Robots will be children’s best friends. Adult fears are stupid, children will be happy about it


Children interacting with a robot

Often the fear of the new and the different makes us think of silly things. How to believe that a robot cannot share time with kids and make them feel good and happy.


Do you know who most of all are benefiting from the machines we build? Children with autism: thanks to robots they have a more beautiful childhood and adolescence.


So the child and android interactions already work, while so many of us continue to have unnecessary and unfounded worries.


They look the same to me as my grandmother had when they started selling microwaves. And she was talking a lot of nonsense. That was dangerous. That it was radioactive and it hurt us.


I swear it happened. Now the poor thing was at an advanced age. And she was born before the Second World War. In short, in another era and I justify it a little.


But today many parents born in the world of computers and electric cars cannot but wipe out certain fears.


But if you don’t believe me now I will bring you some examples and information that industry experts say.




Robots for children are designed to conquer them not with their intelligence but with their sociability. And that’s what they may need too.


If by any chance you are thinking that, I am not saying that they have to replace soccer or football games on the street or cycling and mountain tours with the boyscout.


But you need to know that robots are sociable. It is good that it is clear. I don’t say it, but the engineers and researchers who build them certify it.


They also explain it in one of the most prestigious universities in Italy. The Sant’Anna of Pisa.


“Innovative technologies such as robotic technologies can be of great use to contribute to improving the quality of life. Removing people from negative thoughts and helping to intensify the person’s overall well-being.”


And they all seem positive and beneficial to me. But how can they be so sure?


The Italian researchers did an experiment with their robot. It is called KuBo.


“KuBo is a home assistant that is easy to use, friendly, discreet and with which people can interact with a simple tablet or just with their own voice.”


This artificial company can be of help to the elderly for example. Lonely people. But also to children.


And the case of autistic children is a case in point.


If a machine is good for an autistic child, people cannot continue to be afraid of robots. Or to see a child with a robot.

Boy playing with a robot



Among the most successful robots for helping children is Kaspar.


It is the perfect playmate for those with autism spectrum disorders.


“Kaspar smiles on command, moves slowly, does not adopt unpredictable behaviors and sitting could be mistaken for a child.”


It was invented by researchers from the University of Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom.


Just with the purpose of supporting children suffering from ailments.


Got it? They invented a robot just to be friends with the little ones. In this case the most unfortunate ones. But there are robots – and there will be more and more in the future – suitable for your child as well.


And they also have intelligent purposes compared to a simple friendship based only on games and entertainment.


Kasper, for example, is used to develop the social interaction of patients aged between 7 and 10 years.


“We have been taking Kaspar to schools for 5 years and studying how children interact with this playmate.”


Kerstin Dautenhahn, director of the British research group, ruthless.


Now the university wants to program the robot to follow the little ones even at home without their support and monitoring.


In short, if you too are part of that circle that is still afraid of androids developed to be with children, you should review your ideas. In light of these facts that I am telling you.


I am an almost millionaire Italian entrepreneur. I know many colleagues who were skeptical of corporate robots years ago. You know those who assemble the objects independently. Or others who in the craft sector cut and shape the raw materials themselves by just programming them.


Here, today no entrepreneur would go back with respect to those old ideas.

Child playing with robot best friend



I’m talking about who we love the most apart from our children. They are our grandparents, the wise men of the family.

But even for their age, they are perhaps the most fragile and sensitive people in society.

An experiment was carried out by Nayang University of Technology in Singapore, in the Bright Hill Evergreen Nursing Home.

According to them:

“Humanoid robots can be an important tool for the entertainment and care of the elderly.”

The protagonist of the test was the robot Nadine, developed by the research team.

Nadine entertained the property’s 29 over 60 residents by playing Bingo with them.

“The experiment showed that the elderly preferred to be entertained in the game by the robot Nadine than people.”

Incredible right?

As I have already said for children. It does not mean that robots have to replace family members or nurses or grandchildren who visit them at home or in nursing homes.

But from today we have one more tool that we should trust. And don’t fear them and be afraid of them.

So much so that we can trust him that we can entrust our children and even our elderly parents or grandparents to him.

In fact, Nadine has human features. It belongs to a new generation of “sociable” robots.

It is able to speak while reciting a written text and to become sad or happy based on the words he exchanges with is interlocutors.


“Humanoid robots are increasingly evolving, and are proving to be an excellent solution for integrating current assistance and monitoring services for the elderly or people with motor or cognitive deficits.”

That’s what the experts said.

And I always give a lot of importance to those who study and research with tests in hand in this sector. It is not being superficial and letting mankind be entrusted to machines.

Rather, it is we who make androids tailor-made for many of our needs and needs. Which can make us feel better. Or as in the case of children, make them grow up with greater intellectual abilities.

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