Social Networks Put Your Pc And Company’s Sensitive Data In Danger, Here's How To Protect Yourself


Here's How To Protect Yourself

Almost two years ago, the data of over 530 million registered users on Mark Zuckerberg’s platform was stolen. Telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, personal data and everything included in the biographical and contact notes: all stolen by hackers.


I am well aware that social media is attractive. Everyone likes to share posts and photos, and read and see others’ posts. Humans are social creatures.


But few – apart from those in the IT sector – know the risks and dangers that lurk in that business.


A bit like those who venture into mountain walks: you know the rocky peaks, where there are paths that pass along the ridge or close to the precipices? This activity is an adrenaline rush. But doing it without knowing the risks and dangers, and without knowing how to protect yourself, is very dangerous.


It’s the same way using social media: you think about participating in a game or entertainment, but often there is a risk for cybersecurity behind it.


This risk does not only affect individuals in general. But also roles that employers should worry about: the social media behaviors of your employees can create significant risks for your organization.


Do you think that you should be involved, both as the head of the company and as an employee?


Now, I’ll show you why …


They Steal Information From You Without Your Knowledge


You need to understand how web criminals collect employee information from social media platforms. In general, about everyone.


But, I don’t want to say that on these platforms, like Tiktok, which was the most clicked domain of 2021, you shouldn’t use them. They must be used knowing how great the hidden dangers are.

The mistake that many make is thinking that only well-known and important users are the victims of hacking, but other users’ data is also of value to them.


“Because that information leads to the money in your bank account: this is of interest to criminals.”


Your computer can be compromised and used as a resource to target other people who are interested in and connected to you.


This means that any person can be in the sights of any criminal.


And here’s how their scams work.


“Hackers, for example, can collect information with tricks:”


– From the memes and quizzes you fill out.


It seems like a harmless action to respond to memes.

Maybe they ask you “Your user name.” Or “your mother’s maiden name” or “Your favorite color”.


What do those answers remind you of? How about the security questions that sites ask to recover passwords?


Like the first pet, the first car, your favorite color, and so on.


Extensive research has shown that some of these quizzes are purposely created to gain access to your online accounts.


It is obvious that this information is not enough to obtain a password. But, it’s a starting place for them to work from.

Here's How To Protect Yourself

More and More Accounts Are Being Violated


I am quite convinced, that we are not yet equipped with the necessary means of security to stop this wave of online identity theft.


Today, there are extremely effective security systems for our home. Cameras, optical sensors, steel or iron bars for front doors and windows, detectors of all kinds that trigger alarms.


But it took some time. Ten years ago, home burglaries were much more frequent.


Now our internet profiles are now as poorly protected as homes or apartments 20 or 30 years ago.


In 2021 there was yet another increase in social profile violations.


This data from the Cyber Observatory was released by CRIF during cybersecurity month.


“In fact, they confirm that in the first half of 2021 there were over 1 million alerts received from Italian users regarding a cyberattack on stolen personal data. They are up by + 56.3% compared to the previous survey “.


In particular, the analysis focuses on alerts relating to the information found on the dark web. The dark web is a set of web browsers that you do not have access to with normal Internet browsing activities.


It takes specific browsers or targeted searches. There are billions of data circulating on the dark web.


It’s like a black market where thieves recycle stolen items. So if there is so much information and files out there, it means that there is a huge and absurd amount of thefts on the net.


But, there are also other markets where a great amount of stolen personal data is exchanged:


– They are forums, blogs, and messaging platforms. In addition to being specific search engines (eg TOR, DuckDuckGo). – Telegram, in particular, is increasingly becoming a virtual meeting place for hackers alongside the dark web.


Among the most vulnerable and deceived data are: passwords, individual or company email addresses, usernames, telephone numbers. In the first half of the year, name and user name also fell into the top 5 most vulnerable data.

Here's How To Protect Yourself

Web Criminals Have Stolen Billions


There is another report, that of Clusit 2021. He explains that cyberattacks grew during the pandemic by at least 12%:


“It can be estimated that the economic damage linked to cybercrime was at least 3.4 trillion euros”.


These numbers are similar to those of drug trafficking according to Surrey University for example:


There is also money stolen from social networks with criminal techniques and even money stolen from economic activities.


In fact, here are more interesting data in the analysis carried out for the Clusit 2021 Report.


“In 2020, 44% of hacker attacks did not compromise public or corporate companies. On the other hand, others do ”.




“44% were aimed at personal devices and accounts.”


This means that when it comes to cybersecurity on social media and in digital environments, more information and training for people are needed.


Information on how the behaviors, (bad) habits, carelessness, or involuntary or unconscious actions of individuals can be critical in terms of personal and collective digital security.


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