The Metaverse will earn you more than Bitcoin. Here are 4 investments you can earn



By 2030, the metaverse is expected to grow from its current size of $1 billion to $3 trillion. A value that is larger than the entire economy of Japan. It’s all thanks to the vast potential that virtual reality offers.


To date, there are 43 distinct worlds of virtual reality, and overall there are 350 million people living there.


Why is there all this attention? Why as I write this, and you read this article, have so many people already set foot in that parallel reality?


VR has the power to revolutionize every industry, from entertainment to education, healthcare to retail. As more and more companies enter this space, investment opportunities will only increase.




EVE Online is a popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) with over 500,000 active subscribers. In Eve Online, players can own properties, trade and compete.


Another interesting Metaverse is Second Life: it was launched in 2003. It has more than one million monthly active users and continues to grow. In Second Life, users can create their own avatars, build homes and businesses, and interact with other users.


Minecraft is a popular sandbox video game that allows players to build constructions with textured cubes in a procedurally generated 3D world. Minecraft has over 122 million monthly active players.


These are just some of the examples of existing metaverses, but there are many others. As technology improves, and more people become aware of the possibilities, the metaverse will only grow.


So how can you make money with this new reality?


1) Invest in virtual reality hardware and software companies


2) Invest in virtual buildings and spaces in the Metaverse


3) Invest in companies that are using virtual reality to solve real-world problems


4) Buy tokens linked to a specific parallel world


As the metaverse grows, so too do the opportunities to make money from it. So, if you are looking to invest in something with huge potential, this is a good place to start.




One of the most obvious ways to make money from metaverse is investing in the companies that are creating it.


This includes companies that are making virtual reality hardware, such as headsets and controllers, as well as software companies that are creating the platforms and applications that will make up the metaverse.


Some of the biggest names in technology are investing in this space. Facebook bought Oculus Rift for $2 billion in 2014, and has poured another billion into VR development since. Google, Samsung, HTC, and Sony are also all major players in the VR hardware space.


Then there are the software companies. These are what build the actual experiences people will have in VR. Some of the big names here include Unity Technologies, which makes a popular game engine used by many VR developers, and Magic Leap, which is working on a cutting-edge AR / VR platform.


Knowing these companies and understanding their future development is a kind of fundamental market analysis.


You can learn how to do these analyzes yourself, or by reading and keeping yourself informed in specialized journals.


Next you need to place your investment.




Another way to make money from the metaverse is to invest in virtual real estate. This includes buying virtual land or buildings, or investing in the development of new virtual spaces.


This is already happening on a small scale in some VR worlds, such as Second Life and Eve Online. But as the metaverse grows, there will be more opportunities to get involved.


One company that is already doing this is High Fidelity, which is building a platform for people who create and sell virtual items and experiences.


Another is Decentraland, which is creating a decentralized virtual world where users can buy and sell land.


Perhaps I consider this the best way to make excellent investments. Also, it is the simplest: it looks a lot like the classic real estate sector, only it is in this parallel virtual reality.




Finally, you can also make money investing in companies that are using VR to solve real-world problems.


This includes companies that are using VR for training, education, healthcare, retail, or any other industry.


Some examples of companies doing this include Strivr, which uses VR for employee training, and the medical company Virta Health, which uses VR to help treat patients with chronic pain.




The last way to make money from the metaverse is to buy tokens connected to virtual urban squares.


This could be done with a virtual world that has its own currency, such as Second Life or Decentraland. It could be done with a platform that allows users to build their own worlds, such as High Fidelity or Somnium Space.


Either way, you are essentially investing in a specific world or ecosystem, and if that world grows in popularity, your investment will grow with it.



Elderly man wearing VR headset

So these are four ways to make money with metaverse. But how can you be sure you are investing in the right thing?


The key is to find an investment that has three things: high potential, low risk, and a clear path to adoption.



High potential means that the investment has the potential to grow a lot in value. Low risk means you are not likely to lose money. A clear path to adoption means there’s a good chance it’s being used by people in the real world.


Right now, two investments meet these criteria: Decentraland and High Fidelity.


Decentraland is a decentralized virtual world where users can buy and sell land. The project has high potential because it is one of the first virtual worlds to be built on a blockchain. It also has a clear path to adoption, with a working product that is already being used by thousands of people.


High Fidelity is a platform for people to create and sell virtual items and experiences. The project has high potential because it allows users to create their own worlds, which could be very popular in the future. It also has a clear path to adoption, with a working product that is already being used by hundreds of people.


So, if you are looking for an investment that has the potential to take off like Bitcoin, these are two good options to consider.


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