Jeff Bezos Invests In Immortality: What Is Known About The Research The Secret Society Is Doing That The King Of E-commerce Has Shares


Jeff Bezos Invests In Immortality

When you have no economic problems and you’re so rich or well off that your only two fears are: how to maintain that financial dynasty (if you are the owner of a significant company) and how to live as long as possible.


It will be the obsession of the whole population when the problems of poverty are solved. Maybe in 100 or 200 years or more.


Jeff Bezos moved forward and invested in a company called Altos Labs, a Californian biotech startup, of which we knew very little so far.


The former CEO of Amazon is involved in this innovative project: it is in the field of longevity. The goal of this company is to pursue immortality.




To try to understand something about this mysterious and ambitious project, it was necessary to put together several pieces of the puzzle. First, it must be considered that Altos Labs does not only deal with stem cell research.


The company also develops technologies concerning cellular energy generation and protein synthesis processes. The startup focuses on modifying human metabolism to prolong its life.


Its CEO, Kelsey Moody, is a former researcher of Ray Kurzweil, the inventor who has already developed algorithms to translate human language and has collaborated with Google.


Kurzweil is also one of the masters of science fiction, as guessed from the books he has written on the subject. Moody transferred some of his futuristic vision to Altos Labs.


His words were: “we are trying to understand how metabolism works because it is the key to prolonging human life beyond natural limits.”


The truth is that not much more is known about this startup. We know they are looking for a way to make us live longer and healthier, but we can’t rule out anything. For now, these are just hypotheses.


Some say that Bezos has invested something like 100 million dollars in Altos Labs and that several thousand people are already in operation.


It is important to point out that this is not a simple marketing operation, as some claim.


Bezos has built his career and wealth with numbers and data analytics. He would never invest in something he didn’t like or didn’t strongly believe in.


Faced with this scenario, what can we do? We know Altos Labs is working on finding a way to extend life, but we don’t know yet they will.


We have no choice but to wait and hope these scientists can find a way to make us live longer.


It is a very difficult challenge, but if there is anyone who can invest in certain pioneering projects it is the billionaires.


Its goal is clear: to find a way for humans to live longer and healthier.


The problem is that we still don’t know if this is possible.



Jeff Bezos Invests In Immortality

Investing in the pursuit of immortality is a big deal. Not only because it is an ambitious project, but also because there is a lot of money to be made.


If a way could be found to extend human life beyond natural limits, this would involve a huge turnover.


Not only will more medicines and health products be sold, but unimaginable new markets will open up.


Think for example of insurance companies: if people lived longer, they would need more money to pay for the benefits.


In addition, new business opportunities would open up related to the care of the elderly and the psychological aspects of aging.


In short, there is a lot of money to be made in the field of immortality. This is the reason the strong powers are investing a lot in this sector.



Jeff Bezos Invests In Immortality

The term “biotechnology” is a neologism that was coined in the 70s referring to technologies developed for the manipulation of living cells and tissues.


Biotechnologies include genetics, regenerative medicine, nanotechnology, and advanced therapies.


Simply put, biotechnology is the sciences that study natural processes to benefit from them.


Biotechnology is a constantly evolving field and is already responsible for some of the most important scientific discoveries of recent years.


For example, thanks to biotechnology it was possible to synthesize the first vaccine against HIV and made the first map of the human genome.


Biotechnology is therefore a very promising field and is set to revolutionize the way we live and heal ourselves.


Not everyone agrees that biotechnology is the key to achieving immortality.


Some say that it will be the so-called “cybers”, that is the cyborgs, to revolutionize the world and make us immortal.


Cyborgs are human beings equipped with mechanical prostheses or technological implants.


For example, a person can be considered a cyborg if they have a prosthesis in place of a limb.


Or, if you wear technological implants such as pacemakers or vagus nerve stimulators.


In the future, cyborgs are likely to be able to perform functions that are only reserved for humans today.


For example, they will be able to communicate with animals and perform hazardous work in extreme environments.


Additionally, cyborgs are likely to be able to live longer than humans and resist disease and infection.


For these reasons, some argue that cyborgs will revolutionize the world and make us immortal.




Jeff Bezos Invests In Immortality

In addition to Jeff Bezos, there are plenty of other investors who are investing in research on immortality.


Among them, we can mention Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal, and Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google.


Microsoft founder Bill Gates has also invested in this industry. Specifically, Gates invested in a company called Kymorphos, which deals with synthesizing the tissues of the human body.


Many billionaires believe in the potential of biotechnology and are investing in this sector.


However, there are also those who claim that immortality is not possible.


The Nobel Prize for Medicine, James D. Watson, declared that “immortality is nonsense”.


According to Watson, biotechnology research should focus on curing diseases and not on achieving immortality.


But we leave this debate to the scientists. What is certain is that after Space, the Metaverse, and electric mobility, there is now a new sector in which the rich on this earth investing in silence.


They invest for a substantial return on money and because they are obsessed with extending their existence on earth.


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