in Welch, West Virginia on January 17, 1957. He was the youngest of five children, the father of whom worked as a miner. His family subsequently relocated to Cleveland, Ohio, where he completed high school. He returned to West Virginia for university after graduating.


Following graduation, he began working in a variety of jobs like boxer, auto mechanic, insurance salesman, carpet cleaner and mailman. Harvey didn’t find his calling until he began doing stand-up comedy in 1985.


He traveled from parking lot to parking lot with his wife and two children, sleeping in the vehicle, from the age of 30 to 33, while he was attempting to make it as a comic, and there were frequent days when they didn’t have anything to eat. His parents were completely oblivious of his position.


He couldn’t tell his mother, and his father had a strong rule he followed: “There’s no coming back once you leave the home.” At one point, Steve wanted to quit up and blame God for everything that was going wrong. But, in the end, it was God who saved him.


Throughout his childhood, Steve was very poor, and he reluctantly recalls those moments with a few of his statements from the past. He often slept in his 1976 Ford, showered at gas stations or pool showers. His success began in the early nineties, he believed in himself and succeeded.


– I’m just being honest, I was tired of being poor. I was just exhausted – Steve Harvey started with the story.


He recalled his childhood and how his father would drive, where he could see homes decorated with lights for Christmas.


– I’d see these big houses, man, with the lights on, and they had big horseshoe driveways where you just pull in and go all the way around. That was unbelievable to me – said Steve Harvey.


When the then young Steve asked his father why they didn’t have a big home, he was told that with hard work one day he would be the one with the big house.


– That was it. My motivation was to buy a big house – said Harvey.


“I sat down and started crying. Then I heard a voice: ‘If you continue, I will take you to places you have never been before’. It was as if God told me: ‘Don’t give up, you’re almost there.’


“We all have that turning point in our lives, when – you either move forward, or you give up. But you have to know… If you give up, it will never happen. Therefore, my message is to not give up, no matter what. God will always come.


He is never late,” the actor once said, testifying about his life’s path to success. Today, Steve has one rule that he adheres to: – if you need help, always ask God




He gained success after four years of stand-up comedy on tiny stages when he reached the finals of the second annual Johnnie Walker National Comedy Search in 1989.


In 1993, he took over as president of Showtime at the Apollo, a position he held until 2000.


Steve Harvey had his own comedy, The Steve Harvey Show, on the World Bank Network from 1996 until 2002. This concert led to a connection with Cedric the Entertainer, who joined him on the Kings of Comedy tour, which also included Bernie Mac and DL Hughley.


This tour became the highest-grossing comedy tour in US history.


Other endeavors of Harvey include his daily radio program, The Steve Harvey Morning Show, parts in films like You Got Served, and relationship counseling books. “Family Feud” is his most well-known show, and “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” is his bestseller book.


Harvey was the host and executive producer of the television series Steve Harvey’s Big Time Challenge from 2003 to 2005, Steve Harvey from 2012 to 2017, Celebrity Family Feud from 2015, and Little Big Shots beginning in 2016.


Harvey started hosting Miss Universe in 2015 and drew a lot of attention for announcing the wrong winner. He was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award in 2016 and won a BET Humanitarian Award in 2011.


Harvey won five Daytime Emmy Awards and was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6270 Hollywood Blvd. in 2013. He is a four-time winner: NAACP Image Award-Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series (1999, 2000, 2001, 2002).


From a former homeless person, Steve Harvey has reached the status of a man worth 280 million.



steve harvey

“If you want to be successful, you have to jump, there’s no way. When you jump, I can assure you that your parachute will not open immediately. But if you don’t jump, your parachute will never open. If you’re safe, you’ll never soar! ” – Steve Harvey


Many people devote their entire life to developing the “million dollar idea” that will make them wealthy.


However, most individuals wind up squandering their time and money attempting to come up with such ideas. However, according to Steve Harvey, you don’t need a million-dollar concept to become a billionaire.


All you have to do is use what Steve refers to as the “ten by ten theory”!


To generate money, according to the ten out of ten principle, you don’t have to be the next Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg and produce anything revolutionary.


According to the premise, “you don’t need a million dollar concept, you just need ten bucks,” adds Harvey. Harvey says, it makes no difference what you do to earn the 10 bucks.


All you have to do now is repeat whatever you did to earn ten dollars, whether it was mowing someone’s grass or washing someone’s vehicle, and you’ll have $100. Repeat whatever it takes to earn $100 ten times over, and you’ll have $1,000.


After that, ten times what you need to acquire $1000, and you’ll have $10,000. And then take whatever it took you to create $10,000, and you’ll have $100,000.


Harvey claims that after you make $100,000, you may employ individuals to quadruple that money to make a million dollars. He agrees that it seems difficult, but hard effort is ultimately what it takes to become a millionaire.




In order to succeed in life, hard work and perseverance are necessary. What we can learn from Steve’s life story is that even in the worst possible circumstances, you should never give up.


Faith, confidence in yourself and your abilities and great passion for the career you are fighting for are the key ingredients of success.


The saying goes that usually when it’s the hardest, it means you’re closest to the goal – this is confirmed by Steve’s story. Never give up, work hard for what you want and it will surely come to you sooner or later!


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