Video Surveillance Companies Will Be More Powerful When Combined With Ai. Keeping Us Safe Without Limiting Freedom


Surveillance Companies

You know that every year there are over 5,000 workplace deaths in the States (and Europe). That’s a number that has been increasing in the US in recent years. All these tragedies could have been avoided with the new cameras with AI.


Most people probably worry about their privacy and lack of freedom associated with video surveillance.


But, you don’t know all the good it could do while you’re at work busting your ass eight hours a day.


Today video surveillance has a new life: from a system that records what has already happened, to a system capable of preventing a potentially dangerous situation.


Do you understand the enormous benefits it offers all of us?

I want you to understand the progression. It has just begun but has enormous potential when combined with existing artificial intelligence.


Working in a warehouse, club, or factory with observant eyes watching over you like peaceful, little angels.


Cameras That Forcast The Future

Surveillance Companies

Maybe you’re thinking it’s like science fiction. Indeed it is something similar. You know the Final Destination movie? Don’t tell me you’ve never seen it, please…


A saga of five episodes, two comics, and nine novels… It all started with those ugly nightmares that Alex Browning’s character was having. He dreamt of the tragedies before they happened. I know it’s really not exciting.


New camera technologies combined with AI will be able to do something like this.


Until recently this was not a feature of video surveillance systems. In light of this progress, they realized they can use this technology in other ways.


Technology is our friend, and they love us. I don’t want to gossip about us.


It is foolish not to use it because some people are obsessed with limiting our freedom. On this issue, the states will have to set the limits. Europe is already doing this and has banned facial recognition and profiling by the police.


Now I’ll tell you what is cool:


– Today cameras can do advanced analytics using artificial intelligence: like machine learning and deep learning with the images of the cameras themselves.


What does this mean?


– That artificial intelligence-based security systems can analyze huge amounts of data without anyone behind the camera.


Imagine the usual movies where there is a thief who has to enter a vault. Like Brad Pitt and George Clooney’s Ocean’s Eleven scene. Somehow they always manage to evade video surveillance. Even if there is someone behind the camera.


With new technologies, there is no need for anyone to observe the images. And…


– Information software performs an analysis based on artificial intelligence that not only analyzes but can:


“Provide a predictive analysis of what is happening and identify potentially dangerous situations by helping to prevent risks “.


In the end, the video surveillance of tomorrow will be more than just an eye watching you. As I said before, a little angel who protects you so you don’t have to be afraid, one you can trust.

Surveillance Companies

The police are starting to use these algorithms to prevent theft and crime.


A Small City In Italy Is Safe Thanks To The Software That Predicts Crimes


What happened in the Italian city of Caorle is extraordinary. It looks like the Los Angeles of 2032 where Sylvester Stallone wakes up in Demolition Man.


Quiet, with their underground towns and people who are cryopreserved. 🙂


It was the first city in Italy to have a Pelta Suite.


“It is software based on gathered data and data entered by police officers processed by an algorithm, allows us to predict certain events”.


For example …


“Petty crime and unauthorized gatherings, and in any case facts and conduct that potentially undermine public safety”.


In this case, they did not use cameras. They will probably be implemented in the future.


The point is that the data analysis done by some algorithms can help prevent some dangers and risks for you and your children.


So how can you not be interested in this amazing technological advance that can protect us?


Pelta Suite lends itself particularly to the personalization of negative events:


– From disturbing noises to

– Gatherings

– To waste and thefts


So that the local police, knowing in advance the crimes and events that could potentially occur, have the opportunity to take action.


To avoid problems in advance or to intervene if they should occur.


Thus, law enforcement agencies use predictive methods to increase the level of safety of residents and tourists.


The algorithm is still being tested, the experts explained.


But it will become more and more reliable and precise: thanks to video surveillance, where it will be needed.


Surveillance Companies

I must say, the problem in the workplace, companies, and factories are not crimes.


But other types of accidents, the ones that ultimately cause all those thousands of deaths a year. Which are worth more than a little privacy.


Here are the practical advantages that these intelligent cameras can give us, can analyze on their own.


Because, if they can help prevent crimes, they can also help prevent workplace accidents, fires, and other troubles that unfortunately happen from time to time.




I hope you were among those who worry about video surveillance and were able to convince you of the benefits of surveillance while you work.


These eyes of the future, as I said, analyze the images and alert in real-time as they detect potential threats.


They have:


High precision of the object detection function (approaching zero in the number of false positives)


Immediately retrieval of correct video in hours of stored video.
Provide all statistics in the form of metadata.


Support investigations by efficiently grouping video data and tracing the path of a person or vehicle.


They also analyze a scene for reasons other than security.


To date, these devices are used for the analysis of people, faces (for safety purposes) vehicles, plate numbers.
Application examples are:


– Police analysis: to capture solid video evidence and produce effective storytelling of events.


– People counting: to count and estimate the number of people present in a place and indicate that the maximum attendance threshold is achieved.


Detection of unusual movements.


– Detection of unusual activities (abnormal positions of people and vehicles);


– Traffic analysis (reading and analyzing plate numbers, detecting stationary objects or vehicles in areas where they should be moving, vehicles traveling through an area in a predetermined direction)


– Ability to identify a human body by distinguishing it from an animal or a moving vehicle, to minimize false alarms.


– Detection of flames and smoke indoors, in urban areas, or forests and parks.


– Mission-critical applications such as perimeter protection of airports, infrastructure, and government buildings, border patrols, ship tracking, and transportation.


In short, they are incredible addition that can make our lives safer by preventing many small and big problems.


I am really in favor of this technology.
I repeat, it will be important to regulate their use. But offers safety for us and our children.


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