Make Money With AI: Start An Article Writing Agency


Make Money With AI: Start An Article Writing Agency

AI is no longer reserved only for research laboratories, but various forms of technology that have some of the characteristics of AI are also found in our daily lives, although we may not be aware of it.


Programs for recognizing spoken commands, faces, creating computer programs and languages, machine translation, as well as various expert systems used for medical, economic and organizational purposes, have been available for a long time and are in wide use.


Neural networks are also used in the automotive and military industries. The military industry in particular invests significant financial resources in order to modernize today’s way of warfare (unmanned aerial vehicles, reconnaissance robots, smart missiles, etc.).


Modern aircraft, as well as some cars, already use autopilots that control the aircraft, that is, the vehicles, instead of people.


Since AI research has made significant progress in the last ten years, and therefore we already have examples of humanoid robots that use AI, it seems that the future in which robots will be part of the population is not as far away as it may seem at first.


A large number of scientists and theoreticians of AI emphasize the need to take defensive steps so that in the future we can also protect ourselves from the potential dangers posed by AI.


However, with all the benefits that artificial intelligence offers, have come problems. The problem that humanity has faced with the development of technology refers to the “inhuman environment” that was created due to the strong penetration of technology into society.


Today’s discussions about technology mainly take two positions: the first is an optimistic position that says that technical progress for humans has always had the same, surprising and undesirable character and that it is a normal development that cannot pose a danger.


The second point of view is more pessimistic and believes that we are witnessing a complete change that fundamentally causes deep changes in society. At the same time, while machines are adapting to man, it seems that man is also adapting to technology.


Ellul cites an example of “tying” a worker to his job. According to research involving assembly line workers, it has been shown that workers feel physically weak at the beginning of their working day.


Human is not created for such a job and workers often think about leaving such a workplace, however, due to the fear of unemployment, they force themselves to adapt to the working conditions, regardless of what the conditions are.


Continuous impersonal work leads to the depersonalization of workers, mechanization and assimilation to the extent that man becomes inert and incapable of taking risks.


“The perfect technique is the one that is the most adaptable, therefore the most elastic. A true technique will know how to maintain the illusion of freedom, choice and individuality; but, all that will be carefully calculated, so that it will be integrated into mathematical reality only as an illusion”.


The point of our story and explanation is to conclude that automated work is not intended for humans. Fortunately, with the development of technology, we have the opportunity to leave all long-lasting and boring processes to machines, and devote ourselves to those that require human intelligence.


Instead of seeing artificial intelligence as something negative, it’s better to start looking at it all on the bright side. As individuals, we cannot change anything, and artificial intelligence will continue to develop unhindered with or without us.


Why wouldn’t we join the AI path to success and take a piece of this big pie for ourselves.


If we adhere to the correct moral values and ethics of artificial intelligence, which we have already mentioned in this article:, we can make good money from AI without breaking any rules.


There are many ways in which we can earn money with the help of artificial intelligence, most of which we have already listed in our “money AI” section.


Today we are going to talk about another tactic to make money fast with AI, and that is; creating an article writing agency.


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Make Money With AI: Start An Article Writing Agency

How to Combine AI and Building an Article Writing Agency?

With its arrival, artificial intelligence has opened up many new fields and improved many jobs that needed a way to bypass automated jobs. One of those is precisely writing – whether freelance or live.

Writing agencies have always made good money considering that they are in the field of marketing, but their problem was long-term writing of texts, proofreading as well as publishing.

Finding a mistake in an article is sometimes not easy, and there are almost always some, which is why we must always dedicate ourselves to proofreading in detail after each finished text. With artificial intelligence, that job can be completed in less than a few minutes, and there is even the possibility that the AI will write the entire text for you in a few minutes.

As a freelance writer with this help, you can make a lot of money with AI, let alone if you own an entire agency.

How to implement AI in your writing agency and what steps are necessary for that, find out below!

Determine the places where AI can be useful

Think about how AI may help you provide article writing services that are higher-quality, faster, and more accurate. AI may be utilized, for instance, to come up with subject ideas, propose keywords, assess the readability of material, and even compose full pieces.

AI can help with content optimization by ensuring that articles are optimized for search engines and targeted to the intended audience.

AI-powered technologies may examine user behavior and engagement data to find content gaps, offer knowledge about the best content forms, and make suggestions on how to improve already published pieces.

AI is also capable of automating time-consuming, monotonous processes like data input and formatting. By giving authors more time to focus on more imaginative and strategic areas of article writing, the overall quality of the material is eventually improved.

Invest in AI tools

The effectiveness and productivity of your article writing business may be considerably increased by investing in AI tools and technology.

Tools for natural language processing (NLP) can help with context analysis and interpretation of articles by revealing information about sentence structure, tone, and readability.

The themes and keywords that are most pertinent to your target audience may be found and analyzed with the use of content analysis tools.

Based on specified criteria, article generating software may produce high-quality material, saving your authors’ time and effort. You can speed up the article writing process, improve the quality and accuracy of your material, and ultimately give your customers better service by investing in these AI tools and technologies.

Train your team to properly use AI

For your team to successfully include AI technologies into the article writing process, proper training on their use is crucial.

This may entail holding training sessions to instruct your staff on the proper usage of particular AI tools and technologies as well as how to comprehend and evaluate the output they produce.

To aid with the training and installation process, you might also want to think about employing a consultant that specializes in AI implementation.

Your staff can utilize AI technologies to the maximum extent with the correct instruction and assistance, which will eventually raise the caliber and effectiveness of your article writing services.

Observe the content’s quality

AI can help you create material of higher quality, but you should still keep an eye on the results to make sure your quality requirements are being met.

The text produced by AI may then be reviewed by human editors as part of this process. In order to make sure that the AI tools and models being used are creating high-quality content and achieving the required objectives, it is crucial to routinely assess them and make necessary adjustments.

Analyzing data like engagement rates, reader comments, and SEO success may be necessary for this. Regular monitoring can also aid in spotting any possible ethical issues that can result from the use of AI in the content generation process, such as prejudiced language or false information.

Constantly introduce new useful AI software and applications to your business

Since the release of Open-AI’s ChatGPT, many applications for writing content have come to the fore.

Altman’s ChatGPT itself has proven to be a real hit in AI applications, and the software it uses has taken a backseat to many AI-writing software, one of which is Zimmwriter.

New Ai apps help with SEO, link building, error correction like Grammarly and much more. By introducing new AI trends into your business, you will have the advantage of taking the leading positions on search engine results before other sites that still adhere to traditional processes.

If you own an agency for content creation or just want to start one, you will definitely make the most money with the use of AI technology.

If you implement artificial intelligence in your business correctly and by following our instructions, it is certain that you will progress on the results pages.

To achieve this, you need a lot of knowledge about AI, as well as tips and tricks for doing business with this technology as well as possible. You can find exactly that in our free report at with just a few simple tricks!


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