The story of Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand’s prime minister who is against firearms and fights for nature


Jacinda Ardern

Today I’ll tell you the story of a tenacious and intelligent woman.

Her name is Jacinda Ardern. She took over a nation and became famous throughout the world for her reforms.

She solved a lot of problems and made her nation grow, thus making her nation more modern than others. I’m talking about New Zealand.

But in 2019, Jacinda had to face a very difficult challenge and the whole world started talking about it.

We’re talking about the Christchurch terrorist attack: a madman with a gun killed 51 people, while recording it on Facebook!

That country was shocked, but the Prime Minister was able to manage the difficult situation in a great way.

Her behavior teaches us an important morality, and I will explain it soon. She used a specific strategy to combat hate and terrorism.

I am an almost millionaire Italian entrepreneur and I have often acted the opposite of Jacinda, and I was wrong. This is why I wanted to tell you her story.

Let’s start from the beginning of her story.


You know when you start working and you are a third wheel, and they make you work like a madman. Well, I think the beginning is the same for everyone; it happened to me, probably also to you, and to Jacinda too.

But there are super experienced people in the company and you have to learn a lot from them, you have to learn the trade.

Jacinda wasn’t exactly a third wheel, but she wasn’t immediately involved in politics. She worked hard for high-level people.

She started as a researcher in the office of the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Helen Clark. After that, she worked in London in the Cabinet Office; then she was elected president of the International Union of Socialist Youth.

Since then it was clear that she had a passion for politics! She wanted to be there and learn more and more about politics.

She was already going towards something great.

These were the decisive steps:

· In 2017 she was elected parliamentarian. She had already been in 2008.

· Then she became deputy leader of the Labor Party on March 1, 2017.

· “On 26 October 2017, she was 37 and was already the youngest woman in the world to head a government.”

I don’t want to belittle what you do in life.

But at 37, people usually think about going to the pub for a beer after work, or about where to go on vacation.

But when she was 37, she was leading an entire nation, and she still does it today during one of the most difficult moments in modern history.


Jacinda Ardern talking about firearms

In 2019, a disaster occurred in New Zealand.

A man entered two mosques and killed 51 Muslims and while doing this, this madman was filming the murders on Facebook.

The New Zealanders were shocked.

What did Jacinda do? She didn’t want revenge; she didn’t want to use hate against hate.

She taught the world a lesson and soon I’ll tell you what it is.

She used intelligence, but.. “Jacinda lost consents. She almost lost the elections last year.”

But something crazy happened. In 2020 she was the hero of New Zealand’s biggest electoral victory of the last 50 years.

49.15% of the votes secured her 64 seats in parliament (against 26.79% for the National Party), and consequently she became prime minister again.

She made a great comeback among the consents. This happened thanks to her new political choices.

And this also took a name…


First of all, there is the charm of a leading woman who is young and spontaneous; then she became a mother for the first time while she ruled.

All features that its citizens greatly appreciated; but nothing compared to her firmness.

Her reforms convinced people:

1. Thanks to her, thousands of public housing were built, to help homeless people and low-income families.

According to estimates by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, out of a population of 4 million, there are about 41,000 homeless New Zealanders.

2. For the environment, she suspended gas and oil extraction permits, with an amendment to the Crown Minerals Act.

She limited the usage of synthetic nitrogen in agriculture as a fertilizer, to protect groundwater.

3. It helped the Maori community to integrate, as it had suffered from various forms of disparity and estrangement.

4. She banned the purchase and use of semi-automatic weapons and assault rifles.

These are some of the most important things she has accomplished.

She helped those in need, the environment and eliminated dangerous objects that can hurt people, increasing hatred.



Jacinda Ardern at ribbon cutting ceremony

I recommend having a nice cup of coffee now. True readers always read with a good cup of coffee.

After the attack, Jacinda made a badass speech that should be an example.

She did not tolerate that he despised people only for a religion other than his own. In this way, she wanted to stop all forms of hatred.

You know when your boyfriend/girlfriend wants to broke up with you, and you feel terrible? I don’t know if it ever happened to you, but it happened to me.

There are two ways to react:

1. You get pissed off with your partner, thus spreading hate.

2. The second way is how Jacinda acted, and the whole world saw it.

She did not make political propaganda, in this way she didn’t offend those who don’t like Muslims in New Zealand.

These are her words after the attack:

“We should all try not to share and spread this message of hate.”

“Violent extremism does not exist here, it is a concept that we reject. We are not a territory that welcomes these behaviors.”

Other politicians would probably have taken advantage of such a disaster to gain electoral support.

According to Amnesty International activists, 95% of the statements of politicians on social media in the running for the political elections…

“..are discriminatory or incite hatred and violence during the election campaign.”

In fact, Jacinda initially lost consensus. She almost lost last year’s elections, but something extraordinary happened.

Because people appreciated the true nature of the New Zealand Prime Minister; her ability to innovate and her work ethic, because it’s fair and based on dialogue.

This is the moral; if you argue you risk breaking up a relationship, don’t use hate, because it will create more anger.

Maybe your friends and fans will cheer you on, asking for even more brawl (I’m talking about verbal brawl), but don’t listen to them.

Use dialogue and curb anger; so you will be able to stick to your goals and people will appreciate you much more.

I hope you enjoyed this story.

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