Three Former Spacex Engineers Invented A Robot That Makes Italian Pizza Better Than A Five-star Chef


Robot That Makes Italian Pizza Better Than A Five-star Chef

Crunchy, delicate, tasty, and fragrant. Above all, tastier than one cooked by pizza chefs. The Italian pizza made by robots will be the pizza of the future: superior to ones prepared in wood-fired ovens, and tastier.


In fact, they are building hyper-performing intelligent machines that are as good as a five-star chef. As we learn to program them better, perhaps they will have more capabilities.


We are on the threshold of a kitchen and restaurant transformation. A change that will affect the most famous Italian product in the world.


Many believed that the mixture of water and flour used to make pizza can only be prepared by hand.


Have you ever seen those videos where the pizza chefs of Naples make pizza
spin in the air? The soft and very thin white circle never tears and widens more and more until it reaches the perfect circular shape.


It is a sight to see, those Italian wizards from Margherita and Naples doing that kind of freestyle.


Isn’t it fascinating?. But, destined to end up leaving room for robot pizza makers who will probably be able to do those acrobatic tricks in a few years.


Three former SpaceX engineers have just opened a pizzeria where in the kitchen there is an artificial intelligence machine that kneads and cooks the legendary pizzas.


Let’s see how it’s done. This is not the only case that helps us understand the restaurant revolution is just beginning.


The Robot of 3 Former Space-X Engineers Can Make A Pizza Every 45 Minutes


It’s called Stellar Pizza and was founded by three brilliant minds that worked in Elon Musk’s space company.


What is special about this company? The robotic chef can churn out perfect pizzas at a speed that is practically impossible for humans to replicate.


The machine will be in operation next year thanks to the work of twenty-three people who worked in the company of the American entrepreneur that created theTesla.


“Stellar Pizza, in addition to being a revolutionary machine, will also be a real restaurant that will open next spring in Los Angeles”.


The company was founded in May 2019 by SpaceX’s former three: Benson Tsai, Brian Langone, and James Wahawisan.


The robotic pizza maker can independently manage pizza production AND delivery, without the help of people. The machine is fully automated: it carefully chooses the ingredients on its own based on the provisions dictated by the chef.


The goal of the three inventors is to cook up to 100 pizzas per hour. A record number that only artificial intelligence and well-built steel with agile movements would be able to reach.


To date, this project has also raised an impressive $9 million from investors. This means that an expansion is expected after launching the robotic pizza food truck this spring in California.


In short, this is the first demonstration, but not the last Robotic chef to replace human pizza chefs. No quality is lost and investors believe in this. If they can believe in it, it means it works.

Robot That Makes Italian Pizza Better Than A Five-star Chef

Have You Seen What They Have Been Doing In Paris?


If you happen to go on holiday to Paris I suggest you try a special pizzeria. It is located in the heart of the Ville Lumiéré, a few steps from the Pantheon Notre-Dame de l’île Saint-Louis.


There, robots have been making pizza for at least a year. No longer a simple experiment, but a reality.


“There are two stores: one in the province and the other in the city center (where I have just described to you). I’m from the Pazzipizzas chain ”.


The mechanical arm prepares, cooks, and serves pizzas without human intervention, based on a technology that allows it to produce up to 80 per hour.


The customer ordering the pizza can see everything through the glass. When cooked and boxed, a door opens in the wall, and out comes your pizza, to be taken home.


Ordering takes place with an automated terminal. Very similar to those that some fast-food chains have also imported into Italy in the last few years.


The robot rolls out the dough, adds tomato sauce and other ingredients, and puts the pizza in the oven.


This pizzeria at some point became an attraction in itself. That is, people prefer to go and eat pizza there, than in traditional places.


It has also become a novelty. But it must be said, that if the final product had been poor or it sucked, the customers would very quickly speak badly about it and word of mouth would have already drowned Pazzipizzas.


Instead, it is making a record number of pizzas. The human-free mechanic works perfectly.


On the menu, fifteen pizzas ranging from 7 to 14 euros, with the choice of adding ingredients.


“The ‘Pazzi’ robot was designed by Cyril Hamon and Sébastien Roverso, after seven years of research and development and five registered patents”.


Then …


“He was trained in the preparation of pizzas by Thierry Graffagnino, three times world champion of pizza and a well-known name in Fracia for his skills as a pizza maker. Who gave his green light to the robotic project “.

Robot That Makes Italian Pizza Better Than A Five-star Chef

Less Time, Less Waste and, Good Quality


I know that abandoning old habits probably makes many sad and makes the novelty less enjoyable, exciting, and engaging.


In reality, these are all aspects that are thought through intuitively. If, on the other hand, you go to the root of the problem, you understand that there are a lot of advantages for everyone: customers, entrepreneurs, and workers.


This is what Sébastien Roverso the co-inventor of Pazzipizzas explained.


“It was a challenge, a project centered on speed, in which perfect control of time and quality go hand in hand and for which robotics represents a very valid ally”.


And he added:


“The overall environment, however, remains fresh and relaxed; nothing that reminds us of cold assembly lines. The idea is also to spend a few pleasant minutes, watching the robot while you wait for your pizza to be ready.”


As an example, think of the Parisian pizzeria. People – tourists and Parisians – were thrilled by the news. In a traditional venue, this would not have happened. It would have been yet another anonymous pizzeria.


Realistically, the more our society progresses the less and less labor there will be. The work of a pizza maker is very hard. It has to stay in front of the oven, where it is really warm.


It will be one of the professions that will surely disappear. There will be other less exhausting, but equally fun and exciting jobs.


Such as a service technician, a computer programmer, and a computer engineer.


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