Healthier Products In Agriculture Thanks To The Use Of Robots And Artificial Intelligence. They’re Taking The Place Of The Peasants


Healthier Products In Agriculture Thanks To The Use Of Robots

By now we understand: robotic machines combined with AI manage to make fewer mistakes and are more careful than humans. In agriculture, technology will be able to give us better quality and healthier fruit and vegetables in the coming years.


Agriculture is a $5 trillion-plus industry dictated by large economies of scale. This is why a lot of research is already being done on automation and technological efficiency. This is essential.


Just as we no longer think of the farmers as cultivating the land with the animals that drag the plow, which has now been replaced by the tractor. It is hard to imagine that laborers and workers of today’s earth are being replaced by robots.


They range from classic automatic irrigation systems, Which you can say are already part of the past. In short, they are the beginning. To reach the point of diagnosing plant diseases with learning technology.


Can a farmer spend hours and hours watering huge fields? I think not.


These were simple operations that were the first to be replaced allowing farmers’ talents to be used somewhere else.


These robots are not creating less employment, as have been reported in so many ways. It is a shame that there has been so much controversy. The first and second industrial revolution, and so on, all the other advances …


Today I want to explain how technology will improve the crops, produce better products for you and your family to buy at the supermarket, and eat at the table with your children.


They will be superior for these reasons…




Artificial intelligence is the way of the future, it gets better by the minute.


One of the methods where it is already in use is to get rid of weeds. Weeding is very important as one weed can produce tens of thousands weeds from seeds.


Anthony Oddo, head of the spray division at Grimmway Farms, explains that:


“You have to act with weeding in the fields before they plant flowers and seeds. And with worries about the work, the cost of labor, and also the quality of the work, automatic machines are crucial for the success of agriculture. “

Healthier Products In Agriculture Thanks To The Use Of Robots

Why is it so essential to perfect the work of weeding?


For two reasons:


1- They steal nutrients from plants

2- They take away water, that water is an essential resource.


This intervention is a real challenge for growers, all year round. There are not enough workers to consistently weed out each field by hand, the industry experts explained.


This is where the technology comes in.


“It’s really a consistent help on thinning compared to manual teams, and it also saves money on farm-based cost per acre, “said Oddo.


The machines are automated, fully electric, and programmed according to the plot of land. They can do six to eight acres per day within 10 hours of operation.


The weeding machine was invented in France, today it costs from $50,000 to $70,000.


In short, the robots outworked men in a 6 to 0 in comparison. A nice coat as they say in football terms.


Both in terms of costs, precision, quantity of work, and efficiency. Which results in tastier products and lush harvests. There are other uses that really go beyond human capabilities …




In the past making predictions about the state of the earth and plants were the eyes and the experience of the farmer, nowadays satellites are used that really see better than we can.


I’ll give you the vineyards as an example. You know that in Italy they are one of the leading sectors. As an almost millionaire, Italian entrepreneur I am really proud of this product. It speaks to these magnificent places like Tuscany, Veneto, and Piedmont.


During the growing season, the maturity and quality of the vineyards may vary depending on the region or soil.


To optimize growth, farmers monitor the vines trying to figure out when to supply them: nutrients, pesticides, or water.


To do this, growers use many tools capable of analyzing grape characteristics. For example, there is a spectrometer that is used by hand.


However, this instrument will soon be obsolete and will be replaced with the one I am about to talk about …


“European Space Imaging (EUSI) is a German company founded in 2002 that provides high-quality satellite images”.


In collaboration with TotalView, the two companies acquired and analyzed satellite images of the vines with the aim of finding ways to optimize yields.


Through analysis, they discovered that the vegetation indices obtained from satellite images were very similar to those detected by hand-held spectrometers.


In other words: satellite data could be used to monitor the health of plants effectively.


Of course, using satellite imagery was much more efficient than going out into the field and using hand tools.


So companies are now planning to do more research. They will continue to collect and analyze satellite data.


This second example gives you an idea of how precise technology can produce better fruit and vegetables. Therefore it’s not just a question of costs.


I know you are probably thinking that your grandfather or the farmer you knew gave t something idealistic to cultivation, but we need to look at this realistically.


The carriage and the horse are very charming. They are used in weddings to take extraordinary photos. But, no one uses them anymore to drive around the streets or travel.


So, this second example indicates how agriculture will change for the better:


There are high-tech cameras that are the eyes of the robot. The data they extrapolate is then fed to an algorithm.


“The images are fed into a computer and the computer analyzes the images and decides what to do next in the field,” explained Tony Koselka, co-founder of Vision Robotica.


So …


“With a photo, in a quarter of a second later from an office you can decide to turn on a sprayer or whether or not to open a blade to weed around a plant”


A nice advantage. Then there is …




The Deere & Company is headquartered in East Moline, United States. It was founded in 1837 in Illinois and is one of the leading companies in the world that manufactures agricultural machinery. They have already begun the great technological evolution.


They added technological data to their business strategy. It is an immense database of data that is analyzed with advanced and complex technologies that would be difficult to do in your head.


These are essential to help agricultural companies to produce a greater quantity of food.


If you followed the first rule was taught about crop rotation in books (ie planted on the same plot of land every year in sequence different crops), it’s now been replaced with better data.


They have increased the efficiency of crop production.


In that regard, John Deere has launched various technology-based services from this data.


They are able to provide real-time information on the status of the fields. Useful in how to apply fertilizer and how much to use.


Tip: Farmers can access the data obtained from their sensors installed in their fields from the online portal


Here you can find the data from customers around the world.


These services allow farmers to make informed decisions. Having better results, higher productions, and a substantial increase in economic return.


By analyzing the big data coming from thousands of farms, scattered in different areas with different atmospheric conditions, it is possible to obtain more and more accurate and useful information, suitable for any situation. In short, all this technology makes us very lucky.


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Healthier Products In Agriculture Thanks To The Use Of Robots


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