If you want to improve your career and get paid more by your boss, the truth is that you should put in less effort at work.


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Hey buddy!


If you are among those who until now have worked their asses off at work with nothing in return, stop and take a breath.


Today I want to explain how to make a career without working like a dog for hours and hours, stockpiling commitments upon commitments.


What you’ve always thought doesn’t work. You have probably been told, “Do your best, and sooner or later, they will reward you.”


Well, it doesn’t work like that, or hardly ever, unfortunately. Because to make a career you have to be better than everyone else, not just do more.


You have to make them better and allow them to make a difference to your boss.


I gained first-hand experience before starting my own business and becoming almost a millionaire Italian entrepreneur. Now I teach this stuff to my collaborators.


Putting in too much effort at work doesn’t help you make a career. You will become more stressed, tired, and less productive.


In the end, only to achieve terrible results, living exhausted for the rest of your life.


I’ll give you an example. It’s like you have to take a run. Would you run better with or without a 10kg weight on your shoulders?


It’s quite obvious. Still, people are going out of their way to do a thousand things during the day.


Without organization, breaks and without working on themselves.


And then, at the end of the day, they wonder why they are unhappy.


Well, it’s obvious!


You worked with a 10kg load on your shoulders and you obviously completed fewer kilometers. Which means low-quality things won’t get you far.


If you don’t produce quality work, you aren’t helping your company. If you are not helpful and you don’t add value to your company you are not ensuring more earnings to your boss.


“If you aren’t ensuring more earnings to your boss … He won’t promote you!”

tired employee working less

While I was drinking a good cup of coffee, which, by the way, helps me reflect and gives me energy, I decided to write this article to teach you three things.


Trust me, they are worth more than gold. Your boss will continue to appreciate what you do; he will then notice that there is someone on the team that can tear it up more than the others.


It sounds crazy, doesn’t it? When you understand this, you will feel stronger than everyone else.


Here are the three teachings I want to give you.




Working too much harms your health and, therefore, also your career; this must become your mantra.


Researchers at the Cass Business School in London say it. In fact, they conducted a study on about 51 thousand European employees in 36 different countries.


They were all people with very similar jobs and instructions.


They tried to understand if there was a relation between stress, professional satisfaction and the desired career.


According to Hans Frankort, one of the study’s authors


“In terms of career, the benefits of excessive effort at work (such as overtime or working harder) may never materialize.”


Actually, according to the study, doing all this endangers your health.


In addition, more effort at work doesn’t lead employees to anything positive.


So what can you learn from this research?


First, listen to your body and your stress level. If you feel like you’re about to lose your mind, or if you are tired, take a break. There’s no point to keep working.


I know you might be afraid to take a break, whether it is a few hours break or a whole day off. This is where you need to be strong.


I know it sounds like a valueless tip, but people complain about failures at work without even trying to do these little things.


Second, ask your boss for more freedom. In other words, get the ability to choose how and when you complete your work.


According to the experts, “The more freedom an employee has, the better he works thus he’s more productive. Managers should give employees this autonomy.”


Actually, it’s a responsibility, and it’s genuine.


And remember what I said at the beginning: the more productive you are, the more the company will benefit. And greater is your opportunity to make a career.


Now tell me?


Are you astonished by this information, and does it catch your attention? Check out my Twitter profile too. It will soon become one of the most controversial and craziest profiles on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SirNickNite


There is another way to relieve the pressure at work. Arrange your schedule and your day like this:

Employee enjoying down time

Start by changing your agenda. If you have too many deadlines on the same day, reschedule them.


Convince your customers and your boss. Put them in front of a crossroads: “Either speed or quality and results.”


Then work in 90-minute sessions. This will help you focus better and allows you to regain energy.


Dr. Anders Ericsson of Florida State University explained it through his study on top athletes, musicians, actors and chess players.


“He found that the best of them work in sessions of approximately 90 minutes and then take a break.”


Last tip: sleep more.


Another study found that when basketball players slept 10 hours the night before, their shot accuracy improved by 9%.


Stunning! You can take advantage of this as well!




The last tip is related to your mind. And it’s always the most decisive one.


It also had a huge effect on me.

I had to work on myself. How can you work on yourself?


Stop worrying about doing a lot of things. Do you know what your colleagues probably see?




I’ll give you an example:


Now I’ll tell you about a friend of mine who works in the fashion field in Italy, for a company that belongs to one of the most important stylists in the world.


In the beginning he used to run around like crazy. They asked him 10 things a day and he was trying to do 12.


What message was he passing on to those above him? And to his colleagues?


That the only way to assert oneself and be noticed was to obey like a dog; because he was insecure and had no other qualities to use.


One day this friend of mine, after taking courses and following the advice of people like me, began to behave differently.


Well, he did fewer jobs. Maybe at the end of the day he satisfied 8 of the ones requested.


But some people started noticing his skill. His creativity. And slowly he made his way into this fashion company.


boss telling employee "great job"

Today, he plays an important role and loves his job.


So, to do all of this the first goal is to reevaluate your skills.


Now grab a pen and take note of your strengths. You have to become aware of your worth.


“Then start focusing more on what you’re best at, and never be afraid to propose your ideas.”


I’m sure that in this way you will be seen differently, firstly by your colleagues, and then by those above you.


They will understand that you can be useful to the company, and they will lead you to make a career.


While someone who busts his hump can always be replaced; a person who uses his noodle, creativity, and personality is hard to find.


And they won’t miss the opportunity to put you among the best.



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