People Are Investing Millions of Dollars in the Metaverse. What Are You Waiting For? You Are Already Losing Money


People Are Investing Millions Of Dollars In The Metaverse

They don’t have terracotta bricks, lime, foundations of reinforced concrete, or earth with grass. But, there are those who have already started investing really big money in it like they were buying gold or it was the Oklahoma Land Race.


I’m talking about the land and buildings that are becoming available for purchase in the Metaverse. But why, if it is a virtual world and therefore theoretically infinite, are these investments real? There are those who try to finish first…


Simply because they are great deals. The future is there. Without a doubt, the first spaces of Metaverse that will be created will become the most successful ones compared to later ones.


They will acquire great value.


Much like today, if you bought a house in the United States where they cost very little because there is little demand. Hoping and believing that city or that rural area will become very popular in ten years.


The same thing happened with Bitcoin. In the beginning, no one considered it. Indeed, they mocked this novelty a lot like a scam and bullshit. As of today, it is up to 68 thousand dollars and it will go up again.


Many have also become rich from this.


But, let’s talk facts, I want to show you why not buying a flat on a small piece of land in this parallel world is foolish.


If by any chance you are thinking of buying a house in the real world, stop. Maybe it’s better to invest that money in the Metaverse: then you can buy as many real homes as you want.


Did You Know This is Going on?


According to Bank of America, the global Metaverse market could reach between $390 billion and $800 billion by 2025.


If there is a lot of money and economy in one place, that place will take on great importance. Increasing its value.


For example, virtual worlds such as The Sandbox or Decentraland are divided into portions of land, available in limited numbers.


But, I’m talking about digital terrain. The ownership of that land is certified through blockchain technology.


In recent times, transactions have become increasingly important.


“Metaverse Group ( has acquired 116 lots each of 4.8 square meters in the fashion district of Decentraland for 618 thousand Mana, the virtual currency used in Decentraland: the equivalent of 2.4 million dollars”.


That piece of virtual space in this case will be used by the company to carry out some marketing actions:


Host fashion shows. Create virtual stores where a user’s digital avatars, can buy digital clothing with Mana.


According to Sam Hamilton, head of content for the Decentraland Foundation:


“Fashion will be the next big growth area in the future of the Metaverse”.


There is another trade that made headlines in previous weeks. It is the Metaverse Group.


“Republic Realm paid the equivalent of € 3.8 million for a virtual plot of land in The Sandbox.


Republic Realm usually deals with real estate, homes, and land. But, now they see the business opportunity in online experiences as well.


The latest deal made in the Metaverse is that of Sky Mavis’ Axie Infinity. Here 550 Ether (about 2 million euros) was spent on a piece of land.

People Are Investing Millions Of Dollars In The Metaverse

Earnings Could Be Greater Than Cryptocurrency Earnings


Let’s go back to the first sensational case of buying land in the Metaverse.


That of Metaverse Group, in the Decentraland fashion district for 2.4 million dollars, but bought in crypto Mana.


Here, you need to know that after Facebook announced the change of name to Meta, explaining its massive investment plans in the Metaverse, the cost of Mana soared by 400%.


Obviously, the greater value of that cryptocurrency was reflected in the value of those virtual lands.


In fact, I am convinced that there will be new space for a lot of business for real estate agencies that will have the courage to jump into this new market.


I’ll give you another concrete example:


“A CryptoVoxels plot of land called” 9 Robotis Route “has seen its value soar on the Opensea platform from $101.2 to $9570.8”.


The market price rose for two reasons:


The value of the reference currency of that virtual space increased. The interest of buyers in that Metaverse grew.


The second case is simple to understand: if everyone in a country wants to buy bread but the ovens that are there are unable to satisfy the demand, the price of the bread will be destined to rise. As long as demand does not go down, there will be an excess or equilibrium of bread in that city, the price will not stop rising or reverse.


In the first case: hypothesize in Europe a commodity is produced that you find exclusively there. It is bought from the United States. If the value of the euro coin rises badly, buying that commodity will also cost you more.


Many analysts recognize the correlation between the increase in the value of land in the Metaverse with that of stablecoins.


So much so, that according to data from CoinMarketCap, as of July 26, 2021, the total value of the stablecoin market was 116 billion dollars: an increase of almost four times since the beginning of this year.

People Are Investing Millions Of Dollars In The Metaverse

Big Companies Will be Competing for Users On Metaverse


Imagine the Metaverse as a new internet space. The difference is, it is three-dimensional. You view it with an Oculus and other technology that will make that experience feel almost real.


Therefore, like many sites or social networks born on the web, it will be the same for Metaverse. Certainly, there will be fewer virtual places because it will cost more to create them than a site.


But there will always be multiple companies able to create an Instagram of the Metaverse, TikTok, or Twitter.


This is where the race starts. Whoever manages to get there first and divert users to their Metaverse will make more money than the others. You know that on the web, traffic is all that matters. It will also be like this on the web 3.0


Discussing Metaverse means talking about e-commerce, gaming, social media, digital health and fitness, online education, and online entertainment.


“The companies that have exhibited their investment portfolios on the Metaverse theme include stocks such as Facebook, Tencent, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Alibaba, Amazon, Teladoc, NCSoft, Apple and Netease.”


The overall exposure stands at around 29% of the portfolio.

Are you waiting to put some savings in virtual buildings? Or to buy yourself a nice studio or a commercial property in some new Metaverse?
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