Not even in 2122 will robots be like humans


Robots trying to be human

It is often said that one day robots will be able to replicate humans. They will be able to think and feel like us, and perhaps even surpass us in intelligence. However, this is unlikely to happen anytime soon (I mean at least 100 years). Maybe it will never happen before 2122 gets closer.


There are several reasons why robots will never be able to replace humans.


Today there are sectors driven by excellent artificial intelligence algorithms. I think of Ai-Da who is capable of making extraordinary paintings that are the subject of amazing exhibitions.


The robot designed by Elon Musk … Teslabot. It may surprise us as well.


I am sure that we will create perfect machines capable of actions and designing concepts that we will be crazy about. They will help us a lot …


But they will always be limited robots.


So, before asking ourselves where technology and artificial intelligence can go, we should understand how complex and infinite biology is.




First of all, robots are not alive. They do not have the same biology as us and therefore cannot replicate all the processes that take place in our bodies.


Here is the point.


I will explain it to you starting from a practical point: we will never even be able to recreate a mosquito. It is small, yes, but as a very simple organism compared to a mammal or a human being.




Biological processes – LIFE – is still a mystery to us. Let alone be able to replicate it.


Imagine that a huge plant grows from one seed. A thinking person is born from a cellular microorganism.


I repeat: there are many aspects of biology that are still unknown and we have been investigating them for years. How can we think will be able to make a robot like a human being.


It would be like saying we want to recreate the Universe in miniature when we do not yet understand it. We don’t know where it extends, or how many planets and universes it has. Maybe it’s infinite.


Therefore we cannot make the presumption and the conviction of approaching something close to the reproduction (albeit in design) of the Universe.




Secondly, cognitive and intellectual processes are different in artificial intelligence.


By this, I mean that, for the moment, robots are unable to experience human emotions such as love, fear, or sadness.


Their way of thinking is also very different from ours. They work mainly with numbers, statistics, and logical reasoning. All limited functions are inserted in an algorithm and database (by us.)


Indeed, they are gradually learning to reason with us, but they are still far from having the ability to think like humans.


In conclusion, even as robots get smarter, they will never be able to completely replace humans. There will always be something missing that makes us human: emotions. Not only that …


One day robots may be able to replicate humans. They may be able to think and feel like us, and perhaps even surpass us in intelligence.



Child playing with robot

The first reason is that they will never have a conscience. What do I mean by this?


I mean they will never have self-awareness. They will never be able to understand their existence or that of others. The meaning of this existence.


It may seem like a trivial matter, but it is quite an important issue. Without consciousness, robots will never be able to understand or experience the world as we do.


They will never be able to feel pain, love, fear, or any other human emotion.


Without these emotions, they will never be able to understand or empathize with us humans.



Wall-E robot with human like qualities

I did not synthesize these qualities not entirely replicable in these three:



Cognitive processes



However, there could be some really interesting integrations between humans and robots. The so-called cyborgs.


Something like Robocop. That is, technology will give us more strength and motor skills, and more endurance.


More computing power will come from artificial intelligence that somehow we will be able to implement with some chips, which I don’t know about yet.


Finally, a much more powerful and extended memory. But in this part of the article, I’m fantasizing.


It was just to make you understand that the human aspect can be enhanced but not replaced. NEVER. By no robot.

Human-machine experiments have been done for years already…


These experiments have shown that humans and machines can work together very well.


The human mind is very good at creating concepts, ideas, and plans. The machine is very good at executing these plans quickly and efficiently.


So the two things complement each other very well.


There are already examples of this human-machine cooperation. For example, in medicine, there are surgeons who use robots to help them operate.


We are still on a rudimentary level compared to what I mean in 100 or 200 years.


Robots can do things that humans cannot do. But they need a human being to guide them, to tell them what to do.


We will always need human beings to guide and control them.

But that doesn’t mean robots won’t drastically change our lives in the future. They will. They are already changing it. They are making our life easier and more comfortable.


They will continue to do so in the future. So even if they will never be able to completely replace us, they will still be a very important part of our life.


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