He Started His First Company In The Garage. Today, Shiv Nadar Is The Co-founder Of One Of The Biggest Technology Companies In The World.


Shiv Nadar Is The Co-founder Of One Of The Biggest Technology Companies In The World.

If you had the chance to live the life of any billionaire today, who would that be? You don’t have to think too long because that thought would only be in your imagination.


You need to be your own billionaire, and that will not happen by daydreaming.


Shiv Nadar definitely did not daydream. He worked his way to success.


Today, Shiv Nadar is an Indian technological business mogul. He is the co-founder of HCL technology, and also a billionaire rated by Forbes.


You are probably wondering how Shiv Nadar was able to attain such heights without daydreaming. Then just keep reading, because I’m going to tell you all you need to know about Shiv Nadar’s inspirational story




In 1945, in a village called Moolaipozhi, Tuticorin district, India. There was a regular event, it was the birth of another baby. The family of Sivasubramaniya Nadar and Vamasundari Devi welcomed a bouncing baby boy.


Their excitement was not because they immediately knew the kind of man their son would become. They were just excited like other parents that just welcomed a newborn baby.


Shiv Nadar grew up with values instilled in him by his parents. He was not just a brilliant young boy; he was respectful as well. Although Shiv Nadar and his family stayed in a rural area, they still understood the importance of education and wanted to give their son access to a worthy academic experience.


Shiv Nadar began his secondary education at Town Higher Secondary School, Kumbakonam, India. He was eager to learn about the wonders of education. He went ahead to study at 2-3 other secondary schools before completing his secondary education.


After his secondary studies, he applied for admission into American College, Madurai, where he was admitted to study for his pre-university degree.


Later on, he furthered his education at PSG College of

Technology, where he received a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.


Shiv Nadar had always been a brilliant young boy. He studied hard so he could have a better life, but he did not have the slightest idea about how much success life had in store for him.




Shiv Nadar had completed all his essential levels of education, now he needed to face the new world ahead of him. What was his first step going to be?


It should not surprise you that as a graduate, the first thing Shiv Nadar decided to do was to find himself a job. His decision brought him to the doorstep of Walchand group’s Cooper Engineering Ltd, where he began his career in 1967.


After working here for some time, Shiv Nadar realized he would have to face new challenges sooner or later. He decided to face his challenges sooner and quit his job at the company where he worked.


Shiv Nadar decided to create his own company. He had a brilliant idea, but he just needed the right execution plan.


He decided to meet with some people who happen to be his friends and colleagues. He shared the idea with Ajai Chowdhry, Arjun Malhotra, Yogesh Vaidya, Subhash Arora, and Mahendra Pratap.


These people understood Shiv Nadar’s plan and decided to help him achieve his vision. The first company that was established by Shiv Nadar and his team was Microcomp. Shiv Nadar started this company in a garage where they made calculators and microprocessors.


This company dominated the market by selling Teledigital calculators in India. The Microcomp plan and execution were good, but it was not what Shiv Nadar wanted. He wanted more, he wanted to create something bigger. What was he going to do?



Shiv Nadar Is The Co-founder Of One Of The Biggest Technology Companies In The World.

Shiv Nadar came together with his partners and founded Hindustan Computer Limited (HCL) in 1976. Shiv Nadar used part of his earnings from Microcomp to invest a sum of Rs. 187,000 in this project. This might have been a risk, but he was more than willing to take it.


Bringing this company into the spotlight was going to require hard work and commitment, and Shiv was ready to go all in. He decided to take a leap with the company by diving into the international market.


Shiv Nadar’s company, HCL, opened Far East Computers in Singapore, in the year 1980. The aim of this project was to sell IT hardware and probably dominate the market. This venture was beneficial for Shiv Nadar and HCL as they made revenue of Rs 1 million in their first year.


The proceedings encouraged Shiv Nadar and his partners, so they became more confident and explored more options in the Singapore market. Although Shiv Nadar was not directly managing the company at that time, he still owned the largest share of the company.


The company kept rising through the ranks in the market, and Shiv Nadar and his partners were really doing well for themselves. They made a decision to expand the company more, but this did not give them the result they had expected.




Setting new standards and facing new challenges was something Shiv Nadar had loved to do. He took this winning character to his business, but a challenge faced him.


Shiv Nadar decided to expand HCL to the American computer hardware market in 1989. This decision was made to bring more recognition to the company internationally. However, they hit a blocked road when their opening failed.


It was claimed that their establishment failed to meet up with the American restrictions, and this caused a drastic failure for their company. This event could have discouraged Nadar and his partners, but it was not enough to bring them down.



Shiv Nadar Is The Co-founder Of One Of The Biggest Technology Companies In The World.

After the struggle HCL had with the American restriction policy, Shiv Nadar encountered a breakthrough. In 1991, Shiv Nadar’s company had a partnership deal with Hewlett Packard (HP).


This partnership led to the rise of HCL HP Limited. It was finally the international breakthrough Nadar and his partners were waiting for.


This deal increased their revenue in the American market by a great percentage, and Nadar was finally able to invest in other things that interested him.


Regarding his career, Shiv never stopped exceeding. Personally, he kept on breaking new grounds and setting new records as a citizen of India.


– In 1995, Shiv Nadar received an award for being the Dataquest IT Man of the year.


– HCL technologies once recorded revenue of $11.5 billion. Every year, they keep setting higher records, as the development of the company has also kept at a good pace.


– He also went ahead to win an award for business excellence.


– He became recognized as the third-highest civilian in India


– In 2017, Shiv Nadar was recognized as the 16th most powerful person in India.


– Shiv Nadar is the fifth richest man in India. He has been able to give his wealth back to the public as a philanthropist.


– According to Forbes, Shiv Nadar is one of the top 50 richest men in the world.


After being comfortable enough to trust in his company, he stepped down and passed the business on to his daughter. Apart from business, he was definitely able to pass some of the values he learned on the way to success to his daughter, which I believe can help you scale through your start-up trials.


– Start small. You do not need to wait for a big opportunity before you begin to work on your dream. If you are lucky enough to get a huge opportunity, that’s fine. If not, do not wait. Start with the little you have. Shiv Nadar started his first business in a garage.


– Do not be discouraged. The fight will be tough. The path to success is not filled with roses. You should be ready to face a lot of trials. However, do not let this discourage your effort. It is all going to count someday.


– Remain focused. Distraction exists to slow down progress. You might miss your perfect opportunity if you get too carried away with things that are not important.


– In business, you need to be firm. You need to be firm in making decisions, choosing partners, and also in the face of challenges.


– Take your time doing research. Studying your business will help you escape some drawbacks. If Shiv Nadar had learned about the American restriction policy, he would not have failed at his venture.


Shiv Nadar is an inspirational figure, not only to the Indians but to the world at large. He was determined not to live a regular life. Shiv Nadar wanted something more, and through his dedication, he attained his goal.


So why not fasten your seat belt, your story might just be the next one on the list of the most successful business owners, who started from scratch, yet, were able to gather great achievements.


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