A Hapless College Dropout Is Now Known As The Cinderella Of Technology. This Is Sophia Amoruso's Story And Her Success Principles



Sophia Amoruso was born into a middle-class family and had a difficult childhood. She attempted community college but failed it. Sophia led a nomadic existence, traveling up and down California’s coast.


She worked at Subway, bookstores, a dry cleaner, a record store, and a variety of other odd jobs. Sophia was hitchhiking, robbing dumpsters, stealing, and generally leading an aimless life.


She struggled to pay rent because she was living on minimum wage and found it difficult to hold down one job for an extended period. Her life also appeared to be heading in the wrong direction.


Sophia Amoruso has overcome a terrible past to become a successful entrepreneur. In 2016, Sophia was ranked by Forbes as one of the wealthiest self-made women.


Sophia’s journey from stealing and dumpster diving to becoming one of the wealthiest businesswomen in the world is truly inspirational.


Here’s her life story and how she succeeded.




On April 20, 1984, Sophia Amoruso was born in San Diego, California. Both of her parents held conventional jobs to provide for themselves and their daughters. Sophia had trouble focusing as a young child.


Doctors initially suspected Sophia had Tourette’s Syndrome, but she was later diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and depression. Due to this, she dropped out of school and began homeschooling. She also lacked confidence when she was younger.


She admitted in an interview that she wasn’t a particularly happy child. She was generally impatient and disrespectful of authority. She was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and depression during her adolescence. Sophia, therefore, quit high school and began homeschooling.


Despite these difficulties, Sophia’s inventiveness remained unaffected. At age 9, she started a lemonade stand. By the time she was 22, she had worked 10 different jobs, including time spent at Subway, a dry cleaner, and a mobile plant shop.




Sophia left home at the age of 17 after her parent’s divorce and bankruptcy. She tried community college for a while but decided it wasn’t for her. After dropping out, she moved in with a step-aunt and tried to make a living as an anti-capitalist crusader.


She began living a nomadic lifestyle after moving out. This included dumpster diving, stealing, and hitchhiking along the West Coast. Life was difficult for Sophia at the time. While living in Portland in 2003, she was caught shoplifting and decided to stop stealing.


She eventually moved to San Francisco, where she discovered a hernia in her groin. Sophia began working at the Academy of Art University, where she checked student IDs, to obtain health insurance for surgery. She was 22 at the time.




Sophia Amoruso created the Nasty Gal Vintage online eBay store while she was employed by the Academy of Art University. She named her online shop Nasty Gal Vintage after singer Betty Davis’s 1975 album of the same name.


Nasty Gal Vintage offered used items and vintage clothing for sale. Sophia’s first sale was a book she stole as a child. However, she ran out of time to steal after a while.


She shipped all of the items herself, as well as styling and photographed them. She conducted all of this from her bedroom. Sophia was hitting her new business head-on, using techniques she had learned in a photography class to style, photograph, and ship the products independently.


Sophia developed a mastery of description and imagery despite having only 55 words and a small amount of space to describe her products.




Sophia Amoruso’s store blew up in 2006, and she had no idea it would. Her company grossed one million dollars per year in six years.


Sophia Amoruso eventually launched her own website and changed the name of her business to Nasty Gal. Nasty Gal quickly gained social media followers, the majority of whom were young females.


She also honed her product selection skills. She once paid $8 for each of two Chanel jackets at a yard sale, then made $3,000 selling the two together on eBay. Sophia was so prosperous that she left eBay in 2008 and began selling only on her own website.


Sophia added 200 new employees and increased sales by more than $100 million between 2009 and 2012. She drew new visitors to her website with the help of her social media presence on Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


Consumers weren’t the only ones who took notice of Sophia’s unprecedented success. Forbes magazine featured Sophia on the cover as “fashion’s new phenom.”




Sophia’s ability with brand and product marketing, as well as her sophistication with social media, drew a large following of young women who purchased products as soon as Sophia posted them. Sophia sold out all of her stock on her own website on the first day.


Nasty Gal brought in $223,000 in sales in 2008. After three years, the company had earned $23 million. Sophia was dubbed “a Cinderella of tech” by The New York Times. She was named to the INC list of the top 30 under 30.




Outsiders could clearly see that Nasty Gal’s fan base and sales were expanding. Sophia’s growing influence was noted by business magazines and venture capitalists. But things were crumbling on the inside.


Nasty Gal was a new company when it shot to fame. Index Ventures, a global venture capital firm, invested $40 million in Sophia’s online store. Nasty Gal’s annual sales were expected to quadruple as a result of the firm’s investment.


Sophia Amoruso, overwhelmed by the task at hand, hired 100 people quickly and devised a rapid growth strategy. But things didn’t go as planned.


The combination of money and expectations made it difficult for such a young entrepreneur to manage Nasty Gal.


In 2016, the mismanaged company declared bankruptcy and was purchased by Boohoo, a British online retailer, for $20 million.




Even though Nasty Gal wasn’t as successful as it once was, Sophia continued her career in business. Sophia returned to work four months after she sold Nasty Gal.


Sophia Amoruso’s autobiography, #Girlboss, which details her early years and unintended rise to fame with Nasty Gal, was published in 2014. Her book was a New York Times best-seller.


A fictionalized version of Sophia’s experiences as the creator of her fashion empire, “Girlboss,” a Netflix Original TV series, was created in 2017 based on the book.


That same year, Sophia launched Girlboss Media, her new multimedia company. Sophia’s new business will use content, videos, and podcasts to inspire women. Since the company’s founding, Sophia has organized yearly Girlboss Rallies, weekend-long conferences for young women entrepreneurs seeking to take control of their lives.


Girlboss has developed a community of powerful, inquisitive, and passionate women from all backgrounds over the last few years.


Sophia’s meteoric rise to fame is not the typical success story, but it embodies every entrepreneur’s commitment and passion for their product.




What began as a small side business to help with the bills developed into a massive global online fashion empire. The sudden success of the company was too much for a young entrepreneur to handle.


Despite having to accept the fact that her business had failed, Sophia didn’t let it deter her; instead, she used her mistakes as learning opportunities to establish herself as a respectable businesswoman.


Below are Sophia Amoruso’s three simple yet essential rules for the success of any startup.




It’s normal to fail. All you have to do is fail better next time.


Failure is something that affects everyone, but it’s important to engage with failure and be prepared for it. For many people, it’s a fresh perspective on the world, but it’s true—nothing moves you forward like defeat and everything you learn from it! Success is not a teacher.




Wherever possible, NETWORK


Additionally, networking involves mingling with people everywhere, not just at startup events, festivals, and the like, but also at the gym, while shopping, on the street, etc.
A phone number, an exchange of tips, a handshake, a conversation You never know where a chance encounter could lead to a future opportunity.




Make a lasting impression


Make something one-of-a-kind that will stay in people’s minds. You must stand out and be very clear about what you’re trying to say if you want to make an impact quickly. Create a service or product that people will want to share.


If you’re selling a physical item, make it something that people want to share a photo of or that they can see themselves wearing. If it’s an experience, create something that people will want to photograph or interact with and discuss.




Beforehand, Check your business thoroughly


Nothing is more crucial than conducting in-depth research on the business model you’re considering. Start by conducting a thorough internet search.


Is your concept entirely novel, or have others do something similar? If so, what are they doing? Dive into their world.


Consider yourself their client. What features of what they provide do you like? What are you not a fan of? What, in your opinion, is lacking? What would you change if you were given the chance to run the business?


These types of thoughts are more significant than you may realize because over time they help you to better understand what is crucial—your own business model.


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