Photovoltaics And Wind Power Have Limits: Nuclear Fusion Created In A German Reactor Could Be The Future Of Energy


Photovoltaics And Wind Power Have Limits

It is deceiving when they say that solar panels and wind farms could satisfy the electrical needs of the whole world. Let me clarify this.


There are those who have clearly stressed this inaccuracy. I know, it would be very idealistic to be able to enough generate electricity using sunlight or wind. The sooner we realize that it is an alluring fairy tale the better off we will be.


Fortunately, some scientists are already working on a real solution. Nuclear Fusion is a viable solution that governments struggle to understand.


If by chance you don’t understand, let me explain that it has nothing to do with the nuclear power used for atomic bombs or those very dangerous nuclear power plants. Like the one that caused the Chernobyl disaster.


According to the Statistical and Analytical Agency of the Department of Energy of the United States of America (EIA), world energy consumption will grow by almost 50% between 2019 and 2050.


How can we expect to be able to satisfy future demand if we are struggling to meet today’s energy demands?


If we don’t change course soon we will be running in circles. Our future will be that of a little mouse running on a wheel, staying in place, but never getting anywhere.


Let’s start with a well-known environmentalist who is trying to make the world understand.


A Nation Already Short On Natural Resources


There is an environmentalist and activist who cares about the climate.


His name is Michael Shellenberger. He is the founder and president of Environmental Progress.


He fights for clean energy and energy justice. In 2008 he was named Time Magazine’s “Hero of the Environment.” In one of his articles, he highlights how the claims to replace current energy sources with renewable ones are not realistic. He uses Germany as an example.


“Germany’s renewable experiment is effectively over. By 2025, the country will have spent $ 580 billion to make its electricity nearly twice as expensive and 10 times more carbon-intensive than that of France ”.


His words are powerful and accurate but, I was confused by his thoughts at first.


What is happening in Germany serves as a model for all western industrialized countries:


The economy after the 2020 closures is growing strongly, creating a greater need for energy. We already have a base increase due to the technological devices used at home.


– For example, the television my grandmother had consumed more than mine does today. But, she didn’t have a computer at home, a microwave, a dynamic sound system, or an electric broom…I could go on with an endless list.


– Electricity generation in Germany increased by a quarter in the first half of 2021, according to German think tank Agora Energiewende.


– Resulting in the gas plants increasing by 15% and coal plants by 36%. Because renewable energies are not keeping up with this increased consumption.


– Mother Nature and the Earth did not help the Germans: less wind blew. The wind produced only 46.8 terawatt hours in the first 6 months of 2021, which is over a quarter less than in the first half of 2020.

Photovoltaics And Wind Power Have Limits

In order to understand what is happening in Germany. Michael Shellenberger concludes that:


“Germany’s rising emissions and electricity costs dramatically illustrates that modern nations cannot rely on weather-dependent energy sources to power their high-energy economies.”


He also pointed out that it is true that there has been a slight increase in solar energy production. But, Germany has failed to install enough solar panels to compensate for the loss of electricity from wind turbines.


Ensuring a disaster instead of progress…


The Risk of Creating an Energy Collapse


There are important numbers to take into account.


It’s like counting the money in a family to make sure you make it to the end of the month with all your expenses covered and a full fridge.


Growth in total and world energy consumption will cause a parallel 79% increase in electricity generation.


To clarify this… To keep up with the increased need for electricity we will have to produce 79% more energy. That is almost double.


Do you think it will be possible to use only solar panels and wind turbines? I don’t think so…


The use of electricity is destined to grow especially in the residential sector. That’s where the biggest problem lies.


We are super consumers. We have a lot of things in the house that runs on electricity.


In addition, there is an increase in population and a quality of life that improves day by day in non-OECD countries, increasing the demand for innovative appliances and personal devices.


In short, without an adequate answer, we are going to have to rethink our lifestyles or cause a collapse… which would be really sad.


But maybe there is an answer …


Photovoltaics And Wind Power Have Limits

The Reactor That is Changing the Science


Even the United States is experimenting with nuclear fusion. They have achieved very good results.


The National Ignition Facility, located in Livermore, is responsible.


Germany took it further, Europe has done better than the United States.


The Wendelstein stellarator experimental reactor located in Greifswald, Germany.


“It capable of reaching a temperature of 30 million kelvins, double that of the Sun’s core.”


Nuclear fusion is the equivalent of the sun’s energy that lights and heats the earth. The atoms fuse together and cause solar energy. There is no radioactive waste in this process. It is completely safe and clean.


Scientists from the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) and the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics, have been able to optimize the plasma flow for power generation, thanks to the reactor’s complex network of superconducting magnetic coils.


They succeeded due to powerful magnetic fields that served to confine the plasma (ionized gas) inside the “donut” of the reactor.


I realize this is complicated. The reactor they used, to contain the fusion, was well built and does its job.


Over time, from the 1970s onwards, another type of reactor was preferred. The Tokamak, a superior technology that has major limits


Photovoltaics And Wind Power Have Limits

Wendelstein, whose construction was recently completed in 2015, is currently the largest stellarator in existence. It has been the one focusing on solving crucial problems that plague scientists.


At this time the technology still does not provide electricity. They are getting closer, predicting they can resolve this by 2025.


Thanks to the unique design of the Wendelstein which reduces the heat loss of energy resulting from a process that is part of the fusion.


In this way, the German stellarator is currently able to achieve continuous electricity production for 30 consecutive minutes.


It gives hope to science and humanity that requires more and more electricity.


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