In The Face Of His Father’s Death, He Created The Metaverse With A "Live Forever" Function.


The Metaverse With A "Live Forever" Function.

There is an incredible story behind Artur Sychov’s creation of the Metaverse Somnium Space. When it is said that difficult situations bring out the best in us, the events I am about to tell you perfectly express this concept.


Artur suffered a trauma, and from that trauma he drew strength and a unique idea. In his parallel world one can find immortality.


This story also tells a very interesting moral. Read on and I’ll explain what it is. Something that can be useful to you too.


But first let’s walk the steps of this successful entrepreneurship. So we understand why Somnium is very popular with the new generations.




Artur Sychov has worked extensively in the video game industry. With a background in computer science and 3D design, he participated in the development of the Crytek 3D Engine. The Crytek graphics engine has been used in many successful videogames, such as Far Cry.


Later Sychov joined Jagex, the software house behind the creation of the online game RuneScape. The company also produces the browser game Ace of Spades. RuneScape is a very famous MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game), released in 2001.


In addition, Artur has collaborated in the creation of several other video games, such as Maestria 2 and World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King.



The Metaverse With A "Live Forever" Function.

After having worked extensively in the video game industry, Artur decides to found Somnium Space. The goal is to create the first blockchain-based metaverse.


The project is presented to the public for the first time in 2018, through a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The campaign was very successful and raised over $100,000.


The peculiarity of Somnium Space is the incredible “live forever” function inside the Metaverse.


This futuristic idea belongs to the CEO and founder Artur Sychov.


Artur began to think about this new use of the metaverse as a contrast to a tragic event that happened to him years ago.


One of those events that upset you and sweep away all the certainties we had before, despite all the riches of the world.


His father was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer that would eventually kill him within a few years.


Here he tried to find a way to immortalize the memory of his father: a system that would allow him and his children to have an incredibly natural conversation with their grandfather, even in the future.


Somnium was born with an incredible function, which tries to materialize avatars that are a hybrid between reproductions of us, and an infinite memory of what we have been and what we could tell about us.




Before talking about the “live forever” function, it is important to explain what Somnium Space is and how it works.


Somnium Space is a blockchain-based metaverse, which allows users to buy, sell and trade virtual properties securely and transparently.


All activities within the Metaverse are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain, making the Metaverse completely decentralized and immutable. This means that there is no centralized body that controls the Metaverse.


– Somnium Space proposes a new function of the Metaverse, “Live forever”, which allows you to create your own avatar that reproduces your appearance, your movements, your usual tone of voice and our expressions.


– In this way the avatar can continue to live in the Metaverse even after our death.


– It is possible to record a lot of personal data for each individual user. Only in this way will the Czech company be able to create a truly realistic copy of the user in the form of an avatar.


– This is approximately 100 to 300 times the amount of data that can be recorded about us on a cell phone.


– For example, it takes advantage of the way fingers, mouth, eyes, and the whole body move and identifies us quickly and accurately.


– Artur is trying to build a more responsible business model that can help users feel confident and comfortable transferring unlimited amounts of data to the business for analysis.


– You can do everything anonymously, not associating our name with the avatar that will live in the Metaverse.


– The first step is to start the process of registering and storing the data of those who wish to pay and participate in “Live” mode Forever.”


– The company also stated that it will do everything to make the price as low as possible. Somnium Space charged first users just $50 for one year of service.


The stored data will then be used to generate the avatars in the Metaverse, which can be controlled by users in order to interact with other avatars and the surrounding environment.


Somnium Space doesn’t just provide a simple 3D space for users to walk around and meet.


It offers social media and content sharing features similar to those of other metaverse, such as Decentraland and Cryptovoxels.


Users can also use virtual currency within the Metaverse to buy and sell properties and items.



The Metaverse With A "Live Forever" Function.

If in moments of difficulty you can see the positive side of life, you will have reached the pinnacle of entrepreneurial ability or a creative wise man who always knows which direction to take in life.


You can develop this quality and own it in your work. You are an artist, a freelancer, or an entrepreneur.


Artur Sychov didn’t find the solution to escape death, but he certainly found a brilliant idea to make the Metaverse more attractive using a function no other virtual world offers.


His “live forever” project is an example that creativity stops at nothing, not even in the face of death.


In these difficult moments, it is important to give space to creativity, to find new ideas and new ways of dealing with situations.


How do you always see the bright side and the solution?
Change your way of thinking, and the questions you ask yourself:


– What can I learn from this situation?


– What’s good about this situation that I didn’t see before?


– What are the opportunities behind this difficulty?


And above all:


-Discard the questions with the “When” and “Why.”


-Concentrate on those with “How can” and “Come.”


If you can do this you will always be one step ahead of the others and your creativity will surprise you every time.


You will be able to get out of difficult situations faster and see opportunities you couldn’t even imagine before.


Try to understand if this quality is already innate in you or if you need to develop it, and start doing it right away.


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