Our real problems are in Space and not on Earth. The United States is right to return to the moon with the Artemis mission


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Did you know that before NASA invented the pump for blood circulation, those born with heart abnormalities had to endure ailments, swallow drugs and do some surgery?


It is one of the many technologies created thanks to the research that is done every year to go to space.


So it’s one of the main reasons why you too must be happy with all those millions and billions that the US government spends on space missions.


“As well as the $23 billion that will be allocated to the Artemis program in 5 years. The one that plans to return man to walk on the moon after 50 years.”


You are probably thinking that all that money could be going to help the poor. But it is quite the opposite; this investment will be good for them too.


I’ll give you an example. Since the work done by NASA does not give immediate results, people reject it.


Like when you save money for a private pension. Or spend money to go to the gym or to the dietician. Some might think that you do it to be trendy. Instead, it’s probably because you care about your well-being and your future.


But now let’s go into the details. I have a few things to tell you.



Artemis space Mission

Man will likely be able to return to the moon in 2024. This news is extraordinary.


The Artemis plan was created at the behest of Donald Trump. It includes 10 missions to the Moon.


The United States doesn’t just want to show they’re cooler than others because they’ve gone to the moon again.


There are so many reasons. For example, on the satellite of the Earth there could be very precious metals.


Which we could take on future missions by digging the lunar soil.


To hypothesize the presence of such valuable metals was an international research team led by a scientist from the University of Dalhousie, Canada.


With him were the researchers of the geophysical laboratory of the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington (United States) and of the Department of Earth Sciences of Carleton University.


“They think that palladium and platinum can be found on the moon in the depths of the satellite.”


And this is one of the many reasons why you should be happy. Because it would mean bringing wealth to Earth that affects the entire population.


Or even have metal deposits that today serve our industry.


Both China and India are working on the idea of extracting helium-3 from the moon. Where the Chinese have already landed twice in the course of this century.


According to geologists – they have been saying this for years – asteroids are rich in iron ore, nickel and precious metals at much higher concentrations than Earth’s.


But if this is not enough for you, listen to this…




You must know that NASA is developing new spacesuits for the Artemis project.


Someone has also made criticisms for the extra money that is therefore investing the government and NASA itself. And also because they risk slipping the first Artemis mission.


Until before, the suits have been the same for decades. But now without updates or technological improvements the old ones are not good for taking long walks on the lunar soil.


The design of the new suits is called xEMU.

Artemis space Mission

Probably this waste of time and investment of money will return to us the new technologies that we will use on a daily basis. And I want to give you some examples of stuff we already use.


These are the inventions made in the past by NASA that are very convenient for us. Don’t be amazed, please.


1) Image sensors for cameras


2) Stabilizers for airplanes


3) Optimization of the GPS signal


4) New ingredients and molecules for food


5) Memory foam


6) Systems of filtration and recovery of water from humidity


7) Fabrics with great tensile strength


8) Heart pumps for blood


9) Devices to improve hearing


10) Air purifiers


11) Full protection sunglass lenses


12) Fabrics with special polymers to protect firefighters, military and civilians


So if by chance you were among those who thought that spending billions to return to the moon or for other space missions like Mars was bullshit I hope you have changed your mind.


But there are two other fundamental reasons why it is worth going up there to discover, understand and colonize!



The moon

Before I tell you The last real problem we have up there that concerns us closely, read what President Kennedy said.

“Someone wonders, why the Moon? Or somebody might also ask: why climb the highest mountain? Why was the Atlantic flown over 35 years ago?”

Then he added;

“We have chosen the Moon in this decade and also engage in other enterprises, not because they are simple, but because they are daring!”

To conclude,

“Because this goal will allow us to organize and test the best of our energies and abilities.”

Beautiful speech. I’m rereading it while I enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. I always do this when I read a good book.

Here, they just sound like motivational speeches. Instead they hide something more.

It is good to spend all that citizens’ money to fly into space.

Kennedy explains that he pushes us to push our limits. Both in technology and territorial.

And I get to the point: why this is essential:

A space base on the Moon is the best way to succeed in the enterprise of bringing man to Mars. NASA explained it.

Mars is 140 million miles from Earth. It takes six months of travel to get there.

The Moon is 240000 miles from us. Therefore it represents an ideal intermediate step for a successful mission.

NASA explained it.

All this will serve to find other planets and understand if they are habitable.

But first because if the earth’s population increases we will have other places to live.

Secondly, because in the future there could be serious problems on earth and so there is another place where we can continue to let human beings live.

In other words, more hope for the future of the new generations. So you have seen what is behind all this work and research.

And now finish reading below….

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Nico Nobili —Alias SirNickNite


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