Scientists have proved that nuclear energy is clean. The United States should invest in fusion and drop the solar that pollutes


Nuclear energy the United states should invest in

Do you think it is a coincidence that Jeff Bezos has invested 400 million dollars to build a nuclear power plant? I do not think so. He has understood what the future of energy is and he is certainly not wasting time with wind power or photovoltaics.


Instead, the US government has not yet understood this. Even scientists at the National Ignition Facility have asked for more money to accelerate this technology.


And I’m not talking about nuclear power that is guilty of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs. That is based on the splitting of atoms. But I’m talking about a new nuclear that scientists are developing.


It’s called nuclear fusion.


It is an energy that does not produce radioactive waste and is not dangerous. That is, there is no risk of it exploding like in Chernobyl.


On the contrary, for example, building and disposing of solar panels causes pollution. Perhaps you are among the many who admire this innovation introduced a few decades ago.


And I confess that I liked it too and like it. I am an almost millionaire Italian entrepreneur and I always make a lot of sacrifices to try to keep up with new technologies and improve my company. So I understand the enthusiasm well.


It is good to continue using wind and photovoltaics. But those who govern us must already look beyond. Not even much further because scientists say that within 10 years we will be able to produce electric current with nuclear fusion.


Let’s get started… This is why we should look to the future…




The material from which solar panels are made is toxic and dangerous:


Some amorphous silicon panels and modules have been found to be made with cadmium tellurium. It is a toxic, polluting and poisonous material.


“In the 2011 call, the Environment Committee of the European Parliament identified a series of hazardous substances used in the production of technological equipment. These include cadmium from photovoltaic panels.”


Tellurium is composed of arsenic which attacks the central nervous system, causes cyanosis and destroys the liver.


A study showed that the most promising solar cells in terms of efficiency, those based on the material called perovskite, contain lead that can be released into the environment and absorbed by plants.


It was published in the journal Nature Communication in 2020. The discovery is due to research conducted between China, Germany and Italy, led by Antonio Abate, of the National Research Council (CNR) of Naples.


It is difficult to dispose of them:


They cannot be burned because the fumes would produce polluting and toxic gases for man and the environment;


They cannot be taken to landfills, as they would create pollution in the ground and in the underlying waters due to the content of the metals;


Recycling appears to be the only possible solution even if disposal is not highly guaranteed.


Solar energy is a beautiful thing, but it has its limits. Much better than burning oil, don’t get me wrong if you did.


But today there is something extraordinary that we are discovering.


“Nuclear fusion is the same process that occurs in the atoms inside the sun and stars and gives them all that energy and heat.”


It is another thing from what you might imagine.

Nuclear energy the United states should invest in

Therefore it is better than solar energy. And now let me explain in detail…




It’s not like that junk that comes out of the exhaust pipes of petrol or diesel cars. Not even like the junk that is contained in the photovoltaic panels as I have shown you.


Nuclear fusion has a lot of benefits.


Meanwhile, I’ll briefly explain what it consists of. I know you can’t be an expert on these things, few have time to delve into these things. It is comprehensible.


I have read a few things in recent days. I made myself comfortable on the sofa in my house and while I was drinking a delicious cup of coffee (maybe even two) I realized a couple of things that are enough.


The nuclear energy used up to now splits the atom. It’s called fission. And this causes a very powerful energy. But the fission must be controlled. It is dangerous and can provoke like in Chernobyl. And it produces that blessed and lousy radioactive waste.


The fusion instead takes place by making a super pressure between two atoms that come to fuse together and release all this energy. Got it?


That’s it.


It is a technique that scientists have yet to develop. But they expect to make it usable in less than 10 years.


And for us it would be incredible luck… We would have nuclear energy that we can use to produce electricity. Other than solar panels…


Here are the advantages:


The most obvious and not negligible is the lack of emission of air pollutants and greenhouse gases.


The non-production of radioactive waste.


It is safe; fusion reactors do not risk the possibility of catastrophic accidents because it is impossible for the power produced to grow to uncontrolled levels over time.


And all this stuff is written also in any science book.


It is time to let ourselves go into this new technology. But what is America waiting for?

5 Light bulbs



First I want to start from the beginning. Bezos made this super investment.


It will be a demonstration plant of General Fusion, the Canadian startup in which the founder of Amazon has invested for more than ten years.

They explained the project to the British Atomic Energy Authority (Ukaea) for the construction of a power station in the village of Culham, not far from Oxford.

It will not be a real power plant, but a “proof-of-concept” plant. Just to test the technology I explained. Construction will begin in 2022 and is expected to take three years before the plant becomes fully operational.

Amazon’s number one certainly doesn’t need state funds. However, it would be better if it did not arrive before researchers from our universities and public institutes.

And in that regard, here’s what an influential US Department of Energy (DOE) advisory committee said just now.

“He recommended that the nation move aggressively towards fusion energy, including investments in technology and equipment to support one of the main missions of LLNL’s National Ignition Facility (NIF).”

This is because this new science must play a major role in the transition to a low-carbon economy by 2050.

“There is a plan (NASEM) which provides for the production of a pilot project of the plant by 2028 and the addition of fusion energy to the electricity grid in the period 2035-2040.”

This kind of future of electricity is just around the corner. And it is important because many studies claim that by 2050 there will be 50% more power consumption worldwide than today.

Researchers from the Department of Energy explained that what can be produced from fusion is:

1. Virtually inexhaustible and could provide a clean, carbon-free source of basic electricity for the US grid. It would play a key role while the nation is decarbonizing.


2. Fusion uses abundant hydrogen fuels and does not create long-lived or high-level radioactive waste. It is inherently safe and ideally complements other renewable energy sources.

The appeal seems clear to me.

The environmental health of our children and future generations is at stake. The sooner we change course on something truly revolutionary and sustainable and the sooner we will achieve the lowest environmental impact.

Now the government has to rain incredible amounts of money for these heroic scientists. But immediately.


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