Space Travel Is About To Become Inexpensive, Your Next Vacation May Be A Choice Of Neptune Or The Moon


Space Travel Is About To Become Inexpensive

Schedule holidays in the Maldives, Thailand, Italy, or on Neptune? Before long, going to space could be really cheap, thanks to the expectations for Starship, the largest rocket in history, which SpaceX will launch into space in a few weeks.


Here we are facing yet another upheaval of the means of transportation. This time, however, not vehicles to go from one place to another on Earth but to go into space.


I know, it’s not new. But, civilians going on missions thanks to Elon Musk and Richard Branson is now a reality…at least for a few.


Today, a second revolution similar to that of Henry Ford is about to take place. He invented the assembly line, a new way to assemble cars. This allowed most families to buy a car.


Starship represents this for space and routes to some planets. Experts are talking about Mars, Neptune, and the moon Triton.


Let’s find out how all this is possible…


The Statistics For Starship


With a height of almost 120 meters, the Starship rocket is designed to take NASA astronauts to the moon.


But Elon Musk (because it’s in his DNA) is already thinking of going further. Because?


“The spaceship would totally change the way exploration of the solar system develops.”


This was stated by Ali Bramson, a planetary scientist at Purdue University.


– First, it is able to load huge quantities of rock on board and bring them back to Earth. Bringing them from as far away as Mars and Neptune.


– It was built at a Texas site nicknamed “Starbase.”


– The rocket on top has a big booster: Super Heavy. Like the rocket, it too can land back on Earth and be used again.


– It can lift 100 tons of cargo and people into space on regular low-cost missions. A weight of about 90 cars.


– The volume of usable space inside Starship is 1,000 cubic meters: large enough to contain the entire Eiffel Tower, disassembled.


In short, there is a great expectation for Starship. Because it will open the possibility to completely new scenarios.


Look what Musk said:


“He would like it to become a kind of multiplanet as quickly as possible.”




“The spaceship could carry a great variety of scientific equipment. We will learn a lot more than having to send small vehicles with limited scientific equipment ”.

Space Travel Is About To Become Inexpensive

Making It Inexpensive To Get On Board


He is the father of Tesla, he offers the price of tickets to those who want to experience the thrill of going into space. But, also wanted to be among the first to do so in the coming months.


There is talk of the price ranging from 100 thousand to 500 thousand dollars. Very few have a budget like that and can afford that.


What would happen if the tickets dropped to a few thousand euros. Like the cost of a honeymoon or a luxury vacation, for example.


Well, I think that many will be ready to do this amazing and out-of-orbit travel when it becomes commercial.


Starship was in fact designed to be economical to launch.


“The low cost of access has the potential to really change the rules of scientific research,” said Andrew Westphal, professor of physics at the University of California, Berkeley.


It is estimated that flights could potentially be made as low as $ 2 million per launch.


One can also imagine missions financed privately by citizens’ associations.

Then, there is a total novelty… Starship can be refueled in orbit.


This makes it lighter so it carries scientific equipment, such as a large, not a miniature drill rig.


For example, humans have been brought to the moon in eight separate rocket launches.


All this makes scientists dream, they are speculating that Starship could set up their plan to carry out new and more important missions.


Such as digging on the Moon or Mars, where it is thought that there are very useful mineral resources just like the Earth.

Space Travel Is About To Become Inexpensive

Dare To Go Where Man Has Never Been Successful


It will be a bit like 1492 when Christopher Columbus left Spain to go and discover new land. He discovered America.


Today the United States is one of the most important places in the world, despite its short modern history.


Who knows if some planet in our universe will be more important in the short future than the Earth: for economics and technological discoveries.


“There is an international group of scientists called Conex (Conceptual Exploration Research). They have a spacecraft called Arcanum that would use Starship’s lifting capabilities to explore Neptune and its largest moon, Triton. ”


Neptune has only been visited once, a flight by NASA’s Voyager 2 spacecraft in 1989, so there are so many things we still don’t know about it.


Arcanum weighs around 21 tons, and Starship is the only existing rocket capable of launching it. It also has an orbiter to study Neptune, a lander, and a drill for Triton.


These are some of the futuristic ideas.


Philip Lubin, a physicist at the University of California, thinks it could also be used to deflect an asteroid headed for Earth. A little bit of what NASA is experiencing with Dart.


Or, use it to launch giant space telescopes capable of observing the universe beyond the borders we have seen to date.


NASA has at its disposal the super-telescope called LUVOIR: it is designed to image Earth-like planets around other stars. But it can only be launched on Starship.


Then there are the journeys of light-years!


René Heller of the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research in Germany and her colleagues say:


“Starship could offer a low-cost way to test technologies for a spacecraft capable of traveling multiple light-years to nearby star systems.”


The spacecraft could release a voyaging spacecraft for a trip to Mars, to go beyond Earth’s orbit.


In short, we have truly amazing and stimulating prospects ahead of us. Even if it all happens thousands of kilometers from the earth, it will reflect powerfully on us.


Both for new economies opening up, jobs, and personal expectations.


Both for the advances in scientific research and the materials that will be found up there. Now if you want to have fun, be amazed, and read some absurd news follow my Twitter profile. It is growing day by day with new followers:


Nico Nobili —Alias SirNickNite



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