The IRS will monitor your finances with artificial intelligence which misses nothing. Here are three ways to protect your money


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The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) is planning to use artificial intelligence to monitor the finances of American citizens.


This means that no one will be able to escape their super control. While this may sound daunting, there are ways to protect your money whether it’s savings or earnings.


To avoid misunderstandings, I am not saying that taxes do not have to be paid. Indeed, those who do not do it are wrong.


It is also legitimate to try to pay as little tax as possible with legal methods. You will need to know how these new systems will work.


So if you want to do it, you can use some tricks to save yourself.



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The new artificial intelligence system will be able to analyze more data faster. This means they will be better at finding discrepancies between what people declare and what they actually spend.


In fact, it is this aspect that will add to the controls that the various agencies already applied. In short, a well-done intersection of data, and with a magnifying glass.


AI can also look at other data such as property purchases, investments, or even social media posts. Yes, you read that right … it also assumes a cross-check on what emerges from the applications we use.


So if you try to hide something, there’s a good chance the AI will find it.


Artificial intelligence has already been used by the IRS for quite some time. But it has mostly been used to target specific individuals or companies. With the new system, everyone will be under scrutiny.




There are several reasons for this change.


– The first is that the IRS wants to be able to collect more taxes. With the new system, they will be able to target more people and get more money.


Indeed, there are many clever ones who would like to live completely in lawlessness.


– The second reason is that the IRS wants to make it harder for taxpayers to avoid paying taxes.


-The new system, however, will easily find even those who are not paying the right percentage of taxes. You still pay taxes but less than what you should.


– The third reason is that the IRS wants to make it easier to prosecute those who don’t pay taxes. With the new system, it will be easier to find evidence of tax evasion.




There are at least five ways to protect your savings and earnings from the IRS:


The first way is to have a good accountant. This is someone who knows the tax code and can help you minimize your taxes.


It seems trivial, but it is not.


“For example, in Italy in the last 3 years, a new figure has been born that stands out from the accountant. This is the Escapologist ”


He is a tax expert. He helps you find the right structure for your company and how to evade taxes. All with legitimate tricks. There are also some borderline ones but one can choose whether to use them.


“Unfortunately, most people are used to going to a trusted figure, where their father or mother might go. But there have been strong updates in this sector ”.


Take advantage of them.


-The second way is to invest in subsidized accounts from a tax point of view.


These are accounts that the IRS considers for retirement savings or other purposes. They include 401 (k), IRA, and annuities.


-The third way is to invest in cryptocurrencies.


Cryptocurrencies are not subject to the same rules as traditional investments. This means they can be a great way to avoid taxes.


You can also use them for small payments for example.


-The fourth way is to move to a country with lower taxes. This is an extreme measure, but it is an option for those who want to avoid paying taxes.


Among other things, today many work without a physical location, that is, from their home. But due to fatigue, they do not make this radical choice.


You may want to consider making this choice for a few years and racking up a nest egg. Then come back.


-The fifth way is to make small transactions. The IRS is less likely to target small transactions. This is because it is not worth investigating them.


Here, too, the AI would risk losing sight of the main objective, which is first and foremost the great tax evaders.



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The IRS is not the only organization that will use artificial intelligence to cross social media data. The FBI, CIA, and other government organizations will also use it.


This is a fair use of artificial intelligence because it is helping to keep us safe.


I know we’re on the verge of privacy, but if it’s to catch criminals and illegal earners, it’s right that they do it.


If this usage were to exceed then I would no longer agree.


We need to find a way to protect our privacy while allowing these organizations to use artificial intelligence.


Meanwhile, one piece of advice I can give you, and it has to do with our whole aspect of life (not so much the fiscal one), is to use social media wisely.


Unless you are an influencer and your earnings come from social platforms, avoid putting all your private life in the streets.


I don’t think it’s educational and useful. It is necessary to make a selection of what should go there and what should not go there. Give yourself principles and use them.




The new AI-powered IRS system will be more powerful than ever. It will be able to find discrepancies between what people declare and what they actually spend.


This means that no one will be able to escape their super control. As I have shown you.


Some trade associations (in Europe as it happens) have asked:


“To ensure that the agency’s assessment document is solely in the hands of an automated procedure, but that there is also a human verification”.


Finally, they also asked to avoid “automated” judgments: that is, that the AI system does not “sway” the final verdict of the judge, which must be the result of his independent analysis and therefore his responsibility.


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