It Is A Humanoid Robot That Recognizes Human Emotions And Challenge Musk's Teslabot


Challenge Musk's Teslabot

A race to the Metaverse, a race to space, but also competition without a stop in the world of robots and especially of Cyborgs. Do you know the almost human-like robots? Those who will live in the cities with us in a few years will live in our home.


A year ago, Xiaomi unveiled Cyberdog, a robotic quadruped based on the NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX platform and designed to be programmed by the open source community.


The Chinese company has made a significant step forward: in recent days it presented CyberOne, a humanoid cyborg with advanced mechanical and technological terms as a feature.


It makes you think a lot about the TeslaBot. It is similar, but Xiaomi does not need to copy or imitate the technological features. Thus he created a real gem in science, engineering, and computer science.



Lei Jun, founder, president, and CEO of Xiaomi Group described CyberOne in these words:


– “CyberOne’s artificial intelligence and mechanical capabilities are all self-developed by Xiaomi Robotics Lab.”


– “We have invested heavily in research and development in various areas, including software, hardware, and algorithm innovation.”


– “With artificial intelligence at its core and a life-sized humanoid structure as its vehicle, this is an exploration of the possibilities of Xiaomi’s future technological ecosystem and a new breakthrough for the company.”




– CyberOne stands 177 centimeters tall, weighs 52kg, and has an arm span of 168cm.


– CyberOne limbs are technologically advanced, with 21 degrees of freedom of movement, a maximum torque up to 300Nm, and a response speed of 0.5ms for each degree of freedom to simulate human movements.


– The limbs allow CyberOne to balance the posture of movement in real-time thanks to a tangle of muscle joints.


– Xiaomi claims to have developed a 500-gram motor with a rated output torque of 30Nm for the upper limb joints.


– The motor used for the movement of the hip joint can instantly reach the maximum torque of 300Nm.


CyberOne also sees and hears everything that happens around it… very well.



Challenge Musk's Teslabot

The sound and visual perception is in fact entrusted to a set of hardware technologies and artificial intelligence that allow, underlines Xiaomi, “to recognize 85 environmental sounds and to classify up to 45 human emotions.”


Here’s another explanation from Xiaomi:


“We think smart robots will definitely be part of people’s lives in the future,” said Lei Jun, explaining how humanoid robots require the highest degree of technological integration (biomechatronics, artificial intelligence, big data cloud computing).


They are precisely the biggest challenge in the field of technology. Even before the Metaverse and space, because here we try to imitate man.


That is biology, which is something that is still very mysterious, more than the Universe and the virtual.


“As technology advances, the capabilities of the robot will increase exponentially.”


In the future, we imagine the robots will host functions such as caring for the elderly and children, customer service, and search and rescue in emergency situations.” concluded Lei Jun.


Xiaomi has not yet announced pricing or availability dates for CyberOne.


However, he has guaranteed that CyberOne will go on sale “soon.” It is already possible to pre-order on the official website of the humanoid robot.




Challenge Musk's Teslabot

The soundCyberOneCyberOne will be the hero of the robotic scene, indeed humanoid, because as we read in the description of Xiaomi,


“Xiaomi Robotics Lab has developed a whole series of deep learning algorithms to allow CyberOne to read and interpret human emotions from facial expressions, tone of voice and body language.


The robot can also perform movements of the body and face in a natural way to empathize with people. “


Xiaomi’s home robot is also a prototype, but it is as beautiful as it is promising.


CyberOne represents the technological breakthrough and the futuristic vision of Not because Xiaomi aims high and aims to compete with the greats in the sector such as Boston Dynamics or SoftBank Robotics.


Without forgetting of course Tesla and its Teslabot, which will be put on the market in 2020.


In short, a nice mix of human and emotional robotics that will make CyberOne different from the others.


Therefore, we look forward to furthering news from Xiaomi on its humanoid robot.


In the meantime, we just have to wait for the availability of CyberOne to come on the market.




Teslabot is a prototype of a humanoid robot presented by Tesla in August 2021.


The competition will be between them. At the moment there is nothing better on the market, from the point of view of merciale (let’s not get confused). Because they are doing so many experiments on Cyborgs.


It is quite another thing to be able to market a product that has certain characteristics and can be useful and functional to families or companies in certain tasks.


Tesla’s home robot was developed in collaboration with Boston Dynamics and SoftBank Robotics.


Teslabot can perform natural body and face movements to empathize with people.


In addition, the robot can read and interpret human emotions from facial expressions, tone of voice, and body language.


Teslabot will be on the market soon: but Elon Musk has not yet announced when and at what price. Prototypes should be ready in the coming months.




– Height 1.60 m – Weight: 45 kg – White color – 1000 W charger – Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity – Infrared camera for night vision – Motion, tactile and acoustic sensors – Electromechanical hands with a gyroscope for manipulating objects.


A few months ago we published a post on the subject of humanoid and emotional robotics.


We invite you to read it to learn more about the topic. Meanwhile, I leave you below the video of the official presentation together with the CEO of Xiaomi. Very interesting, I invite you to watch it.


In these first images, there is the future of our mixed societies, of humans and robots.

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Challenge Musk's Teslabot
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