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Robotic Fast-food Chefs And Waiters Have Arrived

There is a pizzeria in Paris without a chef and waiter. Just a mechanical arm, an electric oven and a robot that prepares the pizza. The White Castle restaurant chain has robot Flippy 2 frying the fries.


Smart machines are entering kitchens and fast food arenas. We are at the beginning of an invasion of machines preparing delicious dishes for us and making table service quick.


Restaurant chains are getting ready as the food revolution begins in Catania where food is being prepared.


It’s just a matter of time before remarkable things are started in the Michelin star kitchens.


Think of how nice it would be to come home and find a delicious dinner prepared by your meticulous robot. I’m talking about a good dinner like one’s your grandmother or mother prepares in her kitchen in Italy.


Dishes made with family recipes and fresh ingredients found at your favorite farmer’s market or trusted butcher.


Where they will be able to cook amazing things like Italian cuisine.


The Labor Crisis Has Sped up the Arrival of the Robotic Chef


I don’t know if you realize that 2021 has seen a major labor crisis, especially in the food sector.


I suppose you have, it seems odd that there are jobs, but no one wants to go to work.


I can’t explain it, but the opposite is happening. During quarantine with less social interaction, we had time to think.


Now, we pay more attention to the quality of life. We would rather earn less money by doing a job that is less back-breaking and has fewer health risks.


There are those who estimate that 8 million workers have not returned to their regular job. This has hit the food industry hard.


So, the fast-food chains were first to equip themselves with robots.


“At first they incur exorbitant expenses to buy the robots, but they recoup this initial investment over time.”


This is the aspect that entices entrepreneurs in the catering sector.


There are also other advantages:


“First of all, the programmed machines carry out any work, even the most dangerous jobs, and do not need rest”.




“They guarantee efficient work 24 hours a day, maintaining the same consistency and speed”.


They all seem like great advantages to me. But what about the quality of the service and the food?


On the contrary, it appears that there is a super chef in the kitchen, but you might miss the waiter’s funny joke or smile.

Robotic Fast-food Chefs And Waiters Have Arrived

McDonald’s Already Has Robots In Their Drive-thrus


Chains like McDonald’s – who are not the only ones – have already started on the path to provide the presence of robots instead of human personnel.


Ten locations in Chicago use artificial intelligence software to take orders at the drive-in.


The nice thing is that even McRobot gets his orders wrong and sometimes the staff have to do a lot of work 🙂


Right now the innovation is in its infancy, it will need a lot of improvement.


They estimate that McDonald’s program only takes orders 85% of the time. This means 15% of the staff will still get the orders wrong.


Little glitches that can be corrected.


The other US fast-food chain that is ahead in this innovation is White Castle: it has introduced at its locations, a french fryer created by Miso Robotics, called Flippy.


It looks like he’s making mouth-watering French fries. I would like to taste them as soon as possible.


“Flippy 2 is an improved version. For the price of $ 30,000, the robot can cook up to 19 different foods including chicken wings, fries and onion rings”.


Instead of moving via a cart on wheels it now moves on a pre-assembled rail near the fryer. Pretty cool!


Did I mention that Kentucky Fried Chicken is collaborating with Hyundai Robotics to develop chicken-cooking robots?


Harland Sanders, the founder of KFC, whose legendary fried chicken will be prepared by a machine. Seems like an insult, but it’s simply the future.


The real challenge for KFC will be to create and design an entire kitchen around the android or robotic arm. This is a long-term project as the costs of creating a new, full-tech working environment is expensive.

Compare It To The Electric Car


At first electric cars sucked. Few regulations and they weren’t exactly reliable. Thus the first patent provided for a gasoline engine alongside the electric one.


I’m talking about the hybrid cars that are always on the market but then disappear.


The same will happen in our restaurants. I’m not saying that all the staff will disappear, but many will.


The transition will be gradual and I don’t support it, said the owner of a chain of restaurants in Latvia: the Woki Toki. In their Riga city bistro, we find Roboeatz.


“It’s a robotic arm that looks like a chef. A few movements and five minutes of spins and dinner is served. Hot and delicious “.


The venue is designed in such a way that customers can watch the special chef in action as he creates the technological future of catering.


Robotic Fast-food Chefs And Waiters Have Arrived

Roboeatz was designed in January 2018 by Konstantins Korcjomkins and Janis Poruks, who has run the ‘Woki Toki’ fast-food chain, in Latvia since 2009.


The goal of this experiment is to revolutionize the industry. “This robot replaces 4 to 6 employees, which significantly reduces labor costs,” Poruks said. But, he assures, the introduction of robots will not increase the unemployment rate as “people are in no rush to flip burgers “in a restaurant.


In fact, according to them, robots will not replace people who want to get into the restaurant business, to be chefs or food-channel stars. The robot will replace those low-paying jobs that most people no longer want.


Roboeatz is designed to do food prep activities, improve food safety, and eliminate the risk of infection in crowded kitchens.


According to its creators, it can create hundreds of recipes, taking into account the customer’s tastes and food allergies.


The owners of Woki Toki are now challenged to design and create a whole kitchen around these machines that do the work.


These new metal chefs are equipped with artificial intelligence that can identify the food, collect it, and put it in the basket.


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