This is why leadership is a hoax. The entrepreneurs of the future are less leaders.


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Hi, today I’m going to talk to you about something that everyone names but doesn’t know what is; leadership. You must know that the leader of the future will be less leader and will control less.

The common thought that in a company there must be someone at the top leading all the others, is bullshit; a concept that no longer works.

Leadership should be a skill of all the members of the team.

I’ll give you an example;


If you are an employee capable of inspiring and motivating colleagues like a leader, and others do so with you, that company is fantastic. All this will also be an advantage for the entrepreneur.

There would be work environments with much higher performance.

So we all have to be bosses. If there is only one boss, the company will not benefit from it.

I am an almost millionaire Italian entrepreneur, and I have already been adopting this strategy for a while; I have to say it really works.

So here’s how to become less of a leader without damaging your business.


You have to discharge yourself of responsibility. You have to let your employees work freely once you have decided on goals and objectives.

“Don’t disturb your employees all the time; you have to know how to let go.”

Now I’m not saying you have to go to the beach or play golf. If you have thought it is not quite the case.

I mean you have to do like when you let your child do some housework, without helping him. You give him a look so he doesn’t get hurt, but you give him the task and then you rely on what he will do.

Basically, you have to delegate and trust your employees.

Delegation is one of the superpowers of the entrepreneurs of the future:

So do this:

– Identify the activities to delegate. There is always something you can delegate to someone.

– Choose which of your collaborators is more suitable, also taking into account his previous experiences and his character.

– Schedule a periodic meeting in which you check the progress, in order to proceed with new steps.

– Evaluate the work when it is delivered, and leave room for creativity.

In this teaching, the skill lies in losing control of the activities you have let others do.

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You must understand that you can communicate very well, as much as you listen to others with interest and pay attention to what they say.

If you listen to what collaborators have to say, you can interact with their ideas and opinions.

If you listen to a friend’s fears, you can help them find solutions and you will understand how they feel.


Often the only problem with leaders is what they should say, what they should do, spread their ideas, and inform others about themselves and their life, his opinions.

Then reduce and summarize the reflections you make to your work team. In this way, you will be a little less leader.

To do this you must prepare each speech.

Why am I giving you this advice? Because then you will use the remaining time to listen (or listen more) to others and learn.

But you don’t have to shut up; now I’ll teach you how to make more concise speeches:

1. Decide what to include in the speech and what to exclude

– What do you want to express?

– What is the thesis you support?

– When you have the answers to these two questions, you will be more aware of what is relevant to say.

– Make a list of essential concepts. The list can also be messy.

2. Prepare slides to clarify

– It won’t be a waste of time.

– It should be a few slides (lasting 10/maximum 15 minutes)

– Don’t fill them with too much information.

3. Make sure to be clear and simple

– Resume the initial arguments and organize them.

– Clarity and simplicity should always guide your choices.

4. Act with the right amount of improvisation

– Stay true to the slides.

– Improvise on a predetermined theme; this is what people who can speak in public do.

– Gradually you will realize that the speech is having success, without becoming “heavy.”

– Speak calmly. You have to be concise, but you have to make yourself understood well.

“After your speech, leave room for a constructive dialogue and listen.”

You will be a little less a leader, but you will become an entrepreneur of the future.

4 people wearing t-shirts spelling out TEAM

Just like a friend of mine who runs a very important advertising agency did. He often made this mistake.


He wasn’t a boss like the old ones who makes decisions and gives orders. So he felt like a modern leader with modern leadership.
But his mistake was the following.


He made long monologues at meetings, and in the end, he was the one who gave ideas and guidelines on the various advertising campaigns. He left no room for others.


He listened, but not much.


“When he realized that he had an unexpressed potential, that of his collaborators, everything changed.”


His agency was already a good advertising agency, but the turning point came when his collaborators had more space.


He started talking less, synthesizing. Then he left space for collaborators to hear their opinions and thoughts.


“He left the team more freedom of thought and leadership, taking it away from himself; it worked.”


But it’s not over yet.




If by chance you have thought so, I do not intend to stop creating products or services. Come on, it seems obvious.


Instead, I refer to the focus that a leaderless leader should have.


“Production doesn’t have to be his only goal. It must focus on creating value.”


The value must be the product:


– Value for the customer.

– Value for collaborators.

– Value for the company.

– Value for suppliers.

– Value for the entire ecosystem.


This is because unfortunately today it is not enough to pull an innovative idea out of the hat.


It is necessary to understand the possibility of realizing it and realizing its entry into the market; therefore it is necessary to find out how to generate value for both the product and the company itself.


For example, now I’ll tell you how to give value to your company, in particular to human resources.


You need to assign employees a goal – they need to understand how important their role is.


Employees must be involved in the business strategy; they will have a greater overview of the objectives to be achieved.


Roles and responsibilities in the strategic process must be well defined


Ensure continued growth; if they feel motivated, they can bring important benefits to the business process


Ensure excellent internal communication: clear, concise, frequent, correct, complete, and coherent is the best to aspire to in any workplace.


Reward; money is one of the most important parameters to understanding how strategic the role of an employee is for the company.


Promote friendship; In a staff where everyone is friends, you understand each other better.


As you can see, there is a tendency to give more centrality to all the staff and therefore the concept of leadership of the boss is lost.


Everyone gains value and the boss has less leadership; the boss will still have a lot of things to think about and take care of.


As just said, he thinks about how to create value in your company.


And now don’t do as many readers do; they find all very interesting, but they don’t apply anything in their own life/business.


I’ve been doing this for a long time. Let me introduce myself… this is me…


Now if you want to be positively shocked and discover amazing news follow my Twitter profile It is growing and giving a lot of value to share.


Nico Nobili —Alias SirNickNite



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