With His Metaverse, He Wants To Beat Meta And The Sandbox. Meanwhile, He Has Become Richer Than The Founder Of Alibaba


He Wants To Beat Meta And The Sandbox

There is an entrepreneur who has removed the priority of China’s richest man to Jack Ma, who is the founder of Alibaba. This phenomenon is about the creator of Tencent, “Pony” Ma Huateng. Tencent is an entertainment and media services company and has recently invested in the future.


Today, Huateng wants to transform that app into one of the most interesting metaverses in the world. It was born as an RPG for smartphones, but it would soon make a dramatic leap in quality. Rather than just being a game, Huateng decided to immerse himself in the world of MMOs by completely pervading it with real life.


Huateng became famous thanks to this innovative and bold vision. Despite growing up in a poor family in China, he always knew that he could make his dreams come true if only he put in his best effort.


And that is why the story of Ma Huateng thrills us all. Because it offers great teaching I will explain in detail below.


Huateng started a simple project within the Tencent company, but the idea was quickly successful and quickly became a very popular metaverse globally.


Despite stiff competition from other metaverses like Second Life and World of Warcraft, Ma Huateng managed to make that app stand out as one of the most popular in the world.


Ma Huateng has become a true innovator in the latest technological developments, and his innovative and intuitive ideas have made him a leading figure in the business world.


However, despite his successes in the business field, Ma Huateng continues to be modest and reserved even on public occasions, always choosing to remain in the shadows of his successes.


He Wants To Beat Meta And The Sandbox

Ma Huateng was born into a very poor family in Guangdong Province, China. From a young age, he had shown great intellectual abilities, so much so that at the age of 16 he obtained access to the University of Shenzhen.


After graduation, he joined the Tencent company, and here he conceived the metaverse we talked about earlier.


Despite the many successes received by the project, Ma Huateng has always preferred to remain modest and focused on the development of the company.


Even after moving to the United States to study at Stanford University, Ma Huateng was always very reserved about his private life, preferring to devote himself completely to his work.


Ma Huateng is considered a true innovator in new technologies and the business world, thanks to his intuitive and innovative ideas that have made Tencent’s metaverse one of the most popular apps in the world.


Despite his entrepreneurial success, Ma Huateng continues to be a figure in the spotlight in technology and innovation.


In the mid-1990s, Ma Huateng was a young engineer within the newly formed Tencent. When asked to create a new application, he decided to devise a metaverse where players could buy and sell virtual goods.


Thanks to Ma Huateng’s innovative idea, the project immediately proved to be a great success, so much so that it was quickly transformed into the most popular app in the world.


But Huateng has always turned down offers from large companies interested in selling his project and has devoted himself completely to his work at Tencent.


Today the company has more than 1000 employees worldwide and is considered a true role model for the latest technological innovations.


Many experts have criticized Ma Huateng for snubbing many business opportunities, but he has always been focused on developing Tencent and continues to be a leading figure in technological innovation.


Despite the numerous successes achieved, Ma Huateng remains very reserved and self-centered in his privacy. Thanks to his great passion for technology and business, there is no doubt that Ma Huateng will be remembered as a true innovator in the world of the latest technological developments.


The WeChat app has been fundamental for technological innovation in recent years and has contributed to making Tencent a true reference point for new technologies.


Today, many people choose to communicate via WeChat and continue to use it even when they log into other digital platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.


Ma Huateng’s innovative idea has truly changed the world of technology and has allowed Tencent to become a true benchmark for innovation.


He Wants To Beat Meta And The Sandbox

Ma Huateng’s WeChat app is known as a real metaverse, where users can communicate between themselves and buy and sell virtual goods.


Thanks to this innovative idea, Tencent has taken over the field of new technologies, becoming a model to follow for the most innovative companies in the world of technology.


How does it work? The WeChat metaverse is very simple to use, allowing users to share multimedia content such as images, videos, and audio. On this platform, users can also create thematic groups or private conversations to better manage their interests.


Ma Huateng’s great insight has truly changed the world of technology, allowing Tencent to become a benchmark for technological innovation.


Ma Huateng is recognized as one of the greatest innovators of our age, and we will continue to be fascinated by the great passion that led him to create the WeChat metaverse.


Thanks to his genius, Tencent will continue to be a true reference point for new technologies and the next developments in the digital world.



Pony Ma, 50 years old, and owns about 7% of the company, sold 14.6 million Tencent shares in 2020, for a total of $757 million.


What did the hero of this story have more than others? It was visionary. He was already a young man.


He had realized by then that the future of technology would lead to the digital world and e-commerce.


Ma Huateng is considered one of the greatest innovators of our time and demonstrates every day how important it is for entrepreneurs to devote all their energy to their work.


But home is meant to be visionaries. It means having the ability to anticipate the times, not too much, but the right time to impose your ideas before others.


It means having a correct vision of how the future will transform. How do you acquire this gift?


There are those who are born with it and those who can learn it by training their imagination, but a realistic fantasy is not something silly or a Hollywood movie.


Try to imagine the scenarios of the following year, in economic and social terms, and of advancing technology. Try to understand if from time to time you can get a correct view.


At first, you will struggle but then it will almost be fun.


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